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  1. Pirate of Ragnarok MR4

    Sifu deu

  2. Zombie invasion

    Quien juega algo así

  3. The Bruiser820 -Yamitronz

    Looks the same

  4. Angeldelinfierno8000

    The legends say that Microsoft executives did make an inhumane effort to just fire Don Mattrick instead murder him

  5. dzul ammar

    excuse me when the demon slayer hinokami keputan game in ps4?

  6. fadingxtxllz z

    whats inappropiate plss

  7. Mikeyboy

    Ctrl+c Ctrl+v


    I hope there is a decent way to unlock the character with storylines like Smackdown vs Raw 2011

  9. John michael dublas

    the song is nice so many hums

  10. WayneBro

    Надеюсь ты русский но венни страшнее гличтрпапа

  11. Christine Walter

    Really happy you guys recommended me to *SUNNYTECH04* on !G. He did a great job on my son’s account

  12. Michel Marcos Sena Farias

    Sifu deu

  13. Thiago Felippe do Amaral

    How to repack and milk the same game indefinitely 101

  14. imalee

    I remember when everyone pretended they liked wwe but they really didn't. 😂 Respect to all wwe raw fans. I meant in 2012 or 2011.

  15. Jaden Guzman

    Yo they took 2 years that hopefully means this game has improved a lot from trash 2k20 cause 18 and 19 where goated

  16. LonewolfRaven

    I haven’t play WWE2K since “17” and idk guys, I heard that last one was garbage.

  17. papanatasxz

    Astro now in 8k

  18. Cynically Depressed

    Can’t be any worse than the last one ...

  19. Umar Ismail

    Remember (hotwheels: beat that) on ps2.hope there will be split screen on ps4

  20. O.P. Moran


  21. RangiManu Colin Tuki Hey

    I need a BUD BUNNY in this game. Please😝

  22. Guilherme Teixeira


  23. Quan Gomez

    I’m sure this is about still stopping hades from reversing what Gaia has achieved

  24. Rusty Shackleford

    Bring back the creators of the SvR series. Forget 2k

  25. Just People

    please remake smackdown here come the pain

  26. Chris Salinas

    So it's confirmed to be coming to PS5? Or is that just in the title because PS4 games play on PS5?

  27. Jay

    😂not even gon say nothing this year we just gon wait n see

  28. dattybayo

    if i want a decent wwe video game experience should i just cop 2k16 and 19 then? for ps4 tho

  29. TDM Style


  30. Axel Taylor

    I hope this game goes well, please don’t rush it this time.

  31. Zihm

    So how does this work with trophies ?

  32. TheChilledLiquidSoul

    only OGs know about that Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth.

  33. eijiota k

    It is 2021 and still no song name

  34. Marc Sanders

    YES! So glad it’s gonna be on PS4! 😃

  35. Lambert Christophe

    IN CO-OP PLEASE ! A game like that , nead à co-op mode period.

  36. Blackpatty1992

    Rey ♥️

  37. Vybe 1

    Probably gunna be Scheiße

  38. Brandon T.

    *It hits different* meaning *It glitches different*

  39. STARBOY 43


  40. eric

    were barely 4 months in to 2021

  41. Roccozilla

    Let's GO!!!💪

  42. It Is Kwanza Time

    Was this in fidelity mode

  43. ButtonBug

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that Mr. Krabs sold Spongebobs soul for 62 cents

  44. Dawid M

    Best graphic ever.

  45. David E

    It probably "Hits Different" because they changed the controls again

  46. H20 DeliouesHd

    They tracking the wifi in MONTWOODHIGHSCHOOL

  47. Dark

    Ayyyy thr same game for the 5th time

  48. Teagun Linger

    Oh boy, can’t wait for this disaster sequel.

  49. Andrew Barroso

    People be hating when the game isn’t out yet so all u haters shut up cause this game is gonna be lit and u gonna regret everything u said about it

  50. Trevon West

    Where next gen

  51. gfkgrgrkm

    did they ever fixed the last one?

  52. The InFamous TMF

    Do you guys think they will bring back the floating referee feature? Or the quicksand ring?

  53. Jase D

    Soooooooo basically sony saying ps4 we got you, PS5 please hold.

  54. Mr Thomson Jack

    Thanks to *BILLZTECH01* on !G for his help in restoring a smile in my kids face by fixing his account

  55. Go MaroMoto

    I remember playing ECW Anarchy Rulz long time ago.

  56. Mr Thomson Jack

    Thanks to *BILLZTECH01* on !G for his help in restoring a smile in my kids face by fixing his account

  57. Vinnie Langdon

    ¿La hija de Rey Mysterio en el juego?

  58. TheWellerFella

    Of course this game is gonna look great compared to last year, Anythings better but Nah i think I'll wait thanks 😉

  59. Таинственный незнакомец

    И?Чем это превосходит спящих псов?Тут нет открытого мира,только драки.А какой смысл с одних только драк?

  60. James Anderson

    Deadass thought it was movie trailer...

  61. inuart19

    Man I miss here comes the pain...best WWE game ever

  62. V Vendetta

    Lol they always get people to buy games with the custom edited cinematic camera angles that are not in the core game 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  63. Dude Cool 81

    Game is too graphic

  64. nawaf N.A

    10 days left to start crying 😭💔

  65. Justin Chapple

    Hope they actually show some impact in the ring, all the next gen 2k games show no ring impact. All the old wwe games the ring actually moves

  66. i_Am_Dementia

    *yawn* Meanwhile lemme boot up SDvR 2006 for some actual fun

  67. OneAndOnlyRockstar

    One thing that will never be able to be countered is timing for these games. WWE just changed the RAW arena, WWE2K is still putting in the screens for the THUNDERDOME! I can't complain though. I am not asking for a masterpiece, just no glitches, better core gamplay, more match types and GM MODE or an overhaul of Universe Mode. I am excited despite people's judegement and am counting on 2K

  68. Kevin Veliz

    Yo they using my Boy NF’s music that’s what’s up!!!!!

  69. TheRealKiller 14

    Were is Jon Underdown???!!! :"D Singer of Gran Turismo openings

  70. Galaxy Gamers

    Saddly REY MISTERIO almost loss his eye

  71. Abo Ali

    This time they added more sweat to the game

  72. PS Gameplay


  73. FourthXProdigy

    Watch this game be terrible as well. lol

  74. Erick Hernandez

    New Super Star "Bad Bunny" :v

  75. Meow meow

    Lol this is why i wait for years to buy my fighting games, id like to get the max amount fir the least

  76. TGB

    For people who keep asking dumb questions , THIS WILL BE ON PS4 , XBOX ONE , PS5 AND XBOX ONE X OR S and PC.

  77. F34RDSoldier805

    I used to get his masks all the time as a kid. Does he still wrestle?