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    Abandoned is an cinematic horror survival shooter that emulates realistic survival in first person perspective set in an massive detailed open world environment.
    While we don’t want to go through the full gameplay details just yet, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. The gameplay video will be available soon. In the mean time, we released an announcement teaser for Abandoned which you can also download on your PS5 soon to experience the high quality environment realtime on your PS5 console.

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    1. Luke D

      This is better with no sound

    2. D M

      Jim Ryan's PS5 era is looking really promising...

    3. Gatut Raditya

      Kojima's game?

    4. Me7sn Art

      Well, clearly they’ve abandoned searching for an actual voice actor to read a script and just picked some random person from their list of employees.

    5. BIG! Kabuto


    6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

      The fact that their budget is so low they couldn’t hire a decent person to speak concerns me

    7. loga5140 loga5140

      The lighting is strange... zero contrast between the shadows and the light, just one bland shade of foggy greyness...

    8. Lambert Christophe

      IN CO-OP PLEASE ! A game like that , nead à co-op mode period.

    9. Dawid M

      Best graphic ever.

    10. Diddler on the roof

      I'm super intrigued mainly due to this hit my nostalgia feels hard (I grew up in a wooded area like this and winter was my favorite season and how it made the trees and sky look exactly like this)

    11. Theobserver m

      F game is horrible. 🤮

    12. Niko Szmkow

      Mucho texto.

    13. S.Rhodie

      When you order resident evil 8 off wish

    14. Mokats

      seee the problem with the voice over that it sounds like it was recorded ON TOP/OVER the video rather than INSIDE WITH the video . if that makes any sense

    15. TheBleuWolf

      “While we don’t want to go through the full gameplay details just yet, we want to give you a glimpse of what to expect.” _shows trees, more trees, then lots of other trees that are the same tree_

    16. TheBleuWolf

      why does this look like an off-brand resident evil village made in china

    17. B G

      I can smell the cheese...iness

    18. Sean Camacho


    19. Alex Smith

      Voiceover and writing are awful.

    20. Eslam Wehba

      You've got nothing to survive no i have a gun

    21. alida flus

      Imagine waking up and thinking wow I can't wait to play that game where you wander around in the woods until you starve to death or get eaten or both

    22. Alex Souliere

      I hope this big foot in this game😍😍

    23. McDudes

      this is an audio book?

      1. alida flus

        😂 oh my! that voice over was terrible. Should’ve asked me to do it 🤦🏽‍♂️

    24. ReGuech

      The voice.. makes me support the idea of the game. ABANDONED.

    25. Daniel Castañeda

      The narration feels like my sister recorded some random improvisation in the bathroom and publish it on whatsapp

    26. Rashura

      "Gameplay reveal coming soon" 2 seconds after showing gameplay....

    27. Huveneers Productions

      Hm, dutch person who speaks english is a bit meh...

    28. Tad Fernandez

      That sounds like a scary stuff

    29. Pau Mena

      So, Days Gone 2 exchanged for that. Nah thank u

    30. Hermit Chad

      terrible narration.

    31. ShiJie 12311

      so this is a Far Cry rip off

    32. Adam Wiśniewski

      Human eye can only see...

    33. Setsuna Marina

      that was the worst voice-over teaser ever... do we really need this? i prefer Days Gone 2 over this.

    34. Majin R

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    35. 秋山駿

      Teaser: Q4 2021!!! Real Life: Summer 2022, we are having a little delay problem.. Also Real Life: Abandoned project abandoned.

    36. Captain Peanut

      A trailer for the PS3 and PSVITA stores

    37. Jayesh Pandey

      i really hate how i am a pc Gamer and cannot play these games because i dont have enough money🥺🥺🥺🥺

    38. Aaryaman Joshi

      y'all really thought you did something huh

    39. Benie WITHDAHOOD

      😂 oh my! that voice over was terrible. Should’ve asked me to do it 🤦🏽‍♂️

    40. Danny B

      That's the worst thing I've heard since tidus laugh

    41. Rohan Natraj

      the narration makes me wanna force my goosebumps to appear.

    42. ElvisK

      That’s some bargain bin voice-over.

    43. Dropkick Molotov


    44. Kr Marluxia

      Me: Daga Kotowaru

    45. Man_With_Questions

      Looks boring

    46. Lars Larzo

      Faith seed? Is that you?

    47. pida siouy

      Narrated background trees: the game.

    48. Mae Havoc

      Did she just describe outlast 2?

    49. Sky Drone

      PS4 logo

    50. Snaccs Gaming

      With no big camera crew following us around im joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff and our equipment tech Aaron Goodwin.

      1. pida siouy


    51. SuzanoSho

      They must have hired the same voice actor that was used for the shadow elf in that Dragon Prince cartoon...

    52. Sam Searle

      That narration is horrendous

    53. Diogo Jair


    54. Jon F

      Everything looks photo realistic...until the smoke, the gun and then hand.

    55. demonbre

      I'm getting some Outlast 2 vibes... Also, they should've used Tommy Wisseau for the voice over.

    56. S_Jimenez

      Running at 20fps

    57. Coe bee

      Very realistic 😐

    58. Shayaan Hasnain

      Sony better fire whoever made this Trailer

    59. accompanyON

      It's like they forgot to hire someone for the voiceover then panicked and did it themselves

    60. Cybernet Systems

      "Worst voiceover... EVER!!!"

    61. Elon Musk

      Pass... Anything under 60fps hurts my eyes nowadays

    62. redpepperdave

      Shut up Meg...

    63. Dams Tobi

      Sérieux la qualité est ouf ... mais merde la fumée du feu de camp 🤣🤣🤣

    64. Joaco Damasco

      Resident Evil 7: Blair Witch returns

    65. John Wick


    66. Eli


    67. Ruined Jason

      That voiceover is cringe

    68. Алекс Смит


    69. Mick Hill

      mmmm.....trees look ok....end. Some trailers are a little too premature.

    70. ドラゴンヤクザ

      i Love That Game it's So Awesome Real Graphics!!

    71. chronodreaming

      When you spend all your budget in 4K trees and you finish the money for voice actors

    72. Big Shmagma

      Voice over made me wanna jump off a building

    73. Kamreezy22

      I know that main character gone become something bad at the end.

    74. Arun Kollara

      Its a different type of scary kinda of a new feel for a game i hope it goes deeper, wanna know mele weapons for sure

    75. Kevin Wilson

      Solid American accent.

    76. Comfy Couch Gaming

      I guess these guys have just never heard of the "Show. Don't tell" philosophy

    77. Skewer

      Looks like Im watching a ps3 cinematic of 20fps

    78. Axel Mario Turpo Velasco

      Enserio dicen que este juego sera lo mejor de ps5?

    79. Joshua Crasco

      interesting game but cmon man, the voice actor in this trailer? XD

    80. Kailon Alexandre


    81. Sylvain Sangla

      What the point of uploading this video in 60fps ?

    82. OneDayAlways

      Is this a kickstarter game? Cause thats what it feels like

    83. Marko Matic

      Absolutely no interest for this game thanks to this trailer

    84. Helik Oberon

      Loving these frame rates!!

    85. Helik Oberon

      That voice acting is simply attrocious.

    86. Alucard Bernardes

      So that's actually Outlast 2, but with a pistol?

    87. Moopman

      Every some down on this video is a person that bought an Xbox and is now regretting it

    88. Penghuni

      This voiceover are a heavy reminder why i always hate Ava from BL3. Whiny, overly-dramatic, a tryhard looking to be taken seriously, and a high-pitched sassy person.

    89. Stephen Summers

      thought the graphics were pretty amazing until the choppy camp fire and plastic hand.

    90. Naufal Fajran Nelfandi

      That voice actress is so annoying

    91. O Peter

      Voice actor to stakeholders: Want more people to take notice of this game? I have an idea..

    92. Zester

      Idk if this is a Indie game or something(even Indie games have better voice actors),but the voice over was so ameteur and ordinary.

    93. Lucas Voltolini

      Why the voiceover? No one know subtlety anymore?

    94. Kamil Oczkowski

      Chujnia do potęgi..

    95. Andrew Harrell

      Sounds like another Far Cry

    96. cuccamunga

      This is the cancelled Days Gone sequel, renamed.

    97. Klysmann Victor

      Trailer fake. Só pra enganar. Quando lança vem tudo diferente a versão final. Somos burros não. Ps5 não tem todo esse poder. Ta na cara só PC que chega esse resultado, com mods lógico

    98. Daniel Lus

      A false prophet with bloodlust who's after wealth and power. Far Cry 5?

    99. Smithy

      I feel like this was a college girl reading her diary 😂😂