Ace Combat 7 - Experimental Aircrafts Trailer | PS4


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    Attention Aces! Celebrate Ace Combat's 25th Anniversary with
    this latest incoming delivery of cutting-edge combat aircraft will arrive in spring 2021 and will feature “Experimental Aircraft”, including:
    1. F-15 S/MTD (The Boeing Company)
    2. F-16XL (Lockheed Martin Corporation)
    3. FB-22 Strike Raptor (Lockheed Martin Corporation)
    New skins and emblems of enemy pilots and rival units from past ACE COMBAT games will be included!
    Ace Combat 7:Skies Unknown is on PS Now! Take it to the skies today!

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    1. Duner Gaming

      But can I land and take off ?

    2. Ômega Force

      Bring a New VR campain and I will buy it

    3. oStirFryo

      Perfect timing for release. The US Air force has been talking about a F16 replacement using the computer from thr f35 in fast, light but capable airframe since the avg age of f16s are 28years old. Air force circles have been talking about a F16XL config to start with or something similar. The big delta wing offers more hardpoints and payload

    4. holafceja

      I hope these aren't PS exclusive😶

    5. Manospondylus

      Ace Combat 8 I want the Avro Arrow.

    6. Ghost_Slayer141

      Playstation, Mind making this game Free For Ps Plus For May ? This game seems interesting to play ? Always wanted a game like this

    7. mR andross guy

      PA: even though Modders are doing most of the Work For us, Please give us More money of What the Modders already Did ? Because we're hanging by a Thread

    8. PopeRamin

      Tbh it would be nice to see more multiplayer modes

    9. venoxity- -25

      You have to buy the planes right

    10. BTM_Kiwi Gaming

      Wish they added the GAF-1 Varcolac with the Varcolac Sqdn skin

    11. Solo Wing Pixy

      Should release a... some like "Ace Combat 7 Foreign Wings" so the game is a 2.0 version with all this contents Whatever I'll wait. Namco never troll us.

    12. Terry Reed

      The literal moment they add full campaign VR compatibility for PC im buying the game and all DLC.

    13. Lucas Moreno

      Only for 20 usd dolars

    14. TTDSI

      Yay now go play the 20 campaign mission for 1,555th count! If you even touch the game today you're a sad person.

    15. Anderson Moreira

      Make a next gen upgrade.

    16. Ares God of War

      Hawx had those

    17. Mr Hani Jraba

      I think this game will success if they add Co op mode so me and my friends can choose our aircrafts and go for it 👍🏻

    18. Papi Chaya

      Would be Free?

    19. Edwin Vesonder: Podcasts and Music

      Whats the song name from this trailer?

    20. Fernando Holanda

      vejam os graficos de 2013 em 0:37

    21. RC:1136 Darman

      *Sees F-15* GIB SILENT EAGLE!

    22. マーク2乗りなのにソアラ

      お帰りMTD 待ってたよ 君が帰って来てくれて本当に嬉しいよ また一緒に飛べる事を本当に嬉しく思う あっ、他の機体は眼中にないです←

    23. J. J.

      Some of those planes were in past games... And included in the price of admission...

    24. OG_Lloyd5514

      Oh, and I just started playing. Wow.

    25. Lapd Code 3

      we all need co-op campaigns now

      1. Aegis

        @mR andross guy Nope. Tired of dealing with you though

      2. mR andross guy

        @Aegis aren't you tired of saying the same thing to these folks ;D

      3. Aegis

        Not possible. Project Aces has stated multiple times that co-op isn't possible with the new engine, not without rewriting the entire games code.

    26. Hermann Alios

      su35 best

    27. Charles Zane

      Think I’ll stick with DCS.

      1. mR andross guy

        Think I'll stick to the Better Ace Combats And Aero Elite combat Academy

    28. Ultralagger R.E.V

      Brung in the J-20s!!!

    29. Andrew Montgomery

      "Well.... We're Waiting!"for them to arrive.

    30. Derek Clark

      This free or paid DLC?

    31. kevarsa

      Just give us more vr missions jez 😏

    32. Darth Krayt


    33. Kakshi_pig Boy

      Cool new aircrafts but we need more missions or a open world free play where you can land/ take off and do side missions

    34. Khánh Phan Quốc

      Is this for free

    35. Christopher James

      Please f-36 kingsnake & f-15ex

    36. Akumok Eternal Suns

      This game needs a massive DLC... I would like an alien invasion, Independence Day style!

    37. spector592

      Is it VR. Is it VR, no so whats the point, just like any other old flight game out thair, for crying out loud stick the game into some goggles will ya.

    38. Dean Harmse

      Goddammit! Playstation, the word "aircrafts" DOES NOT EXIST! It is Aircraft! One aircraft, two aircraft, three aircraft, a thousand aircraft! Not aircrafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. SuperGeronimo999

        can you prove it?

    39. YouJustAmazeMe

      I'd be down for new ac using same engine with new campaign, preferably online get tweaked a bit

    40. Aldo Raine

      AC electrosphere miss that one

    41. Simon Robinson

      New missions please in your next DLC.

    42. Mobius 7

      We NEED more VR content

    43. gobzdzilla

      Three new planes I will hate to play against in multiplayer. Thanks.

    44. Savage Cap

      Would it be bad to get the F/37 Talon fighter 😅 Ill stop

      1. Savage Cap

        @WonkyTonkBotty Yeah all im saying would it be so bad 🤣

      2. WonkyTonkBotty

        That thing from Stealth? 😆

    45. Mr Masher

      now playstation, can you guys bring project wingman to ps4/ps5?

    46. mikejapan 2

      Well, time to go back in

    47. 179107199999

      couldn't be bothered with putting it in the aircraft tree huh? yeah I'm passing on this for a couple of years. Nothing new really just more aircraft to do the same missions with.

      1. SuperGeronimo999

        Exactly. And sadly. They shouldn't waste their time on this but work on AC8 instead. Or additional VR missions.

    48. concrete planet

      Please add an F1-11

    49. Ken Chen

      was hoping for more strangereal aircrafts like the Cariburn, Fregata, Apalis, Fenrir, and Forneus Really want to fly those majestic birds in HD

    50. Barry_bad_ass Official

      Just bought this game today at game stop

    51. Gary Bettman Jr.

      Love the music!

    52. Gucci

      Any co op missions?!?!?

    53. Gerard Kohler

      Awesome! Hopefully we could get a wave based mode instead of replaying missions

    54. Aryo

      Coming soon :) Well I like this game

    55. Pilot BT

      The FB 22 gives me project wingman vibes

      1. Chocolat-kun

        @Ultralagger R.E.V B-2 Existed before F22 was produced, and B-21 well they are just very recent, not even a decade. Both the F 22 and B-2 were produced almost 3 decades ago so they probably were tight on the budget. F22 production was even more expensive than the F35 today. That's why the number of request wasn't delivered. So if they did the FB 22. They would have a miniscule squadron of both aircraft. probably 2 or 3 squadron. anyway this is just my opinion.

      2. Ultralagger R.E.V

        @Chocolat-kun but congress allowed the construction of the B-2 and B-21 which are far more expensive and advanced than the FB-22

      3. Chocolat-kun

        It was actually a theoretical design, airforce wanted a bomber counterpart to the F22, but Congress was like "In your dreams"

    56. Robert Bulman

      When is the day or date for launch dlc???

    57. BadMunkey 2.0

      Hehe my old enemy *Estovakia*

    58. Sam Fisher


    59. こうさか


    60. foreverwhisper

      How are these attackers of any use in MP mode?

    61. Garrett soash

      When does this come out

    62. zainul0021

      We want coop mode!

    63. Seng Thorng

      Butterfly master ace combat Infinit

    64. bmx7596

      Stopped playing this after VR support ceased

    65. Lil_Alpha 2021

      We need these: F-117 F-5 Tiger S-32 XFA-24 Apalis SU-27 Fenrir X-29 J-20 IAI Kfir In my opinion.

      1. SuperGeronimo999

        @Ultralagger R.E.V + J-10 and J-31.

      2. Ultralagger R.E.V

        Please include J-20!!!

      3. Brian 232


    66. Pablo Mónaco

      Una demo por favor

    67. Cococrash11

      Awesome Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Experimental Aircrafts Trailer.

    68. The Boss

      I want my F117 Nighthawk!!!

    69. SPENCER _40

      I thought tornado GR is here 😔

    70. Pablo Hidalgo


    71. I HaveNoGunGame

      Bruh I literally have to wait till holiday season 2021 to get this since I've been putting it off because of all the dlc...

    72. משה אברגיל

      I need f16i with CFT

    73. Fruitorian

      This Game Looks really cool 😳😎❤️👍


      Varolac gang.

    75. Liger Zero

      Very excited.

    76. Jarathen No

      The only DLC we really need is one that just lets us run a straight bombing mission. Make that one.

    77. Syaka

      More VR Missions!!!

    78. Kostis Miltis

      When u make a video give it some more time. I don't wanna pause everytime i try to check the aircrafts.

    79. sebastian ocampo

      Coming to Xbox one ??

    80. TheLogicalBeast

      Is it wrong I've not played these games in YEARS?! Last time was Ace Combat..3 on PS1? Nice to see they're still making them though. :)

      1. Alex Robinson

        Play Ace Combat 4, 5, and me

      2. James

        You are missing out. Ace Combat is the best. It's the most underrated video game series in history of gaming.

    81. JuancaIsInRainbows

      X-49 Night Raven or Aurora? Please

    82. pandabear4321gogo


    83. cancel disney plus

      Bring back Tiny Tank Up Your Arsenal!

    84. J.D.X.

      Awesome the ofnir emblem!!!

    85. Fabio Alves Show

      I love this game

    86. Ruben Lopez

    87. Skyler Rutherford

      I really wish they would just give us more missions or coop. But I am not complaining about getting these legacy planes

    88. Fah 2097

      F-15 Active from AC4?!

      1. RoyalTheGleaves

        It's not just from AC4. It's been in almost every game before this.

    89. Mr. Rand

      And still no new missions, boo

      1. SuperGeronimo999

        @RoyalTheGleaves its so hard that a single modder could do it

      2. RoyalTheGleaves

        @Mr. Rand I'm a lazy 15 year old

      3. Mr. Rand

        @RoyalTheGleaves you must work for bandai 🤣

      4. RoyalTheGleaves

        Do you know how hard it is to create missions normally? Let alone during a pandemic

    90. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel..!

      1. Brian 232

        Wow no

    91. Houki Chan

      Woah some Assault Horizon skin plane.

      1. James

        Assault Horizon is my favorite AC game.

    92. Gooch_Suplex_Hold

      PS5 patch pls?

    93. Nav Seal Squad

      Full VR compatible when?

    94. Ivan Lee

      our old friends are back again

    95. rac sto

      I miss ace infinity so much. Guess I'll have to buy a ps4 and play it til the game gets taken down once again lol

      1. Alex Robinson

        Ace Combat Infinity shut down 3 years ago

      2. RoyalTheGleaves

        AC7 isn't an all-online game. it doesn't have servers so it won't get "shut down"

    96. Jordon Nicoli

      What time in the spring?

    97. Александр Аврамов

      General Resourse had nothing to announce.

    98. Me La Halo

      Aguante Xbox 💚😍

    99. John Cliff

      Yoo im still playing this game great to have some content

    100. Tristan Salive

      No fenrir ?