Alvo - Release Date Reveal | PS5, PS4


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    The wait is over. Join the Alvo Army April 13th.

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    1. Ceeckoful

      Just bought this and it's bad it's a poor PS2 looking counter strike wannabe with no trophy support, I want a refund.

    2. GamePlayShare

      Welcome to 2005. Battlefield 2 looked better.

    3. NatanIsHere

      Hopefully this wont end up like cyberpunk

    4. Mojo Siesta

      Goodbye firewall rotfl

    5. Santiago Villegas

      Hola este juego me en canta

    6. ratedEG

      It’s going to be awesome because the days of complaining someone is using a cheat device should be over. Either you can aim or you can’t.

    7. bebaFM

      So hot!

    8. CabrioDriving

      Pavlov VR on a diet.

    9. Antonio Oliveira

      PS1 GAME

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        PSVR game. PS1 era called. They want their "comedy" back

    10. Pleb Head

      This and zero caliber? This years gonna be incredible!

    11. Reawer

      yea firewall has better graphics, but this game hosts more players per game and has servers! yea firewall has a full in game body, but this game has scopes, and more game modes!

    12. Toxic-Stuffle

      Ok so I've been imagining this all day hiding behind a wall e my friend getting ready to attack the players

    13. Matias Geraldo

      Porfin ctm!! Esperemos sea bueno

      1. gac3la


    14. bogdan maican

      Cs 1.6 memorys

    15. ALITINA

      This is so BAD 🤮🤮

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        How would you know?

    16. Oğuzcan Dilek

      Basically CS VR

    17. FOBOOOS

      Man almost 70 thousand views on one week for a vr game it's really cool.

    18. Voland -

      i hope we will have R6 Siege VR someday for PSVR2

    19. Mark

      Why does it look so low budget

      1. Mark

        @N_CarolinaReaper SlowAss im gonna get psvr2 this gen

      2. N_CarolinaReaper SlowAss

        Looks nice in the headset bro. Doesn't look low budget at all.

      3. TheWolfeCraze

        Its an indie title for the psvr. It incorporates large maps (horizontal and vertical) and a variety of elements. It includes 10 player lobbies and offers a variety of modes for players to move at high speeds. For the psvr, this takes a toll on performance overall so there are limitations. However, it looks great in the HMD and plays incredibly well. Give it a chance and you will enjoy if you enjoy FPS

    20. James Onyekwere

      Does this use moves

      1. TheWolfeCraze

        @James Onyekwere not at launch but a mechanic to do a version of manual reload is being worked on.

      2. James Onyekwere

        @TheWolfeCraze when using moves can you reload the guns manually?

      3. TheWolfeCraze

        Yes, moves are an option, along with aim and dualshock 4

    21. Jeremiah

      Day one buy! Can't wait.

    22. Ильшат Игибаев

      Counter VR Strike!!!

    23. Julian Boiko

      Eso no será para PS2?

    24. RuTube

      I'm pretty sure this is PS4 only. Don't know why it says PS5.

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        @RuTube quite possibly

      2. RuTube

        @DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat yeah but if it's a psvr game they usually just put PSVR as the sole platform. Not ps4 or ps5. This is probably a mistake.

      3. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        That's Sony for you. Yes all VR games are PS4 games that only work in compatability mode on a ps5.

    25. XyRow Smoke

      They will probably add a battle royal mode sometime

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Not this gen

    26. Philip Banks

      The future is now

    27. KSU Asterros

      Saw a M41 bolt action shoot twice without its second being chamberwd

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Well, except the Sako part :D

      2. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Well spotted.

    28. Nano5551000

      1:08, sliding drift.

    29. reno2200

      Was this built in the Quake 3 engine?

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat



      Funny Gfx 😂😂😂

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        VR graphics

    31. Marcelo Fobos

      Man I was more excited to get my hands on it than be married

    32. Dark

      cstrike meets r6 siege ?

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Not really. It's closer to CoD than anything

    33. Bailey6 Mills

      Shout out to play station

    34. D34D GUNM4N

      2006 counterstrike vr be like

    35. xabi dronmagik

      esto parece prehistórico

    36. A_N_O_M_A_L_Y

      Firewall but u can jump

      1. TheWolfeCraze

        Can't forget prone, scopes, killstreaks, variety of modes..... doesn't sound like firewall at all

      2. N_CarolinaReaper SlowAss

        Lol. Definitely not firewall but you can jump. Anyone that has played the game can tell you that's silly.

      3. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        And Respawn. And slide. And move fast. And get games.

    37. Miguel Isla

      COD + CS:GO + VR = ALVO

    38. EAS Adventures

      There is where I'd play my ps5... IF I HAD ONE


        It's a psvr ps4 game 😅

    39. BeTrd


    40. Lemming 998

      Is this just multiplayer?

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat


    41. blackmindpinkheart

      I always imagined a room size of a football stadion with obsticles and platforms as a programmed map and players physically there with bb guns that are connected to VR running around shooting eachother.

      1. E. Tim

        Have a look at the omni one treadmill. Looks awesome

      2. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        @Leon Kennedy I saw a video of a guy playing apex construct in a football field. I think it was on the Oculus Go

      3. Leon Kennedy

        I do something similar with my Oculus quest 2

      4. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        There are companies that provide that kind of experience. But you have a gaming laptop on your back.

    42. Алексей Лагутин

      Cs vr? Nice!

    43. awaKto

      Le falta una "C" y se llama Calvo xd

    44. عبدالرحمن اسامة

      Looks free copy of counter strike

    45. xXSchneeHenryXx

      Cs style 🤣

    46. murphyebass

      What’s with the ps2 graphics?!

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        @murphyebass so there's a very finite amount of power available to the base PS4 model. And that power needs to be distributed in buckets. Graphics is one bucket, online multiplayer is another bucket, map size is another and gameplay yet another. You could distribute 90% of that power to the graphics bucket and walk around one room at a time and it'll look great, but you'll be playing on your own, in one room. slowly. Or you could run around big maps with 9 other players at a fast pace, but you wouldn't have put 90% in the graphics bucket to do that.

      2. murphyebass

        @DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat so?

      3. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        It's a VR game.

    47. scure

      Is this only vr game? If yes thats pretty sad tbh. Such a counter strike like game would be really appreciated on playstation

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        @scure I'd say it's closer to call of duty than counter strike. It has 3 modes right now. Free for all, Team deathmatch, and Search and destroy. All these modes are in call of duty. The game play is very similar too. It takes a more arcadey approach. Running, jumping, sliding etc. It's basically taking an idea like call of duty and brining it to VR for us VR players.

      2. scure

        @DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat im happy for all VR gamers but its just sad we „normal“ ps4/5 users have no game that kind. Like call of duty and all that isn’t comparable to something like this. Its more like counter strike

      3. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        It's VR only. It's the VR game that the VR community have needed for 4-5 years.

    48. No other Like my own skin

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    49. Alexand Ivanov

      Что за позорище?!? Коунтерстрайк вид с боку.... Совсем Сони охамели старьё продают в обёртке новинок

    50. kevin bailey


    51. kernalmusterd

      Is it free to play

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        No, it's a full VR title

    52. Sam Fisher

      Hi guys

    53. Captain Future

      This game is why PlayStation still needs it's portable systems. This game can compete with triple A shooters but on a portable it could shine bright. 😊

      1. Elijah Tang-Spigelman

        This is a VR game!

    54. Googlenn - Music & Gaming Channel

      where my squads at 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    55. alosheofficial


    56. Assassin 2oo6

      They have to improve the graphics a little bit more

      1. HappyHenzo

        It’s a vr game. Graphics aren’t as important in vr because you feel immersed anyway

      2. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        The game is so fast paced, you barely notice the scenery any way

    57. franksond


    58. GLUTTONY

      0:27 this map reminds me of a mp map in the game geist

    59. Bassem Mokhtar

      Vr that's amazing 💥

    60. ZouteKoffieKoekjes

      Horrendous art direction

      1. HappyHenzo

        Horrendous opinion. It’s a vr game made by a small team that the vr community has been asking for for years. What do you expect? Ray traced reflections and 4K?

    61. Games Reporter


    62. MrAnthism

      I will see you all through my scope!!!

    63. Bizon Maafaka


    64. Situatie

      Looks absolutely horrible.

      1. TheWolfeCraze

        Do you play in VR?

    65. Dante BORT

      cant wait to buy psvr 2 for this pile of ****

      1. TheWolfeCraze

        Opinionated like all the other people quick to jump to conclusions about a game they have never played. Easy to have an opinion when your are blissfully ignorant.

      2. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        This is PSVR 1

    66. Abdul Aziz

      Hi 🙋‍♂️ GTAVPS5🎮

    67. Tiseba

      We need psvr2 with higher resolution and less cables. This would be awesome!

      1. Jinx 1234

        It’s gonna have higher resolution and only one cable

      2. We Are TNB

        PSVR2 for PS5 has been confirmed by Sony already. All we can do is wait now!

    68. Mickice

      Looks like a VR Socom.

    69. Marcus Cheong

      Make a new PlayStation handheld, Sony with no proprietary memory card and market it better. Support it with a vast library of games and it will sell well. Also, don't just close the Ps3, PSP and PS Vita store without providing any means for complete backwards compatibility on your current gen consoles.

    70. scu 121

      Does it have singleplayer?

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Online multiplayer game only

    71. Richards Gameplay


    72. Bradley Husson

      Imagine paying a grand for a system and they come out with this dogshit

      1. HappyHenzo

        Clearly you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

      2. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        It's not dogshit. It's a great PSVR 1 game. If you'd paid a grand for psvr 1 and a PS4 5 years ago, and you liked FPS games, you'd have been waiting 5 years for a game like this so...

    73. criminal rushi

      I love this game

    74. heeey Devon

      Literally been waiting on this for 2 years, the beta community says it rivals firewall.... This game is going to be legendary!!! Let's gooooo!!!!!!

      1. Man OnEarth

        I've played the beta a bit and it's waaaay better than firewall!

    75. abo ganah84

      This is Counter-Strike

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        It's more like call of duty really.

    76. Garota Que Joga


    77. Anac sin

      I heard people can now play among us on Xbox consoles so... What are u waiting for

    78. Roy Hoy!

      More PSVR 2 news!

    79. true lies

      Ninja theory is cool

    80. Grass Hopper

      Oh wow, this looks different.

    81. JerryHuge1

      Next Gen graphics

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Current gen PSVR graphics

    82. Drake Ardian


    83. El Angel


    84. Uber Smoke

      Please buy TakeTwo

    85. Fedora Connoisseur

      Nice PS2 game.

      1. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        Great PSVR game

      2. Mick Coles

        but in VR 🥳

    86. Memo 7u7

      Alv :v

    87. josaph cj7

      Hey sony!! Plss make psvr aim controller pro max for psvr 2.

    88. Vergil Sparda


      1. Vergil Sparda

        @Alfredo ownership > renting

      2. Alfredo

        Idk what tf your talking about. Microsoft is throwing money at publishers to put their games on service for people that don't like to choose what games they buy

    89. Mario Santos

      This game with Firewall zero hour graphics would be awesome!

      1. N_CarolinaReaper SlowAss

        Agreed. There's nothing wrong with the graphics at all.

      2. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        It's already awesome.

    90. Eduardo Gonzalez

      Alaverga the game

    91. Robert Sanchez


    92. The MadFaceGamer

      Let's go boys!!!!

    93. No other Like my own skin

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    94. Lite 57

      I got a ps5, but this looks like trash. More like a ps3 game.

      1. N_CarolinaReaper SlowAss

        Every VR game on Ps looks like a ps3 game. Don't know what you're on about. Alvo looks great when you're in the headset.

      2. HappyHenzo

        It’s a vr game you can’t seriously expect ray tracing can you

      3. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        It's a PSVR game, running on ps4

      4. Chriz Taylor

        What a funny guy.

    95. Fatkul Nugroho P.

      What the graphic 😅

    96. Chriz Taylor

      *SO PROUD OF THE ALVO DEV TEAM!!!* Finally the time has come!!!! Believe me, it was worth it!

    97. Mutant Academy Gaming

      Shovel ware

      1. TheWolfeCraze

        Statements like this are obtuse and useless when you lack any experience with the title. Your opinion on existing games everyone has played does not make your opinion on a game you HAVENT played valid. Have an opinion AFTER you play a game. Otherwise, don't comment.

      2. Titch1987

        Having played a ton of firewall and being in closed beta and casting leagues for firewall I can tell you this plays better than firewall. If firewall is your bar as you stated. Alvo is better

      3. Mutant Academy Gaming

        @HappyHenzo you can't have a terrible opinion, only a difference of one. Enjoy the game.

      4. HappyHenzo

        @Mutant Academy Gaming you have a terrible opinion kid

      5. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        @Mutant Academy Gaming or your ignorance is pretty high.

    98. Demodog

      How do you think this will run on the base ps4?

      1. N_CarolinaReaper SlowAss

        Og Ps4 tester here too. It runs on my slim without any issues at all.

      2. BBNCS TV

        I only played it on ps4 it’s awesome

      3. DanaramaPyjama The Lazy Gamecat

        I play on PS4 base and it runs fine.

      4. Chriz Taylor

        PERFECTLY, I'm part of the closed beta a d play on base PS4, it runs perfect

    99. Daniel Delgado Hernández

      A La Ver**

    100. Zero1RR

      Firewall is gonna be jumpin' for the next 8 days until this comes out.