Blizzard Arcade Collection - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4


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    Fire up the time machine and relive the legacy of three classic console games with the Blizzard® Arcade Collection! Released as part of Blizzard’s 30th anniversary celebration, this collection includes The Lost Vikings®, Rock N Roll Racing®, and Blackthorne®-faithfully reproduced for PS4™ and PS5™ (and recharged with a few extras).
    Let the nostalgia begin. The Blizzard Arcade Collection is available now

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    1. Zikari SG

      Come one Blizzard, something new please...

    2. 2-4-5 TRIOXIN

      Three games. Is that all ?

    3. Chester Fumblenutts

      Blackthorne and Rock & Roll Racing on ps4? Sold!

    4. Urosh Uchiha Novakovic

      So I don't really get it. How is this version of The Lost Vikings (Definitive Edition) different compared to the original Genesis version of the game? Both have the extra levels and the 3 player support. What is definitive about this one? I haven't seen a single thing that is different yet.

    5. Gregorio Kuhn

      YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Gabriel Leme

      Retroarch + ROMS of those 3 games = FREE

      1. cuiff62

        Like this one, but much bigger!

    7. majk023


    8. Themistocles Papassilekas

      Wait, and this weighs in at... 3GB (and the update a further 1.23GB)??? WHY? HOW?

      1. cuiff62

        Useless making off they could have add on youtube I think.

    9. Gerry Reid


    10. Psycho Mike

      These games we're never arcade game.

    11. Velven Keeping

      Wheres my remake of rock n' roll racing?

      1. Velven Keeping

        @cuiff62 i have it already, not even sure you can still buy it on steam

      2. cuiff62

        motor rock XD

    12. Robin Vognar

      No trophies :-( shame on you

    13. jelaninoel

      Oh man i remeber black thorns and rock n roll racing. My cousin had both. I had to use a code to fight the last boss cuz it was too hard lol

    14. C C

      "Collection" is a term that means more than 3, Bliz... we got a term for 3, it is TRILOGY.

      1. eng3d

        If they are from the same game. In this case, it is more a (not) value pack

    15. Bivv93

      They all could have been redesigned like spyro the reignited trilogy

    16. Rubens

      Larry Huffman?


      We need a marvel vs capcom collection

    18. Peter Marcal

      You mean Super Nintendo Collection. These games were never in the arcade.

      1. cuiff62

        supernesgenesis32X collection with a little enhancements

    19. a dg

      I love how retro has been part of our life (I’m early 30s). But please, make some solid games. Remastered is fine but it should be just side dishes.

    20. The Books Master

      Que top vai ser isso

    21. Mr Ultima

      Ah yes, my favorite Arcade genre: Puzzle platformer.

    22. John

      Yeah, "collections" like these are the most stupid thing ever in this era.

      1. John

        @Chester Fumblenutts Duh. Only an idiot would pay money for this.

      2. Chester Fumblenutts

        So don't buy it.

      3. Jacob Williams

        A collection of three (meh) games! All for the low low price of 30 bucks!

    23. Gamer Halim

      I play the lost Viking

    24. こうさか


    25. Peter Kenton


    26. Lívia Lima Bahia

      Agora pra melhora o que já tá bom só falta lançar uma atualização pra se poder joga olaine ai ñ vai faltar mais nada.😉☺😃

    27. marvelmania

      An arcade collection with non arcade games. Genius. Worth of a brain surgeon. I do love me some RnR Racing but this is a bit far fetched, isn't it?

    28. Серго

      Where Lost Vikings 2 ???

    29. Michael Jinright

      Rock N Roll Racing baby

    30. Candy Woman

      No "VVikings" on Nintendo Switch? Shameee

    31. Cronos Videography

      This one is just okay.

    32. k4rec4

      Blizzard "Arcade" ? 🤔 You're telling me once there was a cabinet for at least one of those games?!

    33. Douglas Nascimento de Oliveira

      why the collection has no achievements?

    34. Longdog Silva

      This is worth buying for blackthorne alone.

    35. Dragoonseye76

      I would rather have had a sweet remaster of the three Vikings

    36. Sal Tim

      Why they all didn't make that beautiful and super cool Arcade games anymore? Especially Beat'Em Ups.

    37. Duke’s Underworld

      Dayum blizzard be lit this year

    38. rezadt73

      @PlayStation we want 1440p resolution support

    39. Johor Gamer

      rock n roll racing my childhood favourite

    40. MR Doom

      not interested.

    41. Sum Dum Phuc

      Don't waste your money and use emulation in your phone lol

    42. v1 Spawn

      This is sick

    43. Robb Taylor

      Hard pass

    44. Tiago Maciel

      Q boa noticia esses jogos

    45. Coloton Beast

      Not even Norse By Norsewest? Wack...

    46. gojoewhite1234

      its not much and im probably the minority but i have been wanting to play some lost vikings and i love rock and roll racing.

    47. itsme

      World of warcraft is what we really want

    48. Ali Arsal

      Ps4 , ps5

    49. Drexxau

      Let’s all buy it, so they‘ll do a remake or even new Parts of those games!

    50. Daniel D.

      Y Warcraft 3? (ง •̀_•́)ง

    51. ام حشر


    52. Mr. Atari 2600

      "What a collection!" ... just ... 3 ... games ...

    53. Warrior J Gamer

      For a min I thought lost vikings was a Asterix game if anyone remembers them

    54. Austin Beatty

      ummm.........thats okay, i will pass on that.

    55. Gali Nuva

      Rock n Roll Racing, features a mode where you try and dodge all the copyright infringements that will be speeding towards you if you stream it.

    56. Randy bling

      😡 blizzard really a new iPhone would be great. Played all these craps years ago. Do not want to play them again

      1. Chester Fumblenutts

        So why do we need to know about it...?

    57. albertjester

      Not including Lost Viking from Wings of Liberty. 0/10, Literally unplayable.

    58. nick

      I didn't care much.. until Deep Purple kicked in!

    59. King Sir

      I love Deep Purple!~~~~

    60. Chill Gaming15

      Has anyone finished lost Viking still have that game on game boy never finished

    61. maria manto

      Jajajaja que mierda

    62. wayne andrew

      Not gonna lie, hearing Rock & Roll racing music kick in at the begining had me sold, didn't even need to watch the rest of the trailer

    63. ThisisStil

      After the Blitzchung incident I won't be buying any more blizzard games

    64. Badfello Fleishberg

      No trophies? :(

      1. JS

        Well, I've gotten a few so far ;)

    65. sfturbo

      Blizzard actually has Arcade games? LOL

    66. Максим Сюбаев

      А другого пути домой нет?

    67. nikitak600

      0:52 Отличный шрифт для русской локализации. Не отличить от оригинального. (нет)

    68. SandroSensei

      Wait...they didnt do the pc version for blackthorne? The snes version is censort and has no blood! WHY NOT THE PC DOS VERSION? Why noy add both?

      1. cuiff62

        the 3 games were free for somme anniversary several years ago

      2. Gincairn

        There's multiple versions of all 3 titles, if memory serves blackthorne has the SNES, 32x and definitive edition.

    69. Américo Cruz

      Just download them from coolroms

      1. Chester Fumblenutts

        But then, how would you play them on your big tv...?

    70. Ya3guobi-YT

      only 3 games???????????????????????????????????????????????

    71. Kamui no Ken

      That’s what’s up!

    72. DrPhibes10

      Bit of deep purple, highway star 🌟

    73. blazrockid

      lets rock

    74. SandroSensei


    75. dennis bergman

      Which versions of the games are included though? They were released for multiple platforms and they are very different.. I'd prefer the mega drive/genesis versions for the bigger screen resolution.

      1. Gincairn

        Rock n roll racing has the SNES, Mega Drive and definitive edition (cd audio soundtrack) The lost vikings includes the SNES, mega drive and definitive edition. Blackthorne includes the SNES, 32-bit and definitive edition. The overall collection also includes the soundtracks, developer art, staff interviews and a few other bits and pieces

    76. Shama

      Do remastered Gex

    77. NLRikkert

      Every major company: Our modern titles are garbage and we are out of ideas. Those same studios: Just rerelease our golden oldies for full price!

    78. VinceU

      Don't see it in the store yet.

    79. Siikeadellic The Desecrator

      Lost vikings and Rock n Roll racing was so Dope Back then

    80. MrJesus4132

      O great.......

    81. Artur Tkocz

      Kinda cool that Erik, Olaf and Baleog are making a return

    82. Revelation Glitch

      Rock N Roll Racing!!!! Let's GO!!!

    83. Zxz Zz

      This will look better on my switch then ps5

    84. John Doe

      I rented Blackthorne on a hotel TV in the 90s and haven't played it since. Always wondered why it was never released on virtual console. Definitely getting this.

    85. Shiko и Кот!

      Позорище. Ремейк хоть бы сделали.

    86. James Nelson

      I deleted my Blizzard account after the whole Blitzchung treatment, this "collection" if you can call it that is not bringing me back 😂

      1. cirescythe

        wanna buy my mass effect Action figure collection? i got..... Legion.... period

      2. Weird Eurasian Boy

        It was at the moment that Activision Blizzard became the worst gaming company for me. EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft etc never did something that horrible or treacherous.

    87. dogeymon83

      We all know we’re only buying this for Blackthorne

      1. cuiff62

        and we all know we're only buying this for Lost Vikings, Rock'n Roll Racing and Blackthorne

      2. cirescythe

        we all know we will buy this for rock n roll racing

    88. T_mateus_T

      Rock n'roll racing é pica demais,as músicas então,só lembranças boas

      1. cirescythe

        i dont know what you are saying but i read rock n roll racing so i agree

    89. Piska

      just download an emulator and the roms duh

    90. Justin Union


    91. albert199221

      And no graphic boost??? You got to be kidding me. Emulator here i come!

    92. RX- 008

      how about you make more Playstation 5’s and offer them to people who have verified accounts through the online store with a limit of 1 per account with bank info.

    93. Dueño de la vigilante del abismo


      This could've been an email

    95. crashpal

      I Remember Playing "Lost Vikings" On Dos On My Windows 95 Pentium 2 Desktop Computer

    96. Just yersul

      You can buy ps hits instead of this

    97. C Beary

      F*** Blizzard. emulate that s***

    98. Luis Esteban Calderón

      Black Thorne 🤤

    99. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    100. Anderson M Souza

      Blackthorne é muito foda