Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone - Season Two Trailer | PS5, PS4


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    When one chapter ends... another begins.
    - A massive, all-new Zombies experience.
    - Four New Operators
    - Six New Weapons
    - New MP Maps
    Get ready for Season Two of #BlackOpsColdWar and #Warzone. Available on all platforms February 25th.
    Rated Mature: Strong Language, Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Suggestive Themes

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    1. Ganesh 1810

      PS4 call of duty Black ops launch game please

    2. Chedda Bob

      This isn’t what true fans ask for from cod... we need better stability not a fkn warzone dlc for the hackers tf! If anything we deserve more zombie maps we didn’t get on launch..

    3. KingScotto

      Need to fix the skill based matchmaking it's so unfair and unbalanced

    4. Kevin TheGamer162015

      My ps5 is alredy full pls let us put a SSD in it now

    5. Jhoquima xxx

      Grandes juegos grandes consolas lo mejor de consolas

    6. Raviolo Comboli

      I’m gonna make a setup with the AK-47 and a Machete and call it Abraham Lincoln so I can say He took an AK-47 out from under his hat and blew a beck away with a rata-tat-tat.

      1. Raviolo Comboli

        Who can get the reference?

    7. Trevor Stubbs

      Anyone know if zombies camos are coming to warzone?

    8. Серікболсын Нұрхожаев

      Это харам игра колоп оп дути

    9. Ams Amore

      Are they getting rid of Verdansk??

    10. Christopher Franklin

      Did the guy with the axe in his neck shake his head no to getting shot in the face?

    11. RS232

      you play this garbage? 😆

    12. Austin Games

      Adler: we got a job to do

    13. Dr Cory

      Cool game trailer

    14. Unreleased Festival Music

      What if i was meant for you?

    15. FIROS BABU


    16. Sam Fisher


    17. Deniz

      Whats that Ship ?

    18. pinkman YouTube official


    19. BrenThe1st

      Time to delete black ops 3 because my storage is going to be a goodwill

    20. lui6link

      Why are there guns from Black ops in my modern warfare game Pay to win

    21. KeyserBean ツ

      I’m so glad I copped an external hard drive over Christmas 😌

    22. Slaughterous Sahloknir

      Ah yes CINAMATIC Gameplay. Muh favorite

    23. Chris

      So how is this game lately? Worth the full price yet?

      1. Carl Petersen

        Save your money.

    24. Geise Viana

      guys already imagined if the playstation created again a ps2 only that evolved to work the same old games only that the video game was new that could connect to the wireless wifi network that had many things like not working pirated games this would be very great and sensational a new ps2 this would sell a lot

    25. MattyMatthew

      1:54 This is SPARTA

      1. MattyMatthew

        @Nocturne lol

      2. Nocturne

        A man of culture, I see.

    26. Caper Crusader

      Crash Bandicoot crossover in Warzone 😏✌️✌️

    27. احميدو كرافيتي


    28. Martin Medina

      We need upgrade of graphics to ps5 !!!!

    29. 3P3KVisuals

      Better have the storage optimized if you want your audience to download it. 162GB and counting, selfish lazy and disrespectful to my ssd at this point lol.

    30. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    31. nathaniel rasey

      So, is Cold War still bricking consoles or have they fixed that?

      1. Carl Petersen

        Switch off ray tracing. Game is still a buggy mess. But I haven’t touched the game since start of season 1

    32. Wilr1000

      1 like for white zombie

    33. DHIKЯIS

      CPU : "Huh? The updates are here." Storage : "Then so it begins."

    34. MrHamerbush

      I'm probably not gonna get the battlepass anymore. I havent been playing enough to finish them and the guns are useless until I get Cold War, which won't be til its on sale.

    35. Robot_Vr

      vaya no puedo esperar para jugar, oh espera no tengo ps plus me gustaria que liberaran el online y nos dieran el "juego completo" por el que pagamos mas de 50 dolares ya que el contenido gratuito del juego no es accesible sin ps plus.

    36. RUBENHEM

      Please give us a full PS5 warzone version :)

    37. Justin O'Toole


    38. Jory Meneer


    39. -Miguel-

      Same mfs that say “I can’t afford an external hard drive” be the same mfs that drop 150 on skins and bundles😐

      1. GBlack 0447


      2. ᏰᎥᎶ ᖴᏝᎧᎮᎮᏗ


    40. 1HMusic

      “Available on all platforms February 25th” with more micro-transactions.

      1. LøstSoul XD

        @Gru122 And they probably won't stop doing that because the people who support this kind of practices are stupid

      2. LøstSoul XD

        @isaiahlbc but you don't receive all of the!, right?

      3. Gru122

        @LøstSoul XD oh yeah, but they make more money from people buying skins so why stop?

      4. Gru122

        @LøstSoul XD its not the best or the worst thing, it would be better if we earned skins like titanfall 2 and bought 5 dollar expansions.

      5. isaiahlbc

        @LøstSoul XD there's free skins in the battle pass

    41. XaVi230

      Where is the warzone 120 fps and fov

    42. Mahoney 87

      Lol GaMePlAy TrAiLeR

    43. XaVi230

      What's the point if I can't play 120 fps in the ps5 warzone

      1. kyle smith

        @XaVi230 I mean no point if there are hackers everywhere anyway what ruin online

      2. XaVi230

        @kyle smith if you really want to compete agains pc players you do need 120 fps

      3. kyle smith

        Do u really need 120fps tho ???? Lol

    44. Vuk Stefanovic

      What will happen to warzone, i don't understand the teaser at the end?

    45. Davide Lotto

      Ok all cool, but i need to know one thing, Will the Warzone map change?

    46. Shane Mcdevitt

      This looks so gd

    47. Father Gabriel Stokes

      This is gonna be lit 🔥

    48. yato 4 4 4


    49. Daniel Johansson

      Do a preater crossover

    50. Bay Area Native

      New maps?

    51. 2B Red

      Der Eisendrache Dragons and a Panzer??? Hello??

    52. Quinc

      actually so hyped for this

    53. Tomero

      Split screen fixed or still black bars?

    54. Daviid Chacón


    55. peter prem

      warum kommt es so spät .? warum nicht hier am wochenende??????

    56. macorn _

      Is that Rob Zombie I hear?

    57. fawpy

      warzone is dogshit

    58. Sasu

      HIJACKED IS BACK! (edit: again)

      1. Bullets and Milk

        Thats not hijacked bruh

      2. alexboi

        @Father Gabriel Stokes in the end

      3. Father Gabriel Stokes

        Where was it in the trailer??

    59. Kal Young

      The new zombie game mode looks like the extinction mode from COD ghosts

    60. Sean Jolito

      So is a new Warzone map confirmed?

    61. Martin Galarza

      Any new maps?

    62. DOOMStarks

      Been playing season 1 for like 2 years

    63. Sage

      I hope the new cute chick can be a playable operator

    64. Modern Steve

      Not Bad At All !

    65. Mataio Ne'emia

      My digital PS5 just slapped my phone out of my hands.

    66. Ian Mcgonigle

      Thought that ship was the rusulka for a min

    67. Roger ROBLOX

      WARZONE WOW Nuke zombies !!! Season 2

    68. James_

      Will the new map in warzone play like CW instead of MW?

    69. PsychoSavage88

      More skillbased match making More skillbased matchmaking....Matchmaking...yea....yea....yyea🎵🎶

    70. Mobile Gamerz

      So wheres the ps5 update for warzone. Need 120 fps and fov slider...

      1. error machine

        Yeah, I’m getting tired of the pop in. After playing a few ps5 games, the pop in seems really bad in war zone.

      2. theeOnslaught

        @ThugSmokerzOnly yes, the game is still yet to receive a PS5 version. It’s currently playable on a PS5 through backwards compatible so it’s running the PS4 Pro version of the game.

      3. ThugSmokerzOnly

        So to confirm. This is still going to be a ps4 game? It’s not a ps5 version of warzone?

      4. ᏰᎥᎶ ᖴᏝᎧᎮᎮᏗ

        Yikes should've gotten a pc for games like that then.

      5. theeOnslaught


    71. Gordon Freeman

      I’m not even playing it, but the trailer is fire

    72. TRiPPY

      Cold war is such a ripoff! They just had to rush one out before the new consoles came out! Im ready for a true next gen cod!!

      1. Enrique Martin

        @Don Damage yeah, sledgeHammer's 2021 cod ain''t for me.

      2. Don Damage

        wait for infinity wards one then homie

    73. pickle eggs


    74. Yariensy Rodriguez

      saludos Fans de playstation de Republica dominicana

    75. Rikimaru LDR

      0:48 I've seen enough CoD to know that building is A-OK after that rocket


        @Mari Taco and they are going back to a boring WW1 setting with BF6 RIP battlefield Cold War Zombies is better than anything Battlefield has to offer


        @Mari Taco bro battlefield is done man BFV was utter garbage

      3. Rikimaru LDR

        @Sabir Abdul No destructible environments is all. Rocket a brick wall and it'll have a stain, but not even a dent haha

      4. Mari Taco

        @Sabir Abdul I guess means how cod doesn't have destructible buildings like battlefield.

      5. Sabir Abdul

        Enlighten me. I’m pretty retarded.

    76. Yariensy Rodriguez

      ps no limites

    77. Henrique Rocha


      1. Modern Steve


    78. Que Swazy

      Could chose a better song more human than a human ain't doing it for me

    79. Que Swazy


    80. Sole Swag817

      Will this be upgraded for ps5 or still on ps4 code?

    81. Steamy


    82. Adam Levine

      I wish they could now add some pschedelics too for us so we can feel the reality of inside the game 😂😂

    83. KingScotto

      Glad I've got a 10tb hard drive lol

    84. Tacos de Cabeza

      Quick question is outbreak going to be Cold War exclusive or can i also play it on warzone?

      1. XShadowOfKaosX

        @Allen ik it was, but why would they feature warzone with outbreak. And tbh zombies don't belong in warsone, they should just keep it with COD and not slide it in with MW

      2. Allen

        @XShadowOfKaosX that was warzone. wish they would add zombies to warzone tho that would be cool.

      3. XShadowOfKaosX

        I think it's both because Captain Price is at 1:47

      4. Tacos de Cabeza

        @Allen :(

      5. Allen

        cold war exclusive

    85. Isaac Hernandez

      Love that more human than human being played in a trailer, makes things more hype

    86. CrysisDemon237

      1:31 - iam pretty surr thata the classic galil from black ops 1, might be wrong but i hope iam not 😁

      1. CardiacYew 3805

        Looks like it but apparently its not, its a variant tho

    87. Alexis Flores

      We getting a Russian Panzer?!

      1. Cosmic


    88. Onur_Neymar

      Remove sbmm

    89. LFTAlone

      So in the trailers characters move at 60 hz tick rate, meanwhile in-game it's 24?

      1. Fizz-sama


    90. Dwayne Johnson

      So...we got a new map or still same Verdansk?...this question for Warzone players...

      1. Borix 10

        The new maps are for cold war

      2. Gary Wynthorpe

        Looks like the same map but with new spots inculding the boat and the underground missle facility.

    91. Sebastián Degoyeneche


    92. BGz GamersVoid

      Delete every game you you have installed for this...then get an External HD for the update

      1. NeoOwnz


      2. Da Janitator

        You can get a 2TB internal harddrive lol

      3. LøstSoul XD

        I already bought one

      4. Bay Area Native


    93. wiener boy


    94. Tomorrow’s Lost

      So if you just started playing in season 2, is there no way to get any of the weapons from season 1?

      1. Shane Stamis

        They will probably have unlock challenges for them just like in modern warfare

    95. Bryce Hill

      I see the galil

    96. Jojonny17

      I don't like to be that guy, but I HATE how Activision just pulled the plug on Modern Warfare when it was going so strong and felt like it was just getting started. Cold War is fine, but I much prefer the gameplay in MW

      1. Sean

        Are you new to call of duty?

    97. ToxicBeKillinK

      Whats the point of buying a PlayStation and plus just to get banned frm sun lil kids that can’t take pressure on the game I banned for a month Bc I got hacked so I reported my account got it back now I got to wait that whole month when it’s not fault🤦🏾‍♂️

    98. Сергей Матвеев

      Ждем battlefield 6

    99. bLaZe cLaN


    100. Сергей Матвеев

      И это игра 2020 года за фул прайс🤦🏻‍♂️позор!!!