Children of Morta - Family Trials Launch Trailer | PS4


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    Children of Morta’s biggest update yet is now live on PS4! Family Trials is a combat-focused game mode and all users can now hop into the fast-paced action for free.

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    1. Jupiter Skies

      rouge like games? no thanks

    2. Mickey Mouse

      "I dont like the graphics because I'm 12".


      So many bad reviews so nah

    4. AJR 9946

      I've always like the concept of this game but I don't like the graphics or camera

    5. sajjad ghomi

      This game is Really perfect. I definitely suggest you play

    6. Mofumofu

      Love the bgm

    7. Mazieq

      the game aftrer luch to main menu - crash after this update on ps5

    8. Nico Ryshalim


    9. Caio Shinji

      Its so beautiful!

      1. 11 bit studios

        Thank you!

    10. reedofwater

      If for this one epic run we can do away with RNG and pick and choose which divine items we can use, then this is awesome.

    11. Александр Тайманов

      "The Best Game"

    12. SirkSirkSirk

      So still no online coop? Don't remember this on the roadmap but online coop is like a year overdue.

      1. SirkSirkSirk

        @11 bit studios glad to hear that it wasn't scrapped. Will be buying as soon as it's available.

      2. 11 bit studios

        Yeaahh... We know. :) We are not super happy about it, too, believe us. We'd love to deliver it sooner - but it's more difficult than we've initially expected. But we're working on it. :)

      3. Pluto28

        They said they're still working on it. Covid delayed development.

    13. Sheldon McLaughlin

      Just want online co-op already

      1. 11 bit studios

        We're working on it! :)

    14. Smash Hit The Rise Special Kapamilya

      This 2021-2024 Smash Hit: The Rider Children of Morta - Family Trials Launch Trailer | PS4

    15. Dream Walker

      this is over-pixelated! pause the video. in most cases, you wont be even able to figure out the characters bodyparts! it needs more pixels and detail, so at least, we can figure out what shape we are looking at!

      1. Adam Gould

        Fs its an artstyle. Talk about nit picking lol. Obviously, being a videogame, it just needs to look amazing in motion, which it does.

    16. Akhil Kumar

      Family rouge-like. Not that it is a bad thing, but hopefully, it is implemented right.

    17. RIPILIYAR110

      یک بازی ایرانی عالی

    18. Paci

      La traduzione in italiano!!! Porco il dio degli sviluppatori, hanno messo il cinese, il turco e il russo e non l'italiano -.-

    19. true lies

      Ninja theory is cool

    20. Poorya Palangi


      1. 11 bit studios


    21. Zeromus5555

      Is this coming to Switch?

      1. 11 bit studios

        Yup, it was released on all platforms at the same time. :)

      2. David Vila

        It's updated already, so yes.

    22. BatBoyShark

      Really want 4 couch co op 😫

    23. AlexTheRed1985

      Meh. I’m going back to Hades

    24. rancho890

      Update broke my game lol

      1. arturo perez

        Yeah, me too

    25. TallulahSoie

      *inquires about that other PS4 game's DLC*

    26. Vulnox

      This game has local coop for everyone wondering and is really fun.

      1. Pluto28

        And online co-op is being worked on!

    27. Metal

      It's been ages since I last played this so I'm sorry if it's an obvious question, but is the fatigue system still in the game?

      1. Jacob Marsee


    28. MadOrange644

      Makes you feel like you have a family.

    29. Vinicius Fernandes

      looks promising, can't Wai to multi-player

      1. Vulnox

        It has local coop. Played through it in local coop a few weeks ago.

    30. Cheems

      I love this game

      1. 11 bit studios

        Thank you!

    31. Jerry the Hedgehog

      why did u say that name?

    32. Ninjachickenfingers

      Thought it was gonna be that multiplayer they talked about so long ago

      1. 11 bit studios

        We're still working on it! :)

      2. Sheldon McLaughlin

        Right? If only

      3. Vulnox

        It has local coop. Played through it in local coop a few weeks ago.

    33. murphyebass

      Looks interesting

    34. Thiago Pessoa

      Does it have local co-op?

      1. Thiago Pessoa

        @11 bit studios Thank you for the care 11 bit studious. I'm gonna buy this game since you support the local co-op cause haha.

      2. Bobby Hawk

        It does have local co-op

      3. 11 bit studios

        @Thiago Pessoa oh my, of course it does have! :)

      4. Vulnox

        It has local coop. Played through it in local coop a few weeks ago.

      5. Ronald Rendite

        It has

    35. Games Reporter


    36. TYRANTS Ash

      Hurry up RETURNAL etc. Pretty please. PS4/5 Marches on.

    37. TYRANTS Ash


    38. mofu


    39. AmiR Bin


    40. Niraj Vora

      In future this will come on android

    41. Reinhardt Bock


    42. troyism

      Nice! Definitely will be playing this.

      1. 11 bit studios

        Cool! Thanks!

      2. Keith Cousins

        New video is up on my THwikis channel

    43. Stefan


    44. Death God


    45. Yahya Jamal


    46. Acevedo Yaxon


    47. Onel Qaqos


    48. Alvaro Joel


    49. DiFicuz


    50. Gizmo