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    20 years ago a game defined a genre. Now experience the terror remastered for a new generation. Diablo II: Resurrected comes to PS5 and PS4 in 2021.
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    1. Niboshin


    2. Kevin Pon

      I want Diablo 4 NOT Diablo 2...

    3. 1 2

      how tired i am of companies milking franchise, please do something yourself, instead of taking someones achievement and using hd graphics

    4. Денис Кычкин

      The best activision games - blizzard old games, from times when blizzard loved games instead of money. Hello Bobby, gamers hate you, just to be sure that you know that, and in case if you forget about that. Worst regards

    5. Nickisorochi

      Nostalgic i don't even remember the day back when i played last time this AWESOME masterpiece...

    6. Indra Zafrial

      When it release we dont need diablo 4

    7. elder aubrey

      Will it work on any ps4

    8. henry chavez

      Por supuesto que lo juego en pc como en la vieja escuela.

    9. Galard Malvic

      Eat your vegetables and brush after every meal

    10. Mindaugas Misiunas

      Best diablo serie

    11. belcebu

      no la vayan a cagar porfavor

    12. Nie Ppdam

      0:29 no mattet where i hear this chord i see tristram

    13. Godzilla Traveler

      Yes plz.

    14. DevilTriggerVergil

      Will it flop bigger then Warcraft reforged? Guess we’ll see we know blizzard can pull that off🤣🤣🤣🤣

    15. gorgis seva

      Is that king Leoric at 1:28?

    16. Ghost Crazy

      My favorite thing about this is all the people who never experienced this game will get the chance. Brace yourselves, blizzard is back! I've always considered this to be one of the best games ever created. And it is.

    17. Chelsea Smile

      И где предзаказ для консолей?

    18. Moomoo James

      Next DLC: We Fight Chloe From Lucifer!

    19. kinkajoo73

      Pity the enhanced Baldur's Gate isn't the ps2 titles renastered 😡

    20. Phase Control

      As if it was not enough spending so much time of our childhood playing this game, now we are going to spend our adulthood too :D

    21. AhThir Ho Chih Thir

      Everytimes I heard the Tristram BGM being played (with the guitar sound), I get Goose Bumps .. can't wait for this to be released ! Diablo 2 is the beginning of New Era in gaming world.

    22. Blitzboy Gaming

      Owwhh what can I do for you? I guess that duplicate gold coins hack won't work anymore....

    23. Gabriel Seth


    24. Mike

      "Remastered for a new generation" Screen fades to a smart phone playing D2.... "Do you guys not have phones??"

    25. Sean Malcolm

      Do i still need internet to play it offline?

    26. Stephan Hawkins

      Yes !!

    27. Chester Fumblenutts

      Insta buy. Take my money!!

    28. JBonk Gaming

      wow diablo 2 in 4k, after 20 years

    29. Jimjim

      What a joke

    30. Mr.J S

      diablo 2 reforge?

    31. Brutal Vajking Gaming Spectacle

      Great, blizzards quest to defile and destroy their own ips move forward. If the lies marketed exceed the ones during the whole WC3 fiasco I'm gonna be somewhat impressed.

    32. giovanni


    33. Abra Kadabra

      this game should get it on pc or ps4? thats the question

    34. abelxovo

      Should I get this on the ps5 or the new mario switch I just picked up

    35. Marcus Vinícius

      Oh i'm ready to get my runewords and do some Cow Runs Mooo Mooo Mooo

    36. Forest link

      Played in PC before I want this on switch

    37. Bloodangel

      This would be great if only you guys could get enough ps5 into consumers hands and not scalpers

    38. MrSnuggs

      I was 10 20 yrs ago..... This brought back some memories I have forgotten

    39. Reginaldo Aparecido Zanusso


    40. NightmareOTD Gameplays

      I need this

    41. Eze Wong

      It's gonna be weird telling your friends "let's play diablo" and their response "which one?"

    42. Matthias

      Please bring it to the Switch too

    43. P N

      But Blizzard has been horrible recently. I have many doubts about this remaster.

    44. Richard L

      Unless you're still currently playing d2, I would wait for the reviews. Have we all not learned at least once from preordering that it's a pretty bad idea?

    45. Okurin Gaming

      Meh, more excited for Immortals

    46. Artem Sedzyalo

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Ааааахренеть !!! как же круто 🤟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


      aff.. criar novos jogos e bons ninguém quer.... so dinheiro botando na nostalgia... Rock N Roll Racing Excelente jogo p se ter continuacao e sem ser em 3D Biker From Mars tbm... Bomberman tbm..E entre outros... merda de Remaster e sei la oq .. enterra as Lendas La Msm

    48. Blazze Walker

      No thanks....I'm still waiting on 4. Give us 4

    49. ItsDoctor Brankenstein

      This is an amazing surprise!!!

    50. DmitryN

      Several players on one console?

    51. steve Park

      Please blizzard.... don't mess this up like you did with Warcraft 3 reforged

    52. LuxSignifer

      do you guys realize the most exciting things coming up in the game industry are remasters and remakes? I thought this era would come in several years later

    53. JeedJaad chukeaw

      What is Cross progression? Same account on any device? How about play with friends?

    54. Wakane

      I hope it won't be like Warcraft 3 Reforged.

    55. David Guillèn

      The smell of Reforged sorrounds me.... xD

    56. Trey Bishop

      It's super weird to watch this because the remake looks *exactly* like my memory of the original did.

    57. Cesar Cartagena

      Oh man I remember when this was supposed to come out on the PS1, but was then cancelled. Had to grab it on PC. Nice to see it come to PS and Xbox consoles.

    58. Mateusz k

      It should be available already and not at the end of 2021

    59. Mateusz k

      Looks same to me since It was my favorite game for like 5 years

    60. Mateusz k

      Will they add one more resolution option and call it a day!???

    61. Kris Leonardo

      Finally the real diablo game

    62. Sona Chahal

      This game look like gost rider

    63. Igor M

      lol.. in my heart and in my head...the memories that i had from diablo 2 (5 years playied like a crazy...4, 5 hours per day...every single day) the graphics were already like the remaster .... lol man...it is crazy.....

    64. Adan Rodriguez

      Great, finally

    65. Dang Khoa Vo

      I guess there are more reasons for people to spam chests in Lower Kurast now

    66. Toilet-Boy


    67. a dg

      How does blizzard feel when people are more excited for D2 instead of D4

    68. Michał Malinowski

      So what features from the original Diablo 2 will be missing from this remaster?

    69. AlucardELFaker

      I hope this will be the absolute opposite of what Warcraft 3 Reforged was

    70. Maurizio Besurga


    71. Jolly Misanthrope

      Blizz recycling old content to make money instead of creating something new that's actually worth playing.

    72. Electro Duck

      gross progression for your character but is there also gross-play between players from different platforms?

    73. Makuchan

      hello, shtay a while and lishten! the main question is: WILL IT HAVE SPLIT SCREEN LIKE TITANS QUEST? please don't make it couch coop like D3, where one player has to wait for the other to finish with inventory stuff!

    74. Shaun Wilson

      Will this have cross play im not sure what they mean by cross progression

    75. Alfonso Razon

      Where kratos creator see diablo 2😂

    76. steve5123456789

      You can always stick to the ps1 version if the ps5 version doent work out.

    77. Devrim İzmir

      $20 for pc, $60 for ps....

    78. Mr. Bungle

      *"ON PC AND CONSOLES WITH CROSS PROGRESSION"* Except PSN... they enjoy to f*ck you

    79. Dan Wegg

      I've learned my lesson buying blizzard remastered games.

    80. Пабло Эскобар


    81. Shaginus

      Look at all these hyped poor Blizzard fans got abused too much

    82. Rizaka Ramdhan

      Blizzard, ehmmmm no thanks...

    83. Steve Kimberley

      Amazons represent.

    84. Damien Production

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    85. Михаил Найденов

      Looks about right

    86. VJNAHU

      y el 1 pa cuando? xD

    87. Gabriel626

      I remember after school going to cyber cafes to play this a Counterstrike and Warcraft

    88. LichTsar

      Now just need to decide what platform to play on! Do I go with the nostalgia trip on PC or go with my preferred platform on Ps5 hmm decisions... Decisions

    89. Ant. Marco

      many tried to imitate none managed to match the best is back

    90. Killer Instinct SNES

      ahí está!!!!!!!!! ese es mi pollo

    91. aniket palkar

      Wth it's not on PC? 😕😖

    92. Charda Eben Haezer

      for PC and console, lol I laugh so hard

    93. SectionEight

      I can't imagine that this was an easy game to get working on consoles considering that Vanilla Diablo 2 was a game built from the ground up for the PC platform in mind. I'm definitely interested to see how the console ports of Diablo 2: Resurrected will turn out in the end.

    94. Arno Snyman

      I still have my original PC copy.

    95. polymathecian

      I guess Blizzard had to meet the diversity quota with the Paladin.

    96. polymathecian

      "Stay a while and listen."

    97. Didit Martadi

      And all I'm thinking is what the cow level will look like.

    98. Yriy Sklar


    99. ElderFan 1425

      Will it have private games for friends only? Or are we stuck with the wonderful world of online strangers?

    100. The Books Master

      Show vai ser muito bom