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    “Escape from Life Inc” is a quirky story-driven puzzle platformer, where you switch between three animals: a walking fish, an arrogant eagle and a stuttering reindeer. Throughout your adventure you'll be doing puzzles, platforming, exploring and much more. Together with plenty of wacky characters, help these three unlikely friends escape the alien lab!
    I'm a 15 year old solo developer from Sweden, and this is my passion project I've been working on for about 1.5 years. It's a very personal game, with almost every tiny detail having its own little story to tell. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed creating it :)
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    1. Nikita Chudin

      Is this a ps5 exclusive? The graphics is on another level

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        Make a game, and make a better ghraphics and lets not forget about a big rule, you must be 15 y.o.

    2. Sun Warrior

      I thought this was an April fool's

    3. Alexander Brior

      Why all the dislikes? I think it looks like a goofy, fun puzzle platformer.

    4. Nishant Sengar

      This looks amazing and really unique ❤️

    5. CVD in Japan

      $10 is kind of steep. I'll wait for a discount.

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        If you can buy sims 2 for psp for 12$. I think 10$ is waay to cheap

      2. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        Lol i think it fits the price

    6. Yuzu-kun

      sony hates his legacy

    7. BOB777777777700

      Looks awesome!

    8. SnobbySquid833


    9. Joos 747

      I would buy it for my switch but not for the ps5

      1. Joos 747

        Thats nice I Will check it out. But i dont see who wants to play this kind of game on a big High resolution tv-screen? I think it is a bit strange that the most of the games that comes out since the the next gens consoles came out is retro and pixel games that would suit much better on the switch. I have switch and i bought a Playstation this year to get some next gen games with crisp graphics.. haha I still mostly play on the switch beacause of lack of suitable games yet.

      2. 卩ㄚ乙乙卂

        It's on switch also

    10. Reavadatos

      Yo quiero correr el Escape from Tarkov en el PS5 no está mmda

    11. psydelik1

      real next gen

    12. Ben Henderson

      Lovely time of the year

    13. A.A. ron

      This would be funny if Life of Black Tiger wasn't still for sale.

    14. Darkstar8473

      Sorry guys it wasn't Escape from Tarkov :-(

    15. Prince Albertz

      If this was 1995 i would buy this game for my Compaq computer

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        I would love these indies except of those repepetive shitties

      2. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        I would like a compaq computer

      3. Body guard of The ceo of memes


      4. Body guard of The ceo of memes


    16. De Bauchery

      Pretty much sums up my relationship with videogames.

    17. Rupert Ocampo

      This looks fun, quirky and interesting. Oh wait... What? A 15-year-old made this??? I'll support this even more now!

    18. adriano sousa

      You know where would be the better place do play this? On PSVita...

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        How sad

      2. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        You look like an old guy. And you play games, and hate on low age creators what probably can do more than you.

    19. Wacho


    20. Tony Lee

      1. of april! An april joke maybe? 🤔

    21. its ME

      wow nice ;D

    22. DarthKhan29x

      I didn't know Darwin Watterson was in this game.

      1. Baginda Aricha

        I know that reference!

    23. James Dude

      Similar vibe as Thomas was alone

    24. Eidlones

      Why does the eagle wall jump when it can fly?

      1. Anthonygamer

        The Eagle has Ligma during that part of the mission.

    25. Ahmed-_ Magomedov.-_

      Чтоза пиксельные херня

    26. 19UME033 Ronald Debbarma

      Ignoring the fact that it was made by a kid,I dont understand why some people were hating on this game.I find the game very fresh and fun.

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        @Ralph D it looks far way more unique than half game trailers i saw here for last month

      2. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        @Ralph D what

      3. 19UME033 Ronald Debbarma

        Do elaborate what makes it trash.

      4. Ralph D

        If you do don’t mean others will ... this game is trash and you know it

    27. clumsy banana

      Game of the year. Calling it now

      1. Arnelor Vaast

        This game is made by someone who is 15yo ... I think he made a gd job considering his age and experience

    28. Ong Yu Xuan

      The dialog in this game is so interesting, more so than a lot of big games

    29. SimpForBraden


    30. Timic83tc

      Pushing that PS5 power

      1. Svarte Natt


    31. ra s al ghul

      The walking fish gives me Gyo PTSD

    32. murphyebass

      Thankfully a game finally worth buying a PS5 for!!!!!!

    33. Sapik Danse

      i would buy for my collection

    34. miguel angel maillo

      In two hours I can make a better game

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        Im gonna play thia and compare your

      2. Body guard of The ceo of memes


      3. Body guard of The ceo of memes


    35. HelpI'mRickRolling


    36. Clippygoat

      What’s a Nintendo eshop indie game bin doing in a PS5 console?

    37. Bboy Xynthos

      I don't think my PS5 would be able to run this game 😕

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        I wonder if you would even be able to make this game at age of 15 y.o.

    38. King Kunta

      So basically it a game that play similar to the Lost Vikings. Meh

    39. Martin Tedder

      This looks hilarious! Too bad it's made by a 15 year old....he's too young to handle this fame and fortune... I'd actually would love to see this confirmed...a name maybe?

      1. Martin Tedder

        @Ukko Ylijumala I was kidding...

      2. Ukko Ylijumala

        Being a (indie) game dev is based af, all the money without pretty much any of the fame. A literal dream to many. Of course implying that the game sells.

    40. cellano

      This was made by a 15 year old? Okay that's really cool. Hope you keep pursuing gaming and your skills grow. I'll have to check this game out. :)

    41. Umang Agarwal

      Deleted my comment....didnt know It was made by a 15 year old...kudos👍

    42. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

    43. Mickice

      PS5 showing its full RDNA 2.0 12TF of power here. Why not port Tokyo Jungle Sony???

    44. Vigi1antVort3x

      Game of the year easy

    45. Kommissar Rex

      Looks cool

    46. Seid82

      Escape From This Game Inc.

    47. its_Nightmaress

      Как можно было такое придумать?

    48. Hani Babavand


      1. dear sir dear you


    49. Pokemon Trainer Solar

      I'll buy this game just to support the kid who made it. I want them to be successful

      1. Martin Tedder

        Sure...but having your name known nowadays hardly means "being in the spotlight". If I was responsible for making this game I would at least want to have some proof somewhere so I could at least put it on my resume...

      2. Martin Tedder

        @PowerBurger I would think that your name defines more who you are than your age. You're not just some swedish kid, you are the guy who made this great looking game! This is something to be proud of and something you would like to put on your resume.

      3. Fattz the Panda

        @Martin Tedder Influencers have always been a thing, but so have aliases. Authors have put out books under pen names before, no different. Nothing wrong with not wanting the spotlight on your personal life.

      4. PowerBurger

        @Martin Tedder Well... Even if I gave my real name away, there's nothing on google that would prove my age. (Technically it's 16 now, but when I finished the game initially and released it on PC I was 15 so... yeah) I prefer to just go with a nickname, it's easier to remember/pronounce plus it separates my game dev stuff from my personal life. With that said I don't think there's any real "proof" I can give, unless you have any ideas?

      5. Martin Tedder

        @Pokemon Trainer Solar exactly my point. The game looks like fun, who cares what his age is. And in this age of influencers, this kid doesn't want people to know his name? I can't find it anywhere....on the publishers site it's just the same copy-pasted text....

    50. No other Like my own skin

      Can take Down Sony PS4 Online Services in October 2027?

    51. Anon

      I can't wait to play this on my nokia 2500.

      1. murphyebass

        Lol. Brilliant

    52. David Ogden

      Reminds me of this game on the Super Nintendo called Claymates. Cool concept.

      1. Logan P.

        And the lost vikings

    53. Light Glue

      I don’t know y I want this game

    54. Dylan Reyes

      This is made by a 15 year old and it simply looks amazing!! Give you my best of lucks to ya bro!

      1. Martin Tedder

        @Brandon Booth so that's a "no" then? And what's the obvious reason?

      2. Brandon Booth

        @Martin Tedder The kid does not have their real name out there for what seems like an obvious reason. They go by the moniker PowerBurger. From there I suggest you do your own research if you do not trust the Description provided by Playstation.

      3. Martin Tedder

        @Brandon Booth the name and confirmation? Amazing I read over that...

      4. Brandon Booth

        @Martin Tedder It's in the description of the video if you read it.

      5. Martin Tedder

        I'm trying to find the name of this this a confirmed fact?

    55. gabriel gaitan

      PS5 game? It wouldn't even be admitted on PSVita

    56. Jeremy

      With this tidal wave of trailers we've been getting, I'd say gaming is officially too massive for me to know where to start with it 😅

      1. Camaleon319x


      2. Josh deveaux

        Just pick a game most gamers haven't played 1/10 of what's on the market

    57. Evan

      you can swap souls in this game. That is so cool.

    58. IQ Zero

      Dear Sony. Is this the April Fools Joke?

    59. Andy Tjhin

      I will get it when its free 😶😶😶

    60. realtv101

      I wonder if it's running on the unreal engine 5😂

    61. Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham

      you pay $300 for your console and these are the type of games you get, WOW

      1. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        @Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham and u use emojis that means you young or depreased abused teenager what bullies eveeyone

      2. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        @Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham you gau

      3. Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham

        @Body guard of The ceo of memes dude look at your replies. you ggotta calm down😂. dont cry here, this ain't the place for babies to cry

      4. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        @Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham thats sad

      5. Body guard of The ceo of memes

        @Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham i think your are a fifa player

    62. Sinful Blinx

      You mean I bought Air Force ones for this ps5 and this is what I’m getting?

      1. Victor Cardenas

        It’s a game made by a 15 year old.

    63. Franco Oglialoro

      It seems like ultimate chicken horse

    64. Haziq Wan

      I was about to get mad why does this game exist. Then I read the description it was made by a 15 year old. Hope you grow successful and make great games in the future.

    65. Flippidy Smirk

      I’m sure this is a “JOKE” -me on April fools, get the joke

      1. kionashi

        Is a game made by a 15 years old boy, Im not kidding, is pretty impressive for a solo developer of his age.

    66. romeo angel

      Enough with java games we need gta 6

    67. Gee Bounce


    68. Larry The Cucumber


    69. Isometrius

      Simple pero mecánicamente entretenido

    70. Isometrius

      Simple pero mecánicamente entretenido

    71. Perpetual Ebb

      It was made by a 15 year old. Looks pretty sick for a 15 year old cut him a break guys

      1. Martin Tedder

        @Wacho I think it was meant as a compliment...

      2. Wacho

        really? the game is super clean and fluid, he has humor, he has no flaws, if he is 15 years old, he is a genius

      3. crazy fool

        I couldn't make a sandwich when i was 15.

      4. Martin Tedder

        It looks like a fun game, regardless of the age of the programmer. But do we have a name on this kid? Is it confirmed?

    72. Juanitocrack


    73. Saim Shaikh

      8th view

      1. dear sir dear you


    74. John Cambridge


    75. Hernández Velasco Alfonso Alfonso Hernández Velasco


    76. SegaSaturnSNK


    77. Hernández Velasco Alfonso Alfonso Hernández Velasco