For Honor - Playground Edition Trailer | PS4


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    For Honor is about to become a playground for warriors...literally. On April 1st, For Honor: Playground Edition will offer an alternatively take on the brutal fighting game. Toy soldiers, confetti, and more youthful effects will be available on the 1st only. Grab your favorite toys and hop into the playground!

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    1. Tuzak


    2. Hema Kiruthik

      For honor - this reminds me of Zuko

    3. S. Cho

      For Honor Chinese Version

    4. NYC_Goody

      Putting April fools in the thumbnail kinda defeats the purpose of April fools doesn't it?

    5. jordan alonso

      How do I invite friends on PlayStation, I try in game but the invite never gets sent apparently

    6. MyDogFulton

      People actually play this game?

    7. frostbyte

      The day I was away

    8. KAYSUNA

      I just bought this and my server is always NAT STRICT .

    9. Rain River

      Что за детский сад?

    10. Ricky Spanish

      Wow only heard about this on the 2nd and I can't even play it. Nice marketing Ubi

    11. 몬스터헌터라이즈가루크

      순간 플레이어언노운즈 배틀그라운즈(배틀그라운드)가 떠올랐음ㅋㅋ

    12. wash nunya

      I want this to be real, squeaky noises and everything.

    13. Games Reporter


    14. Floorwalker

      Has to be a joke

    15. TallulahSoie

      It will still trigger snowflakes

    16. Ninten70

      Warden's Friendship!

    17. Yuzu-kun

      sony hates his legacy

    18. Opulent Prophet

      This commentator though 😌

    19. Ray Ray

      Just bring back lightsabers and ill be happy

    20. Matthew Williams

      I hate it

    21. Railton da silva


    22. TheJedaiHero9000

      Hahaha, enjoyed watching this one.


      I was born on this day 🥳🎂

    24. Rafe Martinez

      This looks so stupid yet really fun


      I can’t wait for the year where the weapons use the characters as weapons. Just imagine a sword using a t-posing warden

    26. slashdragon

      I love when Ubisoft do crack head events like this😂

    27. Nicholas henrique

      THwikis KIDS VERSION

    28. Pt

      I can pretty much hear the sleepycabin crew screaming over this

    29. Sensei Senseix

      MK friendship in a nutshell

      1. Saad Nabil

        I say that already! 🤣

    30. Carcosa

      No player base in this game.

    31. unitary_trickle

      Add cross platform

    32. TheNickness

      I really hope this is an actual event in the game and not just an april fool cause I'm about to download the game back just for this lol

    33. Mike4real 024

      When you forget what day it is...

    34. Bushido Brown


    35. Acid


    36. Andrew Slajchert

      Awe you turn for Honor into cute!

    37. Cielo Esquisto

      Mm niños miren aquí....

    38. UltraGreenBanana57


    39. Saad Nabil

      Flawless Victory! Friendship... Friendship?

      1. SectionEight


    40. Majin

      If this is legit I'm totally down for it 😂.

    41. Tony Star

      Why u put April fools in the thumbnail? 🤣 It would have been fun if people fell for this.

      1. truecountry89

        Because people know it's April fool's day and anyone who plays for honor would of known what it was about. Its like the rabbids or the small heroes big weapons from last year

    42. Álvaro Castro Hernández

      This is not the game i bought jajaja

    43. Tucker Jarvis

      Can’t wait for zannys video

    44. Stray God


      1. Saad Nabil

        I know.

    45. X_NinjaV2_X


    46. Rotem Salvatori

      Welcome to the 9 years old playground lol

    47. phyrexianjudgement

      They do something for april fools every year

      1. Yandi •ᴗ•

        Yeah they do

    48. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,! Thank you!

    49. Dormamu


    50. Wackaz 2.0

      This game is finally not taking itself seriously.

      1. B.J. Roes

        🙃 are you doing a bit or do you really don’t know what day it is?

      2. mrsirlance gaming

        you must have not see there other april fools events

    51. Mindsaway

      Is it really in game or they made only an April Fools trailer?

      1. Mindsaway

        @Legoshifan115 yeah, I played on the previous April Fools days, but not today and I was curious if they really put this in game this year.

      2. Legoshifan115

        Its usually in game delirious played tue rabids april fools update they Did I think maybe two years ago i might be wrong

    52. Sex Offender Gaming

      Can we get proper matchmaking edition instead

    53. LionHeartXII

      Gotta admit i like the little army men type soldiers just kinda wiggling around.

    54. wind 369

      It.......its perfect

    55. MLG Alcatraz98

      Please tell me this is isn't an April Fool's prank video

    56. Prime

      I thought my old ps4 wasn’t rendering my weapons.

    57. true lies

      Ninja theory is cool

    58. papalaminga returns

      For honor is magic

    59. Camilo Rey

      For Honor - Rated [E] for Everyone

    60. Microondas Xd._

      Familiy Frendly Edition

      1. Mr. Snake

        Just for the lolz

    61. Baja95

      I forgot the song name

    62. Game kolik


    63. Kingu Yagi

      Can’t wait to get clapped on

    64. Balbo Vandall


    65. Abraham campos

      April Fools' Day

    66. Videogamepunky

      can I turn off these effects or do I just have to suffer today

      1. Videogamepunky

        @One Tomb one day out of 2 days that I get to use testing grounds I wouldn't mind too much but when I play I rely mostly on auditory signaling because of a disability so I wish I could turn it off, so I could play better

      2. One Tomb

        Bruh it’s one day, i’m sure you can survive

    67. Alcatraz 104

      0:10 "you can hurt somebody" No, he cant, same goes for shinobi

    68. Smoke Porter

      Wish they’d fix the game instead, but I guess that’d be the biggest April Fool’s



    70. ItsTheKris

      That's awesome

    71. JimmyJab

      Why would you say in the thumbnail that it's an April fool's trailer 🤦‍♂️ that defeats the point of an April fool's

    72. Lee


    73. Raw & Uncut

      0:30 sooo, is it possible to paint or write something on that freakin message board or not? Plz people let me know, thx and have a great day every1 ☺️

    74. Gary Rollinson


    75. Lazar Tesanovic

      I dont play this games, but ok, its nice

    76. Mateusz Haluszczak

      Can't wait for the zanny video

      1. André Caldeira

        Zann clann

      2. Lewis Davies

        Oh yeah it's gonna be sick

      3. Plant

        Yes it will be glorious

    77. Derek Ho 2013's

      From the team who bought you soul CALIBER

    78. DiabloDex

      Welcome, I want to play a game

    79. Djepsi

      You don't mention beforehand that it's an April fool's joke lol


        ultimate April Fools joke

    80. Daniel Bendel

      I would play that

    81. dhawankunalKd

      26th comment

      1. _- -

        27th. Not 26th.

    82. Doctor Anarchy

      Playstation is the best system.

      1. clown ّ

        @Doctor Anarchy imo xbox and PlayStation and pc and we'll imo every console is the best

      2. Julian Haro


      3. Doctor Anarchy

        @Revenant just saying? 🙄

      4. Revenant

        Ok ?....

    83. HusbandoAndWaifu

      Looks like a Fortnite commercial.

    84. _- -

      Saw a notification of a video being posted 4 seconds ago. Clicked, got disappointed after notifs lied and video actually got uploaded 5 minutes ago. Almost had a heart attack.

    85. JONA FF


    86. Efectrr

      FUNNY NOISE: childreeb

    87. Pepe_Alek


    88. Ashen Knight

      Rated E for everyone

      1. Saad Nabil


    89. teeveetimes


      1. Depressed Walking Spider-Man

        @teeveetimes ok. whatever i guess.

      2. teeveetimes

        @Depressed Walking Spider-Man dababy

      3. Depressed Walking Spider-Man


    90. _ Cherry

      I’m finna play it say less

    91. BAPE Cartz

      April fools!

    92. Ike Solomona

      This game would’ve been great if it wasn’t so toxic 😔

      1. D4rkRises

        @Depressed Walking Spider-Man if everybody is toxic the game isn't toxic lol

      2. Depressed Walking Spider-Man

        @King.schildren auto correct* did you mean yes?

      3. King.schildren

        @Depressed Walking Spider-Man no.

      4. Ethan Hayes

        @Mushini Well, there is the occasional light spammer, overly hyper armoured hero, and Gryphon. But those are things you can work around so yeah.

      5. Mushini

        Bruh at least here you lose because of your skill, not fps or hacks

    93. Will _

      B E A U tiful

    94. الاســدٰي


    95. outlaw on chicken nuggets


      1. ilcarnifex

        My life is a joke

    96. Nazekokoni sas game

      Looks like a comedy game lol

    97. ベディディアダム


    98. Cristopher Campoverde

      LOL so funny

    99. Chris.

      I dont play this game, but Nice.

      1. JD

        @Jushoa will definitely do

      2. Jushoa

        @JD well show them this

      3. JD

        @Depressed Walking Spider-Man my parents would like to " abide by the the rules of the PEGI system. "

      4. Depressed Walking Spider-Man

        @JD why you can't?

      5. JD

        Wish I could.

    100. Ash Roblox YT

      Wow very fun and funny Imao