Fortnite - April Crew Pack | PS5, PS4


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    The felinely fashionable Alli has entered the fray and joins the Fortnite Crew in April’s Pack. Learn more about the Fortnite Crew at
    Along with the Alli outfit, you get the April Crew Pack includes the Squee Back Bling, the Skellyfish Pickaxe, the Cat’s Paw Wrap, and the Catwalk Loading Screen.
    Joining the Fortnite Crew gets members everything below each month:
    Battle Pass Included for the full Season - As a member of the Fortnite Crew, you’ll always have access to the current season’s Battle Pass!
    1,000 V-Bucks Each Month - Fortnite Crew members will receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month. Spend it on your favorite Item Shop content!
    Get A Monthly Crew Pack! - Get an exclusive Fortnite Crew Pack, an always-new Outfit Bundle that only Fortnite Crew members get.
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    1. Carlos Calle

      Y para cuando el cambio de región para Latinoamérica

    2. Wizard Scramble

      go grab your mom credit card kids

    3. ahmed m.j


    4. Gx Xp

      عطو باند tpc_r

    5. green hood

      my account gone I need to change my PlayStation number

    6. fortnitegod246 simpson

      Hey PlayStation can i have my account back

    7. Toni Butcher

      Hey PlayStation add Friday night Funkin to PS5 so people will like PS5 more please PlayStation I would play PS5 more I promise.

      1. Jeffy Jeffy


    8. Brunoaraujoespin

    9. majed khalil

      Yes PlayStation we need uncharted 5 plz

    10. cancel disney plus

      Reboot and bring back Tiny Tank Up Your Arsenal!

    11. I am stronger

      Yo playstation we need a uncharted 5 plz answer me plzzzz

      1. Abdullah Alharbi

        They said uncharted 4 is the last one.

      2. EA8

        Yes @sony pleas

      3. Mahmoud Zybuxjdyfugyvi

        Yes please


        Yes please

      5. Singa Badihonspino


    12. Doberman

      Sony dont kill PS3!

    13. Juni

      ay paja

    14. AxelG _1234

      Can you add Friday night funkin to he PlayStation 4

      1. Mark feely



      i rather sniff a camel then play this trash

    16. Mindlestial FM


    17. Bryan King

      Fire Jim Ryan..he's incompetent.

    18. Maria Zuniga-Andrez

      Ps4 banned my brother for life no joke

      1. AADU PLAYZ!

        @encrypted Lol

      2. encrypted

        @AADU PLAYZ! difficulty rating of............9.5

      3. AADU PLAYZ!

        @encrypted Idk about him but I was banned cuz I was trying to stream Black Ops 1 from my pc

      4. encrypted

        he musta done something... maybe attempting to hack games?????

      5. Maria Zuniga-Andrez

        I feel bad for you guys

    19. VįDëö påRä Ståstus †

      No ps3 Não vai ter mais suporte ? Vamos perde os jogos de midia digital ? Não vamos pôde jogar on-line? Nem abaixar as atualizações?

      1. Dark posting

        Tacos of apples 👍

      2. encrypted

        RED DEVIL...what?

    20. VįDëö påRä Ståstus †

      No ps3 Não vai ter mais suporte ? Vamos perde os jogos de midia digital ? Não vamos pôde jogar on-line? Nem abaixar as atualizações?

    21. VįDëö påRä Ståstus †

      No ps3 Não vai ter mais suporte ? Vamos perde os jogos de midia digital ? Não vamos pôde jogar on-line? Nem abaixar as atualizações?

    22. charlie prichard

      Such a dogshit skin lol


      Eu quero um ps5 por favor sony

    24. Aron Marks

      Sony please don’t ban me I’m paying you ps plus I got suspended from pen for more than a week and my ps plus ran out cause I stoped paying cause of the suspension and today when I got it I started paying ps plus again so don’t also the man was well a man I’m a kid it didn’t hurt I’m his feelings and it was just one word

      1. Saad Nabil

        Aron, it's not just you, it's about me too!

      2. Saad Nabil

        @Press X to Start I'll press you!

      3. Press X to Start


    25. Berzan Baskın


    26. Jose Lopez

      🤮 fortnite

    27. DogeGaming64

      Whats with fortnite and cats

    28. G4B_Fuxy


    29. Nabil

      Who cares about this?

    30. LEWD Nightcore AMV'S

      Lynx is now older

    31. Blue Universe

      Sisu la dragón eres tu?😂🐉

    32. Sam Barrett

      Fortnite is just Weeb City

    33. Phantom Ale

      quien shusha es??

    34. colonel frogs


    35. ILLumanuid

      why is she thicc

      1. noobslayer 69

        She's really not

    36. PupinTheTurd III

      It's Doja kat

      1. Heather White Face

        I jjiu

    37. Riley Carter

      NSFW Artists: This *does* put a smile on my face

    38. Colonel timmy

      Please no not another lynx skin.

    39. Justin Fencsak

      Fix your servers

    40. Soulfishy

      April F👀ls 😭

    41. Adrian Catimbang

      How is this april fools?

    42. AL_Gamer_World


    43. DailyDonkey

      Anyone who bought this seriously needs to rethink there life choices

    44. Doctor Dubstep gaming

      this skin is the uglyest thing i have ever seen in fortnite along side belly bounce and springy and skeletrooper

      1. Ariana grande edxts


    45. Panos Biz

      The skin is trash

    46. PyroDraco

      Can't wait to see cosplays.. ;D

      1. Loudgamer2000 YT


      2. ProjectM3hh

        I can wait

    47. Idk Idk

      The best yet!

      1. NOLLIQ

        It's not That bad.

      2. ZOTERO

        @Doctor Dubstep gaming Hey Let people Have Their Opinions Okay Dont be Toxic

      3. Doctor Dubstep gaming

        are you tripin dog?

      4. ps gaming

        Tf is wrong whit u

    48. Beltrango07

      En mi opinion esta skin es una m

    49. LEVCO

      Well that’s another month skipped

    50. Random Hajile

      *Is this an in-season april fool's joke?*

      1. fake todd howard


      2. Ariana grande edxts

        I wish it was

      3. VyzionIsGoated

        Stonks man was

      4. Dead Face


    51. Mirio

      I love Fortnite

    52. JACK jcs


    53. FCubeBoy

      wait my grandad 3D printed that pickaxe

    54. MOnStRoUs SPeAr

      Worse one since galaxia🤢

    55. Alexx Blue

      Her hair is annoying

    56. Rave Music Bass

      Que bueno que juego apex y no esta b45urR4

    57. n00b


    58. mira11

      Hmm other than they adding crossover skins . There's really no other reason to play fortnite again. It's getting boring . The game is just a big ad now.

      1. mira11

        @ps gaming not a native English speaker. And i never actually learn english. English is like my fifth language. So.

      2. DailyDonkey

        @jonathan bruh

      3. jonathan

        there hasn’t been a cross over yet except the battle pass

      4. ps gaming

        Ur spelling sheesh

    59. Eco plays terraria


      1. TicTac_42

        @peepu Stolas :0

      2. peepu


    60. good man frosty

      Im gonna get it

    61. Gerald Broflovski

      Fortnite kid

    62. No other Like my own skin

      Can you reinstall all them? Online Services again with more download. From all Console Nintendo evening New ones. Can improve on all quality? Can you reopen Online Services for Sony PS3 on April 7, 2030? Can you reopen Online Services for Sony PS4 on April 28, 2030? Can you reopen Online Services for Sony PSP on May 2, 2030? Can you reopen Online Services for Sony PSVita on May 3, 2030? Can you Stop temporarily Online Services for Sony PS5 on during December 17, 2030 to May 21, 2030? Can you reopen Online Services for Sony PS5 on May 22, 2030?

    63. Alan Adrian

      The guy who has created Fortnite Crew really needs to be fired

      1. Smooth _ND

        100% agree

    64. Saksham Rao

      Epic games should do a funeral for fortnite

      1. DailyDonkey


      2. peepu


    65. karlangas

      What type of comment section is this lol

    66. Adrian C. Black

      F£&k Fortnite very much

    67. King_404 Gamer


    68. adrian munoz

      So your selling the season 7 battle pass skin

      1. ps gaming

        Its a rip off

    69. TheRave16

      April fools

    70. Go Fasterhhh6

      Ta piola la skin la verdad 👍👍

    71. Edward Escalante

      What's with these cat/fish fetishes in fortnite? 😑

    72. YFN Dorsey

      APRIL FOOLS!!!!

      1. Lolmomment 123

        @Yabbie 24 same

      2. Yabbie 24

        I wish

      3. ZOTERO


    73. 3ND3RM4N _777

      Why she has a tail in the loading screen

      1. 3ND3RM4N _777

        @ZOTERO yeah thats what i thought. Did they do something similar before ?

      2. ZOTERO

        @ps gaming I Think that in 16.20 update they are gonna give her a Edit Style that She Cuts the Long Hair and a Tail

      3. ps gaming

        @HunterMZx23 xd

      4. HunterMZx23

        Guess when they were copying the lynx skin they forgot to remove it

    74. Cosme Franco

      Thanks playstation to take off my acaunt 😞

      1. Ahmed Al-majrafi

        You are welcome

    75. torna gabi

      She kinda thicc tho

      1. ps gaming

        @Raven same whit yall weebs

      2. TicTac_42

        @ps gaming but it is targeted towards kids

      3. ps gaming

        @Kingsrette13I its rated T for teen

      4. Kingsrette13I

        This is a kid game c'mon !!!

      5. Raven

        Y’all calling everything thicc smh

    76. HEILEL

      Clube Secreto é um canal de jogos

    77. HEILEL

      Clube Secreto é um canal de jogos

    78. fort blox

      I love the shotgun grip and reloads, so nice and satisfying

    79. cristian lamperouge

      Transexual xd

    80. James Model


    81. Julius der Mensch

      April fool?

      1. ps gaming

        @ZOTERO ur the one that stalks me

      2. ZOTERO

        @ps gaming Why Are You Stalking me

      3. ps gaming

        I wish

      4. ZOTERO


    82. cliff krahenbill

      Risen and repeat is of these skins now days.

    83. Conner Ashwood

      This skin is a joke

      1. Conner Ashwood

        @Legion Susie agreed

      2. Conner Ashwood

        @ZOTERO yes

      3. Legion Susie

        Just like the game.

      4. ZOTERO


    84. Realjqa

      Didn’t get vbucks

      1. ZOTERO

        You Get V Bucks The Day You Crew Membership Expires

    85. Kyralnos Vik

      Thights. Tights 4 days.

      1. Bamster

        @Kyralnos Vik seek help

      2. Kyralnos Vik

        @IllusionFoxSaysYes and THAT I count as a whole year

      3. Michael Jordan

        virgin type beat

      4. IllusionFoxSays

        You haven't seen Chun-Li?

    86. wEeGeE bRo

      She seems related to lynx

      1. Astro playstation

        @Anna West hmmmm kinda sus what do you mean sick

      2. Anna West

        She is lynx sister. I did my research. And this skin is sick.☺️

      3. NotFantasticWaffles

        I think that in a blog post from epic they said that she was Lynx’s sister

      4. Ultra Honk

        Thia man is on to somthing

    87. Cipher

      Fortnite bad lol

      1. peepu


    88. Frog L.


    89. Rictheanon ymouser

      missing my vbucks from this months pack!

      1. Brandon Reeves


      2. DailyDonkey

        Yall down bad for actually buying this 😂

      3. RLSM WolVez

        Ye its says mines april 12 next billing date

      4. H S

        Does it say what day ull be charged next? Thats when the vbucks come

      5. Christopher Jaimes

        Once it charges your card that’s when you get it

    90. ryzerr

      Let’s go

      1. ps gaming

        @C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R how about u stfu. Imagine telling someone stfu while there happy

      2. C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R

        Stfu kid

      3. Mako Nii

        DaBaby sus

    91. luis Gerardo Barrón Flores

      Ya la compre paaaa

    92. frzy

      Apex is much better.......dont attack me fortnite kids 💀

      1. Doctor Dubstep gaming

        in my personal opation i'd say black out and war zone are the best br games

      2. frzy

        @AyB lmafo

      3. AyB

        Forgot Apex even existed.

      4. Cybuur

        I barely play Fortnite anymore but it is definitely better than Apex leggings

      5. Shishant Biswas

        I agree 👍🏻

    93. SINIZER

      Worst pack ever

    94. johnny

      i think this is worse than the green arrow one...

    95. Marc Esteban

      Surely no joke

    96. Paulo PS Brasil

      Nunca joguei Fortnite mais essa skin curti emmm.

      1. Alexander Karp


    97. ᴀ x ᴏ ʟ ᴏ ᴛ ʟ


      1. peepu


    98. sengiko

      This skin is horrible

    99. Balbo Vandall


    100. Jayspeakable