Kill It With Fire - Release Date Announcement Trailer | PS4


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    Kill It With Fire, a spider hunting comedy launching on PS4 March 4th

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    1. Zikari SG

      Played on PC, that was a fun couple of hours!

    2. Smart Beans

      gr8 game

    3. چوپان دریملند

      Is offline😱😍

    4. Hall.p

      *couldn’t they just create an external cd drive with a built in emulator for ps1,2 & 3? Would that be so impossible?*

    5. Gieal cmso

      Stop the Bug abuse! They have lives too

    6. Exequiel Calderon

      Y juegos para ps5 cuando?

    7. erik rutkowski

      It’s like doom slayers every day routine “Pest control”

    8. No name G

      My fear of spiders won’t let me come near this game 😭

      1. ÃPÄŞ FĄŤËŁ

        IS JUST A GAME

    9. Fandy Tamara

      This is worthy of $60 price tag.

    10. FoxArrowOwl

      This is Goat Simulator Bro Force level of awesome

    11. Christopher Harte

      I bet there will be a PSVR mode soon!!

    12. SuperDexterMurphy

      This would be nice in VR.

    13. Mouse from Kitty

      Why isnt it on ps5

    14. Tomas Vanitas

      Oh, yeah, we're out of buffalo and wolves, so let's have fun killing useful insects.

    15. Bamban Gamer

      Would love for these wacky games to get a physical release

    16. Doge 420

      But for real Don't kill all spider irl plz They are your house's guardians

    17. Reda Sahraoui

      Australia Simulator

    18. DJ Shark

      Is their going to be a ps5 version of this game please answer PlayStation

    19. msta gyan

      Pleas add for free

    20. Fer El Kaonashi

      Australia Adventures The Videogame

    21. Ali Alajmi

      That's March 4th for who doesn't live in the US

    22. SirRaptor

      Now this is my kind of game. What can I kill with a whipper snipper?? 🤣🤣🤣

    23. MarK

      This game free?

    24. Zxz Zz

      Looks like a moblie game lol

    25. SeriousCereal 43

      Lool its coming out on my birthday what a great present!

    26. Streampro Official

      0:09 wait what a flare gun ? Where is my drop 😂

    27. fransuke12


    28. Boss Ross

      Watched Dashie play this. Looks cool.

    29. Bog Pepper

      How much will this cost

    30. Bog Pepper

      I quite like this

    31. Frontier

      Pest Control: The Game.

    32. MMN Legend

      I saw call me Kevin play this I want this game now

    33. Saad Nabil

      Not bad.

    34. cooldude1408

      Finally, next version of bug smasher!

    35. Cris Luna Verellen

      Whoa, its releasing on the day of my birthday

    36. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    37. jimmi høvring

      Zombie spiders?? I am IN!!!!

    38. Ariel Malsi Real

      "Kill It! Kill It! Kill It With Fire!" ~ The Guy Who Has Arachnophobia

      1. reefchiefer

        Jeff Daniels

    39. Ariel Malsi Real

      Kill It With Fire = Memes

    40. Roy Paul

      Everyone please watch eight legged freaks

    41. Chorollo Lucifer

      Sounds fun

    42. Daniel Suzuki

      This looks gross and satisfying at the same time.

    43. Joshua Mohlman

      Average day in Australia

    44. Yusep Saeful Rahmat

      I mean freefire :v

    45. Ibra Leo FC

      I remembered MARKIPLIER with those words

    46. dj boii

      the joke has got his own game *pog moment*

    47. Dragon Del Sur

      Aracnofobia: the game

    48. Sans The Skeleton

      *Happy Pyro Noise*

    49. IncognitaEX

      Very educational

    50. Antonio Oliveira

      PS1 GAME

    51. Pwent

      please. for the love of EVERYTHING...change back your PS Store. the new one is absolutely atrocious.

    52. dangu

      Alot of ppl seem to want this but it honestly doesnt look fun to me

    53. Prince Groove

      Dope Minecraft DLC!


      Finally a video game about everyday life in australia!

    55. Q I R M I

      it better have a variety of spiders. i have kiiled may sorts of bugs in my days. but the giant african tarantula and black widow 😨*gulp*

    56. L C

      2 player? Yes? No? Please?

    57. Bendy Demon

      Give Yandex money back!!

    58. Albor Akka

      I will buy it

    59. TriploPlay BR

      GOTY 😎👍

    60. TheDLZ72

      Really it's 2021 & this is the low budget game that's coming soon ?! Give me a break , games like this are releasing & you're still trying to get us to upgrade to the newest console ? I'm pretty sure that my ol' PS2 would play that game . 👎👎

      1. TheDLZ72

        @فهد الدوسري How many more games do you think will come out for the PS4 with the PS5 being out now ? I just can't believe that there are dev's making such shotty looking games. Kill it with fire's graphics looks like something I use to play on the commodore 64 but this isn't the 1980's anymore....

      2. فهد الدوسري

        Wow, it's as if releasing one game would stop all other games from being released on the PS4. Forgot to mention, this whole game is made by one guy, not every game has an absurd budget and hundreds of workers.

    61. PureIsEpic

      Tinybuild can do all these games on ps4, but for some reason can't get secret neighbor on it. Anyone know why?

      1. Justin

        Likely because it's timed exclusive to Xbox for a period of time

    62. Ben Tennyson

      Wow I'm boycotting this developer simply because I have tarantulas, I'm disgusted tbh.

    63. Nathan H

      @PlayStation can you please remove this from your store? It's animal cruelty.

    64. Diogo Eliseu

      SONY server Down ? Error: ws-37505-0 ps4

    65. Derek Ho 2013's

      From the guy who bought you 007

    66. Brandon

      Calling everyone with OCD 🤣

    67. João Rodrigues

      You know when a console is coming to an end..

    68. PlebNC

      For those curious, there's a demo for it on Steam.

      1. Jackie - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ

        Don’t forget to send a letter.

    69. Raf

      I love the premise but I don't like the art style :/

    70. Willy Miranda

      I’ve been wanting to play this when I saw Coryxkenshin play 😺

    71. JGreer17

      Forget killing spiders. Destroy the scenery and surrounding area!

    72. flat_foot

      Spiders have feelings too

    73. Macyle

      As a guy who has a soft spot for spiders and befriend a couple of Jumping spiders, This is one game that'll be extremely hard for me to play hahaha

    74. OneBagTravel

      I bet there will be a "Nuke it from orbit" kill streak in this game.

    75. StardustSynchron


    76. SoNGY 8

      Vr support?

      1. فهد الدوسري

        Sadly no

    77. Angry player

      Yes, a wise man always uses an RPG to strike his foes

    78. kwesi obeng

      I saw this game of corykenshins channel

    79. Skelter

      this looks like a mobile phone game... and how is this not on VR?!?

    80. LouisGalaxoz

      Imagine while playing this, a real spider crawling on your body 😨😱

      1. Ben Tennyson

        I'll get my Theraphosa stirmi for you then.

    81. andrea severino

      What is that ? !

    82. MR EAGLE Gaming

      Is it free ?

    83. (edited)

      This is the most reddit game I've seen

    84. Terminus 21

      ummmm YES

    85. Kathrin Silvia R


    86. Itsridwaaan

      Yo im glad my neighbourhood love spiders. They cleaned our house from those pest. So this game is not a thing for me

      1. reefchiefer

        No one knows what anyone is talking about, this is hilarious

      2. Itsridwaaan

        @Jethro Hayseed is that a thing for you?

      3. Jethro Hayseed

        What dude? Do you have a Patreon or Kickstarter for your moving fund?

      4. Ben Tennyson

        I have 39 tarantulas in my house, so I'm actually horrified at the thought of this fear mongering piece of trash game.

    87. Guilherme Cardoso

      This is probably the best aim practice tool ever XD

    88. Kamyle 83

      best game against phobix.. thx peeps

    89. slashdragon

      Just use Death Star, you would do all you tasks in one move

    90. Left the Game

      This game should be free, because in steam is free

      1. فهد الدوسري

        The demo is free, full game costs $15

    91. Fox456

      Please planet zoo to ps4

    92. Star fox MCPU

      S’il vous plaît cliquez sur un bouton d’abonnement, mes frères, et demander quoi que ce soit.

    93. Star fox MCPU

      نتوما فارغين شغل هاذيك لعبة تهدر عليها ناس خادمة كي لباتنجال

    94. William Hayes

      Who’s here to see Coryxkenshin play this already?

    95. TheSoldierOfGames

      Where’s H20 Delirious when you need him to kill those spiders with fire

    96. Altura Gamerz Gaming

      When will among us come on PlayStation?

      1. Sonic Man Child


    97. GamesPS

      Okaaay... this exist.

    98. MicroCookie

      This should be on psvr. If this was in vr I would find this the best psvr game(my opinion)

    99. Jack Plisken


    100. ÃPÄŞ FĄŤËŁ