Maneater - DLC Announcement Teaser | PS5, PS4


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    Check out the DLC announcement for Maneater.

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    1. Dim The Mighty

      I got my platinum on accident thinking i just try 100% the map XD

    2. Nikolas Cecil

      How long is DLC?

    3. Mr.Fox

      Here's hoping it's free.

    4. Zeet Yeet

      Yes I can’t wait to get sharkzila and spray down those pesky humans with LAZERZ

    5. Jack the Omnithere

      Thegamingbeaver will be very happy to see this.

    6. Rouge Raccoon

      So I guess our shark survived the explosion and we're gonna continue our rampage in a secret facility

    7. Bryan labrie

      man-eater is amazing, Sony is trash

    8. Ohitskj

      Wait so...only ps4 and ps5?

    9. Connor Jones

      Does this mean we'll get to see the research station that we can see past the eastern edge of the world map?

    10. Paul Eras


    11. Lacourse Knight

      So happy they decided to do more. I 💯 the game and wanted more!

    12. Davin Golden

      Will there be a game play trailer

    13. Zikari SG

      Sure! Bring it on, lets fight aliens as a shark!

    14. Lonit

      was free on ps+ so time to roll out the dlc...

    15. AlwaysAwesome353

      Sounds like Jerry? Just imagine "Pluto is a planet'

    16. Jay-Tee

      My Pokeballs are clean & ready

    17. Елена Агапова

      Among us on ps4

    18. Godzilla

      Previously on Maneater....

    19. Liz Kiconco

      Yes I love it

    20. Chris Bolden

      So happy with Tripwire I hope they keep the future for maneater going Very fun game

    21. Melissa Burley

      Has no one noticed the shark with the laser looks like a hammerhead ..??

    22. uzi 123

      Yes here we go again 👏😁

    23. Pepe Silvia

      Shut up Jerry!

    24. Team Burning Attack 96

      We need online Maneater.

    25. Hans Alanson

      The thumbnail implies new possibly playable shark species that has evolutionary traits different than the ones our Bull Shark got so far

    26. Snow Puddle

      baker = no buy

    27. Syndrome

      My wallet after seeing this 😳

    28. dave baggerman

      Finally ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    29. Semper Flex94

      We need Megalodon!

    30. David Japri

      where is RT update of this game??

    31. Cool Vibes

      Sharks, with lazer beams???!

    32. Vile Vanguard

      Wait is this not coming to Xbox?

    33. Samuel Schoonover

      this is awesome

    34. Fresh !

      Kinda sad I didn’t download this game when it was free for Ps Plus

    35. Akash Vishal

      Isn't it coming for pc

    36. Jankyy Zay

      New Sharks???

    37. Oliver Huser


    38. THE DREAM

      Jaws Unleashed still better

    39. Naive Daysダニエル

      Love chris Parnell's voice

    40. Icame Towatch


    41. Aquace

      Looks like my shark is going monster hunting

    42. Fake Lake

      Who asked for this 🤣

    43. Thomas S.

      Great game, it looks great on PS 5

    44. chrispy fried chicken

      I just looked up more information and found out that the shark will also grow up to level 40, becoming the size of a megalodon which is what I've always wanted in this game

      1. FillerBunny NinjaShark

        The ps4 already has an issue handling this game, I can't wait😆

    45. Faze_duke yt

      Finally I loved the game and I was waiting for a dlc

    46. Karadenizli Gamer

      we are still hungry huh 😀😀

    47. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

    48. callum gorrie

      Will this dlc be available for the switch version of the maneater game?

    49. Brad Painter

      It's been like a year and I still can't believe this game exists.

    50. Alex Sanchez

      Love this game ❤️ 🦈

    51. CO5 N. Longmont

      Anyone know when is going to be released for the Xbox One

      1. CO5 N. Longmont

        @Ok then I checked all the sources and information on that and it turns out slowly available for both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles I just don't know when it will be available for download that's all

      2. Ok then

        I think its a ps exclusive

    52. Eat My Gaming Shorts

      Is this better than Cyberpunk 2077?

      1. Pablo Gomes Oliveira

        Everything is better than cyberpunk 2077

    53. Andres Arce

      Just notice the voice is Jerry from rick and morty

    54. M.FAKHRI.R 7

      Helicopter really

      1. Pablo Gomes Oliveira

        Also we didn’t see gameplay YET so they might put them ( the helicopters ) just for the trailer

      2. Pablo Gomes Oliveira

        I kinda like the idea

    55. Lvnxtico Pr

      We need a bigger mutation for the megalodon and dats fax💯💯💯

    56. animelover 777

      Is this going to be available for us Xbox and pc owners cuz I have man eater on the Xbox one so no offense Playstation but this isn't fair for the rest of us gamers 🙄😒😐😑🤦‍♂️ T-T :( and also I've beaten the game a while back and I absolutely loved it

    57. John Laser

      Is that Chris Parnell?

    58. Davide Davini

      I cannot wait for this!

    59. Gam3r Tim3

      If I get this for PS4 I hope it carries over to PS5.

    60. Lucas Vidal

      Easiest platinum I've ever gotten, plus it's actually funny and super enjoyable! I'm looking forward to growing more and new powersets. Can't believe I got this for (sorta) free on PS+.

    61. Darkshadow

      The guy sounds like Jerry from Rick and Morty.

    62. Edward Escalante

      "Captain Qwwaaaaaaaaarrkkkk!" - 🤡

    63. Pestor

      Is that jerry from Rick and morty?

      1. Pablo Gomes Oliveira


    64. Grant Gomes

      All I can hear is Rick and Morty

    65. Boss Ross

      Definitely buying this.

    66. De'Rico Turner

      Illuminati Confirmed

    67. Jory Fontenot

      Shut up Jerry

    68. LfleX


    69. Nicholas Hall

      I still have this game ! its a fun little game and im glad they are making new content, thats awesome :))

    70. Alex J5

      Bruh this is a joke because april fools😒😒😒😒😒😒

      1. Pablo Gomes Oliveira

        They said that in a livestream

      2. Pablo Gomes Oliveira

        They said that this is legit

    71. Yogs zz

      Who’s the voice over actor I know the voice, but can’t picture them

    72. Gundam_NeonOmen

      Shut up Figgis

    73. aleX


    74. Refaan Alqahtani


    75. lightsarelow


    76. BlackRockPhantom

      why does the voice actor for this trailer sound so familiar

      1. H:ZDWatcher

        The narrator is Chris Parnell, the voice of Jerry from Rick and Morty.

    77. Ben Reilly

      Planet Sharks, Sky Sharks and Sharknado dlc to come.

    78. Crywarfare

      ill 100000% buy this dlc this game was so fun and i spend so much time to play through

    79. Camido

      Can cool games come in ps+?

    80. Abiodun Adeniran

      modnation racers

    81. Mustafa Helvaci

      De ki ne anladın? Hiçbir şey anlamadım

    82. Belkacem Seffari

      Thats the kind of games we need .. Ps2 era like

    83. Eris Morn

      The pyramid with the truth written in it, are they telling people they are part of the satanic cabal free masons.

    84. Madden Stewart

      *glances over from playing subnautica*

    85. true lies

      Ninja theory is cool

    86. - TheETgamer

      Finally just what my shark game needed lasers.

    87. PRchris13

      Trailer: guy with conspiracy theory and a enemy hiding it Me: im a shark and imma shoot lasers out of my head

    88. mr chew

      Absolutely loved this game. Basically got the platinum on accident because I just wanted to do and collect everything. Super excited for the dlc and props to the devs for not making a game that felt incomplete without dlc. Will definitely be purchasing and keeping an eye on the studios future works.

    89. Boxer Chester

      i cannot wait to get back into this game man especially on PS5 now

    90. Max Castle

      I like how this satirises Qanon

      1. The Allfather

        Not only Qanon, like... Conspiracy in general

    91. Michael McCann

      When they say evolution they aren’t kidding. The shark goes from normal shark to kaiju level shark.

      1. ThatZenoGuy

        Eh, 40 feet long is the scaling continues how it did in the base game. Not 'that' large.

    92. Gabriele Boesmi

      There is a mosasaur on the cover of the video

    93. капітан кварк

      Comandor 64

    94. DowgFish

      Now the long wait till summer

    95. Iris Adrian

      work with Nintendo

    96. Marcus Cheong

      Make a new PlayStation Handheld, Sony. Stop with the proprietary memory cards, market the handheld better and support the handheld with a large library of games. Also, don't shut down the PS3, PSP and PS Vita store if you don't even have complete backwards compatibility on your current gen console.

    97. Along Khai

      Hopefully the development team make another game like this. This time it about an alligator. It gonna be better since the animal can attack on land and stalking prey silently in water.

    98. Johanna Laughrey

      Can’t wait!!

    99. fake todd howard

      Such a great game

    100. Medo Gamer

      1:00 hey this is like hitman