MLB The Show 21 - Your Questions Answered on Ballplayer | PS5, PS4


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    Coach & Ramone are here to answer questions about your Ball Player and his Road To The Show. Don't miss this week's Feature Premiere, Thursday at 3 PM (PT)!

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    1. 鬼島居民

      WAIT PC 8K 60FPS

    2. Luis Gonzalez


    3. Bryan King

      WAKE UP SONY!!!

    4. I Wouldn't Like Me Either

      Boycott MLB and this game

    5. Captain Future

      I sense annoyance.. what do you expect?

    6. Dodgers Fan

      Bring Cyberpunk back on to the store and take MLB 21 off the store, because it is a bigger disaster than Cyberpunk ever was.


        cry baby

    7. sym

      fire jim ryan. i want to play ps1/2 games

    8. Gaming Fun

      Can't wait to try this out on xbox gamepass.

    9. Yariensy Rodriguez


    10. Mehmet Ali Çelebi

      Give us back the godzilla game!

    11. KubaBooba

      Question: Who's excited to be playing this on game pass rather than spending $70?

      1. Real Gamer


    12. Doberman

      Sony don't kill PS3!!

    13. Sebastian Jimenez

      Remove Jim Ryan.

    14. Tw3lil

      PlayStation plz fix that PlayStation 4 players can play with PlayStation 5 controller

    15. Dodgers Fan

      I've been an MLB The Show fan for many years. This year, I cancelled my preorder and I suggest other Playstation fans of MLB The Show do the same. Let Sony cancel their contract with MLB, so San Diego Studios can make other games other than The Show. Let MLB find another studio to make MLB The Show from the ground up.


        Wa wa wa wa 😭

    16. No other Like my own skin

      For Sony Can you have like a visual store? That you walk your avatar to buy things. Like Home application for the PS3. Can it be in development for the PlayStation store Platformers? July 2028

    17. jonatas almeida

      Bleach Soul Ressurrection pra PS4

    18. pacheco- pacheco

      splatoon and friday night funkin ps4 and ps5 with rtx

    19. Asd Bsjs


    20. LegacyRXT

      angry ponies


      gamepass master race

    22. Ryan Carlos

      Playstation Por que vocês não faz um jogo para o PlayStation 5 o Batman do futuro

      1. I Wouldn't Like Me Either


    23. Parham_ Z

      u fools PS Users will be leaving :|

    24. Gamer Bamban

      My question is why are PlayStation fans being greatly screwed over after supporting this series for almost 15 years!?

      1. Real Gamer

        @Gamer Bamban its on sony if they want to put it on a service

      2. Gamer Bamban

        @MATRIX Huh you would think the mlb would show appreciation for the PlayStation fans that have supported them for almost 15 years straight (mlb get 50% of every copy sold due to it being their license) or Sony for creating one of the highest quality sports title in the entire gaming industry for over a decade, just to be tossed aside after being forced to accept a horrible contract now this you are right Sony needs to move away from them let 2k or EA have that license

      3. MATRIX

        MBL is doing the publishing of the game on Xbox, Sony probably didn't expect this major blow. I'm not sure is even worth for them maintaning the license anymore.

    25. pedroca 1709

      Mano resolve o problema do ps4 da bateria dentro do vídeo game se não todos os ps4 vão parar de funcionar

    26. Andrea Rossi

      ps5 to scalpers, no ps5 stocks, 70€ for a game, no backward compatibility, Japan Studio shut down, ps3 and ps vita stores shut down. Time to get an xbox. And I cannot care less about MLB, especially when they get into politics.

      1. LegacyRXT

        we will welcome you

    27. shaq shaq

      Very nice...

    28. Faz Zone

      Sorry Sony but i play this on XBOX Gamepass...

    29. N3M3S1S 75

      Feeling like I’ve backed the wrong horse in this race atm, hope Sony does something to change my mind

      1. LegacyRXT

        buy an xbox

    30. Santiago Farias

      Hola señores de playstation no se si ustedes sacaran una nueva portatil o no porque a mi si me gustaria que sacaran una nueva portatil

    31. Rexov

      Pls beamng drive on ps4 and ps5 pls

    32. b1ngo

      its all "Play has no limits" until you cant even get a console.

    33. Alfie Clark

      Stil no rust

    34. Alfie Clark

      How can we change PlayStation store money

    35. Sexy Gemini Man

      LOL All these negative comments over a baseball game that most Xbots not gonna play..even for $1?? LOL Smdh 🤷🏾‍♂️ And yet PS5 is still out selling XboxSS and XboxSX 2-1??? Smdh 🤔 lol

      1. Sexy Gemini Man

        @MrHalo4able Oh yeah i've done my homework, unlike you Xtwots. lol

      2. MrHalo4able

        If they are doing so well, why are they charging their userbase 70 dollars ? Treating their userbase like udders to be milked and you are shilling for them.

      3. Sexy Gemini Man

        @INFERNO SPECTRE Keep crying about what??..Xbots been crying since last generation. lol sooo 🤷🏾‍♂️


        Lol keep crying

    36. YSO - SERIOUS

      I thought PS fans are anti-day one exclusives on subscription services. Aren't you guys willing to pay $70 because you wanted to support the gaming companies and own the game? Why are you complaining now and asking Sony to give you MLB the Show for free on PS+ and PSNow?

      1. YSO - SERIOUS

        @Gamer Bamban I've been on PS forums because I also have a PS consoles as well. This is the argument that PS fans always use when someone argues that Gamepass is better than PS+ and PSNow.

      2. Gamer Bamban

        It wasn't PlayStation fans that were against exclusives being put in PS Now day one it was Jim Ryan himself that stated putting exclusives on subscription services was not sustainable since they took millions to make so doing so was not feasible for them

    37. Søulzzz

      can you please tell me how to jailbreak a ps3 with a usb, no pc either just a usb and a ps3

    38. IQ Zero

      Play has no limits. No Cyberpunkrefund today too. No Pso2. Then this example here, and no Ps5 for 500eu Stock. Sigh.... I bought a Xbox Series S for Pso2. It makes really fun.

    39. Paiwand Bahaden

      i want dreamworks battle royal please😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😞😞😞😞😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺

    40. Heaven Crasher

      That Gamepass and Xbox are starting to look mighty enticing right about now. Sony is going to be the new Sega. Nintendo has been working with the West to undermine Japan for 30+ years.

    41. fake todd howard


    42. Stahl Seuche

      I've got popcorn popping everyone, it's gonna be an entertaining comment section! 🍿

    43. ChoZinOne 86

      If all you people just came here to hate on PlayStation, then maybe you should take your hate somewhere else

    44. gaming with lukas and more

      I will sub if you ad roblox to the normal ps4

    45. Roy Fokker

      I love you Phill Spencer 😍

    46. Griffgames

      Game Pass isn't free. For all the people saying, "They get it for free!"

      1. geek - head188

        Isn’t basically free bruh

      2. Grimlock Rex

        It still considered free for those that already own gamepass....they’re not paying any additional fee.


        @fake todd howard 10 dollars

      4. fake todd howard

        It's 15 dollars Still way better than 70 dollare 🤣🤣🤣

    47. pezjme

      Let's see. Should I get this for my ps4, or play it for free on my Xbox SS.

      1. Martin T

        Plus you get stadium creator and better performance 😂

    48. M3kishiku

      When is valorant coming

    49. Saad Nabil

      Nothing new for PlayStation? But MLB21 is gonna be on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    50. The Shadow

      They brave for turning on the comments 💀😭

    51. Даниил Редфилд

      Play has no limits... Until sony shut downs ps3 shop and 2000+ digital-only games will be unavailable for purchase...

      1. Даниил Редфилд

        @Felipe Horvath facepalm

      2. Felipe Horvath

        Use an emulator on pc and the problem is solved.

    52. DynaMike

      Wake the F*CK up Sony! Microsoft is straight up bullying you guys at this point. In the long-term you'll lose if you keep doing this silent thing. Fans are getting bored! And I am not paying € 90 for Returnal Deluxe Edition. 🖕🏻

      1. Brendan Chwascinski

        His down to mlb it’s your boss

    53. Cumulus Gaming

      Sony doesn't have the money to compete with Microsoft. Playstation will no longer exist in five to seven years. Watch them start selling off their studios in a few years. I suggest that you stop buying third party games on Playstation, because when they are gone, your games will be gone along with it.


        @Darkseid the pony smasher

      2. Darkseid

        @INFERNO SPECTRE PlayStation X or X station


        @Darkseid Microsoft will buy then when ps6 fails

      4. Darkseid

        @INFERNO SPECTRE maybe the ps5 is there last


        Ps6 will be the last console lol

    54. Pankaj Kumar

      do we need playstation plus subscription to play online with friendsor is it free to play

      1. Tommy Russo

        Yes, you need Playstation Plus.


      Remove Jim Ryan as Ceo of PlayStation

    56. SouL

      Sorry sony, you have to react to this game being dropped day and date on gamepass. Sony only consumers feel fooled, and treated like second class while xbox players get a sony developed game on gamepass. I know it's being published by MLB, but the only appropriate way is to react to this, letting consumers know that sony is still the best place to play sony games. Ps. Don't let that happen anymore

    57. Zalan afg

      The verify code is not coming on my phone

    58. Zalan afg

      I need help in my 2 step verification

    59. Nai Somar

      Glad I got game pass

    60. venom 2009

      I want a shadow of webs remake whos with me

    61. Jesús

      Oh man this all seems like an awful April fools joke gone wrong 😂😂 could you imagine if it it actually was? Lol. The level of disrespect with what’s happening with this game is just wild.

    62. Amanda Pemberton

      Shame on MLB for doing this shady deal with Xbox

      1. Real Gamer

        How is it shady lol Sony can easily do a deal too but knows the loyalists will pay


        its sony who decided to charge 70 for all there games and you dumb ponys who celebrated it

      3. geek - head188

        Stop being dumb

    63. yxbi

      ضيفوني كلكم 😘😘😘😍😍🥰

    64. Turd Ferguson

      Getting this on Game Pass 👍

    65. Live2pl4y

      Ps fans don't buy their games anyway so why the hate?


        @Mega2000 he's not

      2. Live2pl4y

        @Mega2000 i see the sales. Nothing special

      3. Mega2000

        Why u lie?

    66. Shane C

      Wake up Sony do something. I hate xb and its fans

      1. Trophy Gamer

        Get over it and don't whine.

    67. Xesus Villa

      A Game from Sony Studios, 80$ for PS5, 1$ for Xbox Series S/X. Thank You Jim Ryan. Jim Ryan a.k.a the Don Mattrick of Sony PlayStation.

      1. U. Aziz

        @Trophy Gamer says the whiner. Come back and say something stupid 🥴🤣💀

      2. Trophy Gamer

        Nobody cares about your whining.

    68. l NEKO FOREVER l

      Vengo por los comentarios están que arden 🔥

    69. Wieniet3

      Get this game for free to play. And what is ps smoking getting ps3 store removed? If they put sony game on x trash box , but use micro$ofts surfers.

      1. LegacyRXT

        youre kinda pathetic

    70. cancel disney plus

      Hey Sony stop sitting on the rights for Tiny Tank Up Your Arsenal and make another game! He is literally the deadpool of 90s mascots!

    71. Spirit Level

      So much salt from the Sony fanbois in here hahaha. Can't we all just love games no matter what platform it's on?

      1. Trophy Gamer

        @Mega2000 No, Fanboy.

      2. Mega2000

        @Trophy Gamer ""No, Fanboy."" Like who are you!?

      3. Mega2000

        Get out

    72. AJR 9946

      Bring back the bigs

    73. Enclave


    74. Dendu77


      1. Trophy Gamer

        No, Get over it and stop demanding.

    75. VeXzy On 120FPS

      PlayStation has to make something like game pass and put there exclusive titles in that like mlb why would I wanna pay 60 for a baseball game while on Xbox it’s basically free. This is BS

      1. MrHalo4able

        @VeXzy On 120FPS sony doesn't have the money to fund it

      2. VeXzy On 120FPS

        @Mega2000 😔

      3. Mega2000

        Jim ryan said that Putting games on a Service Day 1 doesn't makes sense for him on Playstation. In other words a loooot of lost Money.

    76. andrewsqual

      Lol at 75% of the comments that are "can't wait for the comments". Keep on waiting then, like for games on Xbox.


        Now we just taking your games 😁

    77. andrewsqual

      How downgraded is the game engine since having to downgrade it to accommodate Xbone and then the downgrades we can expect the next 7 years because of series s?


        @Trophy Gamer and Sony doesn't care about playstation 😁

      2. J MR

        Downgraded to PS5 you mean 😂 .....Series S have RDNA 2 and PS5 not.....Series S don't need to hit 4K resolution because it's a 1080P- 1440P box with RT meanwhile PS5 tries to get into 1800p- 4K but can't reach it so is pretty much a "wannabe system"

      3. Trophy Gamer

        @INFERNO SPECTRE Nobody cares about you.


        Weak station 5 can't do 4k 60 but xbox can

    78. Stalker 18

      Fire jim ryan bring back shawn layden

      1. Stalker 18

        @Trophy Gamer shut your mouth

      2. Trophy Gamer

        No, Get over it and stop demanding

    79. Ser Blake Meyer

      Can you use stadium’sin rtts

    80. Jake the dog

      80 eur on ps vs 5 bucks or so on gamepass

    81. fredianos7

      I really can't understand how sony ask 60$ for this game and Microsoft give day1 in game pass. A Sony studios game. Maybe something hiding behind this decision

      1. Real Gamer

        Micorosft pay for the deal Sony choose not to and rely on loyalty

      2. Faz Zone

        70$ for PS5 version... Ridiculous! I play it on Gamepass.

    82. true lies

      Ninja theory is cool

      1. Faz Zone

        Like Bethesda, Obsidian, Playground Games and The Initiative.

    83. Panos Mantis


      1. geek - head188


    84. criminal rushi

      Nice my friend

    85. DonDon 2times

      PlayStation My Account was suspended for a 7 1 time and now a 30 i wanna contact y'all through email cause i don't wanna get banned and ik someone might report so can yall delete my meassages so no one can see or report me

      1. Juquan ELIMZ

        You shouldn’t never sent no bad words then 😂

    86. Fenrir Volsunga

      Been with Ps since day 1 and yikes idk what Jim Ryan is doing to the brand but from the looks of it he's killing the brand slowly. Legacy generations stores are shutting down, no backwards com. Exclusives making there way to other platforms. But what Sony just did was a slap in the face to the long time loyal mlb the show fans. Sorry but I hate console wars but this is straight up messed up to the ps community Jim Ryan needs to be fired or willing to listen to the fans more cause Jim Ryan is degrading Ps to become a 3rd party publishers. This is very concerning.

      1. Trophy Gamer

        More like you are a Casual.

      2. Mega2000

        He have to win all his community back at this point no one likes him not even his community

    87. Rafael Mesquita

      I know thats is a MBL decision put this game on gamepass, but cmon Sony, dont make they do that again! Drop this franchise!

      1. Real Gamer

        Or Sony could have done the same but they dont care about that Happy to charge 70 to loyalists

    88. Mike Carvelas

      Sony let's give our games on pc and gamepass

      1. Trophy Gamer

        No, Get over it and stop demanding. They permanent exclusively for Playstation.

    89. ssshlurrpp 86

      before playstation care for their customers now its all about the money,

      1. geek - head188

        This is literally one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read 🤣🤣

    90. chicagobudoka


    91. Gabriel Mota

      I really dont lke Baseball, but I'll give it a try on gamepass

      1. Michael Plass

        Same, even if I hate the game it's not like I spent $70 on it😅

    92. Panos GP

      FREE ON GAMEPASS🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    93. El Kenndys

      Privilegios de xbox las canciones del Halo

    94. alvaro gallegos

      Miami Vice 1984 The Game

    95. Ali Jamei

      Day one on Game Pass Playstation does more for Xbox than Playstation does for Playstation. Lololololol All that talk about value in playstation? WHERE? Jim? Hear this?

    96. 52887tj

      Saved everyone $60 this year buy putting the game on xbox game pass. Why would we every buy the game on playstation.

    97. lax78723

      They need to fire jim ryan and who ever hired him

      1. Trophy Gamer

        No, Get over it. No wonder you like your own comment.

    98. Real Gaming

      U guys never value players. I've been using ps for so long. U never support us. All games, dlsc we need to purchase after paying for console. Then we need to pay more money to play online. This gen I'm getting Series x. They are lot better now. Only 1 subscription for 400+ games, cloud play, monthly free games, discounts, online multiplayer. U guys seriously need to improve

      1. LegacyRXT

        @logan king actually xbox has more confirmed in raw numbers. Yes we need to see them deliver but I'm confident they will

      2. logan king

        There's more exclusives for playstion but I'm not one to make decisions for you

      3. Trophy Gamer

        More like you are a Casual.

    99. starkilller kol

      Sony какого хуя почему ваша игра в game pass. Вы либо убирает её из game pass, либо добавляете в ps plus collection.

    100. Hadouken-san