MotoGP 21 - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4


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    The most authentic and realistic MotoGP™ experience is coming. Be ready to live the emotions of the official 2021 season, managing all the aspects of your race, like a real champion. MotoGP™21 will be out on April, 22. Watch the trailer!

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    1. Maxi Max

      V.Rossi 🔥🔥🔥

    2. Alessandro Novara

      Fin quando cadi e fai uno spawn in mezzo alla pista, motogp sarà sempre una spanna sotto a F1

    3. David Baker

      Ray tracing ?

    4. Peťan Pohl

      Hm what about F1 2021 game ?

    5. Bagus Eko SW

      new circuit?? Mandalika Circuit?

    6. PAFFO 02

      Sorry but does not come out for xbox one?

    7. Steve Rogers

      That R1🤤

    8. Jon Ahmad

      Looking immense. That framerate...😎🏁

    9. Aditiya Rama


    10. Aditiya Rama

      7 years and still not in the same level as f1 games from the feature aspect.

    11. ##

      rip kodemaster ..

    12. MEJ Channel

      Add the feature Flag to flag race

    13. Andri Ahmad Nursabana

      Mandalika circuit street internasional 🇮🇩🇮🇩

    14. Denzel Venn

      Trust f1 2021 is coming i can feel it

    15. Sharky Reef

      Mandalika circuit?

    16. Christian

      Make more PS5 consoles!!!

    17. The Lil Gnome

      Please bring back local multiplayer split screen.

    18. gopal v

      The drift on my controller will make this game bark souls of racing.

    19. Naufal Fauzi

      F1 2021 please

    20. Kris Asamoah

      Please allow us to control the weather in Career mode. That is all we really want.

    21. ricardo kistler

      Wow you deleted my Comment about the Rosaria Nerf in Genshin Impact

    22. Who am I

      Splitscreen plz

    23. sekelas holywood

      Remember playing motogp2008 in ps2

      1. Jon Ahmad

        Yeah I think it was the Namco one.

    24. victor tri anggoro

      No Rossi No Party 🎮

    25. Anwar Hafiy

      Get me splitscreen

    26. Oscar Ortiz

      Can’t wait to play this on Xbox

    27. Yoel Dhira

      Is this game include mandalika?

    28. Christian Roberts

      Sick beat to the trailer

    29. Prince Groove

      Well, I just got MotoGp 20 for $14.99 and I’m ready for MotoGp 21. Next up, GT7! 👀

    30. Adrian Aminur

      Bring back offline multiplayer

    31. Tannon Bowen

      I haven't played MotoGP since the Ps2 days fr

      1. Anwar Hafiy

        Last moto gp i play was on ps2

    32. Yodha Pratama Supriyadi

      Please tell me that it has split screen mode😭

    33. Fajar Putra

      Is Rossi in the Yamaha factory racing or Petronas SRT team?

      1. streetfaster

        In Ducati y now 😓

    34. Kian Bailey Middleton

      22 online players running to their bike after crashing will be hilarious.

    35. Pedro Henrique Carneiro

      I was not convinced by the graphics

    36. Dr Cory

      Excellent game trailer

    37. lunar quickstrike

      can't wait to play as rossi to dominate everyone in sepang

    38. Francesco Agosti


    39. nicolas

      ya cambien ese motor grafico que con esa iluminación tan mala pierde mucho en calidad y efectos

    40. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    41. Markelfer_10 _


    42. Xhul

      FIx Ride 4 K.I Milestone...

    43. Bedirhan Çavdar

      This game use Haptic feedback?

      1. Scorpion 360

        Sure will

    44. Jonny Slyde

      Motogp 20 incomplete game. Remember

    45. Chur chiken Maniger

      Unban my account Cmontalvo69

    46. Felixарв пьпBik

      ps 6?

    47. العاب العالم الجديد_ new world games

      صلى لله عليه وسلم

    48. naipigidi


    49. Svarte Natt

      Just make more consoles. I've applied for raffles in Japanese stores like 25 times and lose every time

    50. Amirul Daniel


    51. Alexander Karp

      Awesome, another motorcycle game with trash handling physics 👏

    52. Mateusz Dgh

      Cool , This Trailer is Amazing ! =)

      1. Sarcasm

        True, I'm not even really into Moto GP and even I got hyped by the trailer lol

    53. Alex Epic

      This is not elden ring, dissapointed.

    54. ScarIsOnline

      Can we have streamer cam on rec room

    55. Peter Gaetani

      Che grafica di merdissima anche quest'anno aspetterò il pass perché 70€ manco se mi pagate una cena per vicino ve li do

    56. Ares ERDOGAN


      1. Tarunpal Singh


      2. Svarte Natt


    57. Willy Long

      add flag to flag mod

    58. Mohammad Ridho Rizki Akbar


    59. Adam Adamski

      Put this game right to the garbage

    60. Yazid Zulfikar

      What about F1 2021?

    61. Fidel Chesa


    62. Doni Rhangie

      I don't patient to wait Pertamina SAG team on MotoGP 21

    63. skinnyfags

      The haptic feedback would be crazy in this one like Ride 4

    64. skinnyfags

      MotoGP >>> F1

    65. OverKlocked

      This game make u feel like Moto gp

    66. Dionysi Kalaichev


    67. Pranav BS

      Rood rash vibes be like

    68. Naseem Waja

      Please bring back tenchu as a PS5 exclusive please

    69. Danny 200MPH

      120hz performance mode?

    70. Kaybee

      It’s no Gran Turismo.

    71. Ilham Susanto

      WOW just WOW 👍

    72. Walt Kosch

      This on PSVR would be incredible!

    73. João Antonio

      Holy Shiish is so cool! =!👌🏻

    74. Jodo Koodo

      2020 livery? will there be an update for 2021 livery?

      1. Mo Reez

        The game will be released 1 month after the 2021 season of motogp..pretty sure they will update the livery before releasing the game..not much difference in liveries far only tech3 is the only team with brand new livery..others are still similar with last season..

      2. Khairul Izat

        It's just a announcement

    75. Antonio Labaš

      I might get hate for this but game looks the same like MotoGP 20.

      1. Raeein Bagheri

        @Chris Paschalis That would be cool! Or being able to steal others' bikes like GTA😂

      2. aqil nazmi

        @Qui-Gon Jinn chill man hes telling what hes thinking

      3. Chris Paschalis

        It will not be completely the same...Maybe the graphics if you go to the official website there are gonna be a lot of changes like when you are crashing you will run to pick up the bike manually and not automatic and many other new things

      4. Qui-Gon Jinn

        @Reno chill

      5. Reno

        Look at the release date, this game is under development due to some team have reveal it's livery, as a demo, ofcourse milestones as the motogp game developer use their previous series of the game

    76. Ajo Yantoe

      Brp y hrgany???

    77. javiHer73

      Tremendo pufo huele que será lo mismo que le 19 y el 20 ..un saca perras ..a mi no me trancan más por ahora con muy poco peso en gigas lo que se traduce en una fisica muy pobre he interpretación de los circuitos pésima en comparación a otros juegos de carreras donde los circuitos se asemejan en calidad gráfica a la realidad ..lo de Milestone da pena

      1. javiHer73

        El 20 ..desgaste de neumáticos.. gasolina y el look de las motos de temporada..por esto me sablaron 70€ ..un juego con 19 gigas de peso ..🤷🏽‍♂️

      2. Alberto Sánchez

        Yo aun sigo con el 19...y como este sea un motogp 20 2.0 seguiré con el 19...

    78. lapetiteoliv

      Great Trailer :) Just wished we didn’t see that much vinales morbidelli and have some quartararo and rossi in the trailer Can’t wait !

    79. Rafif Jhordi

      I hope in this game - bring back splitscreen - add new circuit - no more optimization

      1. Farhan Satyahadi

        Add historical circuit 😄

      2. SJW Triggered

        @Reno chill idiot

      3. Yodha Pratama Supriyadi

        Split screen pleaseee😭😭😭

      4. Rafif Jhordi

        @Reno i'd say... in this game bruh, not this console, so chill out...come on

      5. yTz_ghosstep

        @Reno read his comment, now is he saying somenthing about Sony, plus people can tell Sony and Sony can tell them like stop it idiot. We aren't giving have putting this comments

    80. Mister Noob

      can't wait to race on the Mandalika street circuit

      1. Mister Noob

        @Christian David di website developer nya 2 sirkuit cadangan juga masuk di game nya 1.portugal 2.mandalika

      2. Christian David

        Belum tahu mungkin gk ada mandalika-nya jangan overproud

    81. mmadmitch

      shame just looks like a re skin

    82. khairur44

      can just who already have 2020 editon get free upgrade for 2021 edition or charge only 50% from new price 60usd. only new buyers need buy for a new price.

    83. sparta ps4

      PS4 ps5 the best player 🙂🖐️👍🏆

    84. agent circuit 404


      1. agent circuit 404

        Im tryna get a ps5

      2. agent circuit 404


      3. Rose -V!rG!N- S3X : TAP H3R3

        Guess what? It’s morning!

    85. etx_games

      Vous êtes reloue il faut mettre un milliard de mots de passe pour se connecter a playstation network donc c'est trop chiant j'arrive pas à me connecter

    86. Rshed Al managem

      يا سوني ابغى ‏بلاستيشن ‏فايف بليز 🙄🤟.

    87. Salrep95

      I'll just wait til it's $10 on psn store. Not worth $60 every year.

    88. Nick Frost

      Graficamente ancora lontano dall'essere almeno decente.

    89. Andrea Accarigi

      Flag to flag!! Va messo

    90. Othman 007

      every year new version, I do not know why 60,60,60$ release update enough the online lobbies just couple of players, no body can enjoy the game and there's another version coming

    91. MONSTER - RIPPER30

      Petronas ❤ vr46❤

    92. Asce

      Miraccomando le moto fatte BENE E L IA e lo stile di guida

    93. Alberto Lopez Sanchez

      Será otrore re re re re re re re re re reeeeefrito de Milestone!!!!??? Apuesto a que si.... pero ojalá me equivoque.... Sbk generations es su mejor juego...desde ahí hasta hoy ya perdí la fe en ellos

    94. Marcus Cheong

      Make a new handheld console, Sony! No more proprietary SD cards and better support for it with more AAA games and it will definitely sell well.

    95. sakura

      moga ada mandalika sirkuit wkwkwkwk

      1. Mister Noob

        Udah di confirm ada

    96. THEMaNIsWOrTHit

      Bruh where da PSVR 2

    97. E


      1. PufisdGaming


    98. Abyan Devi

      Why they didn't put this as a update for GP20??

      1. Tomasz Chwiejczak

        Have you ever heard of FIFA?

    99. TGN Gaming

      discontinue ps4 we wanna see next gen games pls

      1. TGN Gaming

        @PufisdGaming bro if we are gonna see these kind of games with updates what’s the point of releasing ps5?? There’s barely any next ten titles we wanna see new graphics and not the same game ever year

      2. PufisdGaming

        are you idiot?people still have ps4

    100. Saurabh Sharma

      Gift me Playstation then i will buy the game.