Neverwinter - April Fowls Official Clucking Trailer | PS4


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    Seems that something is afowl in Neverwinter, and it’s all centered around a poor civilian by the name of Earl, who has an unfortunate condition of turning everything he touches into chickens! Jump in and cluck around a bit, now through April 15th, for unique poultry-themed rewards.

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    1. Erica Brown

      Co ck simulator

    2. Lonit


    3. Samari gamer


    4. Sunny Graham

      Tf is going on here? 🤣

    5. Mauricio Vélez

      Qué mierda es esto?

    6. Saad Nabil

      I'm hungry for chickens! 🍗🐓🐔🐣🐥

    7. Παναγιώτης tekken

      Όλο μαλακίες βγάζετε έλεος

    8. Dippity Dab

      I'll get back on when the updates out

    9. Kira

      I actually need this in my life, make this an actual thing and u can have all my money.

    10. Cris_Bandicoot

      Sono le galline sopravvissute a Pordenone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. Anthony Salazar

      What have they done?! ... Oh wait, it's april fools

    12. Сергей Евдокимов

      This game HAS to be at Nintendo Switch. Why don't you release it there?

    13. ViperStudiosAndy

      What the cluck did I just watch?

    14. PhazeBeast

      Will this be on ps5?

    15. Yuzu-kun

      sony hates his legacy

    16. Raccoon Peddler

      now ps access need to do a new best chicken on playstation list

    17. No other Like my own skin

      Sony PS5 Can lifespan Sony PS5 be 26 years? That would be August 2036. For all new video games and update.

    18. شبوو تو

      لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

    19. jacket

      hey sony are you going to compensate the multiple ps vita devs who still had games coming for the vita?

    20. Thomas The Dank Engine 1000

      es mejor xbox

    21. حسين علي يحيى

      Please please please we need soul sacrifice on PlayStation 5 pleaseeeeee😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢

    22. Gregoire

      TYPE VIVA VITA IF YOU AGREE, that's the only way they will listen 👂

    23. Gregoire

      We want more content on the PSVITA it has great potential and y'all are making a big mistake if u just going to ignore the fact that it has high potential we want something new , a HANDHELD CONSOLE please give the fans what we want don't shut us DOWN, cause no matter how much noise we make about VITA it seems as if you don't care at least consider it don't let it be destroyed it is very advanced and we would love to experience games like fifa on it the vita is perfect don't destroy it PLEASE 🥺

    24. Games PS

      E ai galera!!! Tenho um canal no THwikis de gameplay de jogos no ps5, quem gostar de ver gameplay e poder se inscrever lá irá ajudar muito! Obrigado desde já!

    25. 8MoneyIzmyMission8

      You've gotta be clucking kidding me

    26. The_Ginger Bread_Man

      Chicken heads be clucking in the bathroom fuking, it ain't nothing.

    27. Suppressed Chicken

      They always doubted us😤but we prove em wrong🐓

    28. Nero Wolfe

      This feels like an add for fried chicken.

    29. David Boros

      Can we have a Life of Black Tiger crossover as well?

    30. asti

      0:00 Blood Violence 🐔🐓

    31. Curtis Pereira

      I need to play this lol

    32. турурама турурама

      С днем смеха!!!

    33. haris sarajevo

      After, 3 year playing this game, I quit after last and worst update.

    34. Dennis Blake Nichols

      Chicken mount, yes, please, CHICKEN MOUNT.


      My love

    36. spiax

      Better then Cyberpunk

    37. Akash Rayaguru

      Worst videogame ever. Even Mario is better than this.

    38. PickleYoda

      i neeeed iittt!

    39. Paiwand Bahaden

      DreamWorks battle royal please😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    40. Cheated Wolf

      It looks like Fable

    41. Joel Bbuku

      Man, when those chickens pecked that, uh, thing, to death, I felt that...

    42. ʜ ᴀ ʀ ʀ ɪ s ᴏ ᴍ

      game of ps1 hahaha

    43. saif akeel

      A game let you be a chicken, That's not new for many...

    44. OwtDaftUK

      Reminds me of the Fable 3 opening.

    45. Javad Ahmadi

      I wonder who will buy this game😀😀😀😀😀 answer: me! But really who built this game😅😅😅😅

    46. pro bro

      The best way to not to get bore

    47. Andres Q

      April fools joke or not, I want this now -_-

      1. Andres Q

        @Ron Ben-Ezer hmm.. idk if I should betray Chocobro for another chicken just yet lol

      2. Ron Ben-Ezer

        It's real, it's an actual event currently available in the game

    48. Jema 1412

      I can't tell if this real or not...

      1. Ron Ben-Ezer

        @PrettyLag yeah, why?

      2. PrettyLag

        @Ron Ben-Ezer u playing neverwinter and israeli?

      3. Ron Ben-Ezer

        It's real

      4. Jema 1412

        @Rebel Timelady Memento Mori

      5. PrettyLag

        @Rebel Timelady TOXIC bubba

    49. nancy dacat

      game looks 100% better now

    50. Music2Anime

      The only decent thing about this game.

    51. Professor grandpa

      I can almost believe this is a real game

      1. Gaming with VSP

        Pubgian lover🔥🔥❤️❤️👍

    52. Precel MusicandGames


    53. Anishka Verma

      this looks like an early ps3 game

    54. Yasviele Pacifica

      Top 5 things I wish were actually Real... . . . . . Wait, is it real?!

    55. eddy1236

      You just a little chickennnn! Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheeeeep

      1. TheArksol

        Oh Hi Mark

    56. Perfecto Gaming


    57. Андрей Казаков

      Брать! БРАТЬ! БРААААТЬ!

    58. เร ๓ץ ภค๓єᅗ

      Ha i realised they have no views and they have liked their own vid

      1. เร ๓ץ ภค๓єᅗ

        @SOLID TS :-(

      2. SOLID TS

        No just no

      3. ADP

        Dude it's been 2 minutes

    59. Little Bear

      Im hungry

      1. Professor grandpa

        I really want KFC now

    60. เร ๓ץ ภค๓єᅗ

      NO VIEWS

    61. Burrito Musollini

      Chicken fights

    62. Living like Larry


    63. Mamba out