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    Let's play Persona 5 Strikers! The Phantom Thieves are back, with a new team member, new hack and slash gameplay, and a whole lot of style.
    Rated Mature: Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence

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    1. Neil Law


    2. GoukenslayWAO

      this probably the best musou ever says a lot from the very company that makes same cookie cutter musous too

    3. Snakes On The Square

      Too bad you guys are gonna censor it! PC, Nintendo, and Xbox beat you again.

    4. MD SAGAR

      Make a new PSP in 2022 PlayStation

    5. GLN TV

      why does this look like DMC but boring?

    6. Demoind

      So it’s like the last Zelda game?

    7. Rizky Rakhmadani

      Is the main character from persona 4 ?

    8. こうさか


    9. Ho Lee Fuk u Ugly

      Why remove that red hair girl from Royals and treat her like filler, but introduce a whole new character with red hair?

      1. Ice

        basically royal isn’t canon

    10. Alex I

      I liked the honey voices of the hosts.

    11. Rylie Evans

      So Yakuza 7 is turn based and P5 Strikers is a action beat em up. Hmmmm

      1. Fabio

        It’s literally perfect bro!! I still can’t believe it 😍😍 Both games are sooo much fun it’s crazy 😍😍

    12. d7omy70 00

      Release date?? ☹️

      1. Roro

        @L. Lawliet You have been able to play since feb 19 when you bought the deluxe edition. Normal release is feb 23

      2. L. Lawliet

        I thought it was Feb 23... so today. :0

      3. Roro

        23 february

    13. I Comment

      Hey PlayStation myself and lots of other ps4 players have been experiencing this same problem with safe mode maybe you could use your channel with 12 million plus subscribers to help resolve the problem would be much appreciated cause I don’t and I’m sure a lot of others wouldn’t like to lose there hours and hours of time spent on your consoles if you could would be much appreciated

    14. Gta Fita

      Yes Dmc. Nice

    15. Davudpro YT

      Hello Sony . Can you please add Among us to ps store in free to play .Thanks

      1. Tanya :p


    16. Fawkk YuTuu

      Late 90's - early 00's Playstation Underground with the demo discs was way better than this.

    17. Drew P. Baulsach

      You gotta sneak in this game? That's kinda wack. What's next, PUZZLES?!

    18. Hood Rat

      Do we have to play the games on order 🧍‍♂️😅 I wanna get persona 5 but I'm not sure if it would make sense to me since I didn't okay the other ones also what if I just watch the anime 👨‍🦽

      1. Shar Brooks

        You do not have to play the other persona games in order, but you may have to understand this.

      2. Brandon Hasting

        Tbh yes you gtta play regular persona 5 or royal to understand cuz it has lots of reference and moments where they talk about the past not just that you’ll get to understand the characters and their reason for being a group better and understand how personas are in the game btw this is coming from someone that spent 105 hours on the original

    19. Mr

      Hopefully there is not a lot of talking in this.

    20. karl dee

      i don't like this game especially the art style graphics, gets boring very fast, i just love the MUSIC! the music is super fantastic!!!

    21. Tommy Woo

      What the Frick

    22. Prentiss Harris

      PlayStation Underground vs Nintendo Minute

      1. Maya Fey Plushie

        Playstation Underground has been around since the 90s I believe the format and style has changed but the idea has been the same exclusive previews on upcoming games with some bts stuff

    23. Cococrash11

      Awesome Persona 5 Strikers Gameplay Video.

    24. JFKTV

      Yoooo bring back demo discs!

    25. David Davidson

      women playing, gg...

    26. Steve Lauxx

      Considering how amazing the real P5 was, this feels like a crappy game in a beautiful P5 costume.

      1. Yusei Fudo

        So you don't like spin offs...

      2. Drew Martin


    27. Dragon Loli

      Notice there are two empty space slots at the party selection screen. Hmmm...... Kasumi/re and Akechi DLC, maybe ?

      1. ToxicGamer

        One of the slots is for zenkichi, not sure about the other one

      2. Drew Martin

        Hopefully not DLC, hopefully unlockable.

      3. Carlos Gabriel Amparo

        Nah, the sisters of the Velvet Room sure

    28. Mr. Snake

      Finally the playstation underground is back.

      1. Prince Groove

        Hey, SNAAAAKE!

    29. Silversava2

      You know youre getting old when You watch gameplay and can barely understand what's going on because theres just too many colorful things together

      1. Drew Martin

        Hey that's just Personas flashy style.

      2. The Crimson Cuck

        As someone slightly young, age doesn’t help

    30. Diego Apaza

      PlayStation Underground is back!

      1. Prince Groove

        Yup, back to HACK! 😁

    31. Nate

      The font is so gross 🤮

      1. Drew Martin

        Get out.

    32. chchedda

      Is this like a persona dynasty warriors?

      1. Vincent Valentine

        @fiidjhrdkbd Like i said: It is Warriors in Fusion with P5 Gameplay Tweaks. Which makes it an action rpg. Basically :D

      2. fiidjhrdkbd

        @Vincent Valentine It's nothing like a warriors game surprisingly, it's basically an action JRPG since the enemies have higher health and the combat relies on status effects and elemental damage and you won't make it far from just spamming the attack buttons like every other warriors game. I'm actually more happy the combat has a lot of depth to it

      3. Vincent Valentine

        @fiidjhrdkbd It is Warriors. But with the Gameplay Features from P5.

      4. fiidjhrdkbd

        It's not really like Dynasty warriors at all it feels more like an action rpg similar to ff7R

    33. That JRPG Bro

      Persona 5 hit me as a human being in more ways than the previous installments, more relatable characters that felt more human. Don't get me wrong the SEES team and the Investigation Team are full of great and amazing characters but there seems to be an additional layer to the Phantom Thieves that I hope Atlus can continue to hit with

    34. Ouch Mouse

      So they basically copied FF7 remake battle system

      1. MrAlexg91

        As a fan of both, I don't mind it at all.

      2. fiidjhrdkbd

        @Make and Eat Gummy Leeches! same here this game is perfect for action rpg fans

      3. Make and Eat Gummy Leeches!

        me, a fan of both

      4. Shawn Benjamin

        Feel free to introduce something more original to the developers if that's where your mind is at.

      5. fiidjhrdkbd

        Basically lol

    35. Septa767 Channel

      Persona 5 With Hack & Slash 🔥

    36. Grant Herrod

      Why are there so many Person 5 games Persona 5 Persona 5 Royale Now this one What is the difference?

      1. Grant Herrod

        @Alejandro Romero thank you, I’m no longer confused

      2. Drew Martin

        As people are saying, this is not a spin off. P5R adds 30 hours of content to the original P5 with extra characters.

      3. Shawn Benjamin

        @fallen water • 51 years ago The developers themselves said it's a direct sequel to the original Persona 5. Also that it takes place 6 months later.

      4. fallen water • 51 years ago

        @Giacomo P because that’s how atlus usually works. The only games they port that’s multi plat are usually the spinoffs and the originals are exclusive to a certain platform. That’s why you see p4arena on xbox and playstation but not the rest. So yes, technically this is still a spinoff.

      5. Giacomo P

        @fallen water • 51 years ago I don't get what you're saying. Why should that be a requirement to it being a sequel?

    37. Dekuu_Prime

      I'm live playing persona5 strikers anyone wan a come see?

    38. Flamur Alaj

      I wouldn't be opposed to Sucker Punch making another Sly Copper that's in the stylings of Persona with human characters.

      1. アキラ

        Man i miss sly cooper games. Loved that game on the PS2

    39. Dannooch

      Too much going on no thanks

      1. Sam Lim

        It’s not, al you do is press 2 button


      🙂✨ me encanta

    41. AD3M1

      This gameplay looks like final fantasy 7 remake like IT

    42. darkraiisgod

      Persona 5trikers would've been a better name.

      1. David Chen

        Persona 5 Post Harem

      2. That One Guy From The Simpsons Who Dies Frequently

        the Japanese title is cooler. "Persona 5 Scramble"

      3. Samadi Ilham

        yeah. tbh, the new title is somewhat hard to read because its stretched out narrow.

    43. Om-boy Yoga

      your boy beat P5R and didn't manage to rank up Maruki in time due to focusing on social ranks for the platinum, and I didn't get it anyway due to missing the palace... I can't do it all again.

      1. fallen water • 51 years ago

        @Future Savior of Gaming Behavior lol i had to replay the entire game because of that

      2. Alejandro Romero

        What Social ranks are easy very easy to max, got all maxed even before Sae's palace lol

      3. Future Savior of Gaming Behavior

        lol, well if youre looking to platinum P5R....then you will have to because his palace is a trophy XD

    44. Tora Chan

      The Japanese creators of the game should be doing this, not these diversity hire weeb thots

      1. That One Guy From The Simpsons Who Dies Frequently

        you would have gotten the same info if they were Japanese Atlus employees lol. if women commentators make you that mad you have some issues

    45. Hastomo Hadi

      Persona 5 + Warrior Orochi = Persona 5 Strikers 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.

    46. RonW357

      This is getting to be as bad as skyrim with all the re-releases it's doing, maybe they should work on a new game?

      1. Noval Arrahman

        @Dark Nerd Shawny so we will got persona 6 in the future right?

      2. Dark Nerd Shawny

        I'll help out. Revelations: Persona [Mainline] Persona 2: Innocent Sin [Mainline] Persona 2: Eternal Punishment [Sequel] Persona 3 [Mainline] Persona 3 FES [ReRelease] Persona 4 [Mainline] Persona Portable [ReRelease] Persona 3 Portable [ReRelease] Persona 2: IS Portable [ReRelease] Persona 4 Arena [SpinOff] Persona 2:EP Portible [ReRelease] Persona 4 Golden [ReRelease] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax [SpinOff] Persona Q [SpinOff] Persona 4 Dancing [Spin Off] Persona 5 [Mainline] Persona 3 Dancing [SpinOff] Persona 5 Dancing [SpinOff] Persona Q2 [SpinOff] Persona 5 Royal [ReRelease] Persona 5 Strikers [SpinOff] Bottomline, expect WAY more spinoffs and rereleases before a new game actually comes out

      3. Shawn Benjamin

        You're obviously new to the franchise. This is a direct sequel to the original Persona 5 game.

      4. That One Guy From The Simpsons Who Dies Frequently

        Atlus just released 13 Sentinals and they're releasing SMT 5 next year lol. they're always working on a couple franchises. why even comment when you don't have any knowledge on the company

      5. Dark Nerd Shawny

        You must be new to this franchise lol

    47. Allwin Issac

      I played a lot of narrative driven games in my life, Persona 5 is the one that gave me the longest ''post game depression'' Soooo glad we got some sort of sequel:')

      1. abi tiyoso

        try nier

      2. KingRayque

        @fallen water • 51 years ago it is a sequel though

      3. fallen water • 51 years ago

        Not really a sequel but i get what you saying

      4. RegularHobo

        @headphonesintheclouds oh and the music is amazing giving me real nujabes vibes!

      5. headphonesintheclouds

        Oh boy wait until you get to Persona 2 and 3 lol

    48. macewbee

      Looks super fun


      Code:DEDJ46SNA39XNS5 USE IT.

      1. Star Gotaker

        @Alejandro Romero we would if we new how to

      2. Alejandro Romero

        Did someone use it?

      3. fallen water • 51 years ago

        For what?

      4. Star Gotaker

        For and on what?

    50. Shqdow


    51. Dekuu_Prime

      I got a hour long vid on the game no commentary if anyone wants to see that

      1. Dekuu_Prime

        @BlackFlame450 Thanx🙌🏼

      2. BlackFlame450

        Sure I will check it out fam

    52. The boss game J

      All the dislike are Xbox fanboy

      1. Prentiss Harris

        @Bobby Edwards it’s on everything expect Xbox

      2. Symbiote Spider-Man

        Xbox is irrelevant.

      3. BassSinger97

        @Bobby Edwards nope its coming out on ps4,Switch, and pc

      4. Bobby Edwards

        It’s on Xbox too right?

    53. egg in a car

      I thought it would be persona themed Pool

    54. Pacoz257

      Great game

    55. The Unexplored


    56. TicTac_42


    57. Angus Moore


    58. Marcus Cheong

      Give us a new PlayStation Handheld, Sony! One without any pricy proprietary memory cards and support the handheld with great exclusive games as well as market it better. It will sell well if all these conditions are met.

      1. Laos Alterga

        They won't lol

    59. u3nek116


      1. Maōkami

        Persona 5 Strikers it’s coming to PC as well

      2. fallen water • 51 years ago

        @u3nek116 lol

      3. Jeff 'the gamer' Boy

        @u3nek116, nah, I heard its a fake article.

      4. Raven Rob

        @u3nek116 The enhanced rerelease of Atlus's renowned RPG Persona 5 will be making its way to PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store. Thats the noti i got about it

      5. u3nek116

        @Raven Rob No way! Really?

    60. u3nek116