R-Type Final 2 - Demo Trailer | PS4


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    Test your piloting prowess with the R-Type Final 2 demo! Get a taste of the high-octane action that awaits you and see if you have what it takes to defeat the Bydo!
    Coming to PS4 on April 30, 2021!
    Learn more @ nisamerica.com/r-type-final-2

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    1. Urbie LateNight Gaming Adventure

      Another final?!

    2. Kendall1518

      Anyone been able to find this in the US store? Can't find it at all.

    3. Raven Zero

      Oh genial ! Lo jugué en ps1 y me encantó , definitivamente lo debo comprar ~

    4. Fenris Wolf

      Is this real or have I fallen asleep at work again?

    5. Chilly64

      Just googled this game to see if it's almost ready. Can't believe it's out this month and there's a demo...... Yesss! I still think they should've called it Delta 2. Final doesn't make much sense.

    6. Ricardo Jason

      Why this demo is not in PS5 too?

    7. Somsat Sukkasem

      when see this , the name" darius" is pop up.

    8. Роман Еленков

      Подарок судьбы для детей 90-х, которым пришло время умирать, и перед смертью такой подарок, просто БЛЕСК!!!!

    9. Crimzon Clover

      Couldn’t find the demo on the PS Store anywhere.

    10. j toet

      AMIGA POWER hahahaha

    11. Crysalin

      Not available in store on Ps5???

    12. j toet

      i Love this Let's Go SONY !!! ;)

    13. Mario Jose II Silvino

      I remember playing rtype delta on the ps1. Same as enhander.


      I have this game on my phone and its so freaking HARD!!!!

    15. Cococrash11

      Awesome R-Type Final 2 Demo Trailer.

    16. Seid82

      Great... all the way at the end of the month.

    17. Atomicskull

      Judging from the demo they should have called this R Type Delta 2 instead of Final 2. Final was ok but it wasn't a worthy successor to Delta, this is.

      1. Crimzon Clover

        That’s because this is a sequel to R-Type Final.

    18. My Opinion Doesn't Matter

      Music is godlike.

    19. Yuzu-kun

      sony hates his legacy

    20. Bruce Lee

      I definitely miss R-Type. Raiden just isn’t the same. With the addition of customizable ships this will definitely go down as one of the best.

      1. Bruce Lee

        @Crimzon Clover ............. ok.

      2. Crimzon Clover

        You kidding me? I was always more of a Raiden kind of guy.

    21. Manuel Guerrero-Morales

      I hope there is online co op

    22. Orion Schutt

      This game is NOT on the PlayStation store....

      1. Orion Schutt

        @Joshua Ennis Hey thanks, I just looked again and found it right away! I remember playing R-Type back in the 90s on my Amiga, I’m so old LOL

      2. Joshua Ennis

        Hey did u find it? It took me a while but i found a way to download it

    23. Anubra Kahn

      Still have my copy of Rtype Final on PS2....from 2003.

    24. Hero Acer

      I was waiting for this for aeons, thank you Sony!

    25. chris styles

      So where is this demo available now because its not on the uk sony playstation store

      1. cirescythe

        not in the german/austrian one either.

    26. Christian Rosario

      Out on Switch too!

    27. matt11708

      April 30th can't come soon enough.

    28. nemo pouncey

      there bringing my childhood back.

    29. Miguel Angel Medina Rise

      Oh my goodness it's just like R-Type Delta I love you guys

    30. Ren

      my friend would be happy if he's still alive. I didn't expect a revive of this game.

    31. Paiwand Bahaden

      i want black sequel🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    32. Paul Bowler

      A retro arcade classic, can't wait for this!

    33. James Skow

      Anyone else not finding it on the PSN?

      1. cirescythe

        me. im in germany / austria. nothing here

    34. Lazy Man

      That's how it looks like in our brains back then. Now the grafix units do the job.

    35. Knight Rider

      😂😂😂 the amount of people thinking it's April fools 😂😂😂

    36. SnitchMoJo

      Seems like Einhander!

      1. rhenoroyce

        If your newbie, just research the classic shumps like gradius and rtype rather than einhander. Square enix only cares on RPG genres

    37. Marko

      Liebe dein Humor

    38. campos3452

      Demolicious! 😋👍🏼

    39. Kevin Brookes

      Worst Day to announce anything....

    40. Aero Hobby Prazeres

      Einhander (PS1). Remake And Einhander 2 PLEASE.

    41. Chac Schao

      Can anyone find out the track somg?

    42. Joshua Ennis

      Take my mo,ey

    43. Joshua Ennis

      Wait really

    44. xxnike629xx

      Can we get a R-Type Final 1 as well as R-Type, R-Type II (R-Type Super), R-Type III: The Third Lightning, and R-Type Delta?

    45. Andrés Herrera

      El juego es muy bueno pero en SNES, esos gráficos parecen de la ps2

    46. Todd Smith

      Yep! I'll be back

    47. #Bowtieman at work.

      Oh yeah!!! 😆

    48. mrmonkeyman79

      Was worried this was a cruel April Fool but checked the store and there it is!

      1. mrmonkeyman79

        @TGND there's a demos section

      2. TGND

        I am looking for the demo, in what part of the store is?

    49. Tokusatsu Keyblade

      I swear, Sony, this better not be an April fools joke.

      1. Jason kurjack

        Definitely not in April fool's joke I'm looking forward to this I may buy this right now normally I'm against paying full price cuz of sales every month but you know what whatever it's worth it.

    50. alberto vinicio

      R-Type and are the best 😎

    51. ZenIceHero

      R Type the classic and iconic space ship is back Yesh

    52. Alfredo Canas

      It doesn't look like a R-Type game at all, where's the organic environments? the levels look pretty uninspired.

    53. Monkey king

      I didn't realize I had an itch to play a shooter like this. Glad they have a demo.

    54. Ogami Itto

      Amazing looking game, abysmal sounding trailer music.

    55. Seth Dean

      So many great memories

    56. Matt Vermillion

      Sweet! Now, how about a "Super Cobra" upgrade next, please?

    57. Readygamestart

      Very excited for this game. Can't wait for the release!

    58. TheRandomname951

      Gibme the einhander remaster NAO!!!

    59. Larry Toaquiza


    60. Starfish_central

      *If you have never heard of R-Type Final or Gradius V and think shooting games are easy, then try one of these games!!!*

    61. Shi ki

      1 DE ABRIL

    62. Maeve Sterling

      Love this, my childhood was revived

    63. Articus Ramos

      R type? I haven't heard that namw in a while....but too bad about ps3/psp/Vita.......

    64. Edson Luiz

      Love Rtype ..

    65. KyanbuXM

      Haven't seen this franchise In a while.

    66. Ghost-x23

      Full nostalgia remember me when im playing 1945

    67. Steve Ow

      Cadê a demo? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    68. MiketheMan

      Just when I thought I couldn't wait any longer...thank you Playstation!

      1. Dready

        April fools

    69. Michael Serrat

      Yes R-Type 2 awesome !!!

    70. Dtroof49

      This is cool, but I need a Gradius reboot please.

      1. rhenoroyce

        @TheRandomname951 bobo

      2. TheRandomname951

        *Einhander reboot

    71. Gabe M


    72. Darun bhai


      I remember playing R-type in the arcade many many years ago when it was 10p to play. I love this game


        @cookie 13 loved that game

      2. cookie 13

        Yeah,me too back in 1990.But my favorite game was twin cobra!

    74. GaMe ReViEwS WiKi

      Ps 5 700$?

    75. GaMe ReViEwS WiKi

      Ps 5 top thanks

    76. Cleiton Souza


    77. Anubis G

      Amazing music. On that alone I would get this game. Finally a game that doesn't use rap. What a breath of fresh air.

    78. Vicente Carro

      The demo is not available in Spain yet.

      1. Xmacel45

        It's not available on Europe

      2. SmokSoldierz

        Same in france

      3. Strange 7s

        Peasant country haha

    79. SpeedRoid King

      I thought this was a new gradius game 😭

      1. Capt. Carl 503

        I wishhhh. R Type and gradius are the best!!

    80. Derek Ho 2013's

      From the people who bought you space channels 5

    81. Christopher Johnson

      So missed a trick with this. VR R-Type would rule

    82. Stark

      R-type unrelated...but i wish Enhinder from ps1 had a port to ps4 or remaster

      1. rhenoroyce

        You Disrespect the classic shmups.

      2. SatsuiRyu

        For real.

      3. TheRandomname951


    83. S13 Gaming

      This better not be an April Fools joke.

      1. 0JohnTheFox

        @S13 Gaming In case on the nintendo switch, you need to open the japan store, idk if the other consoles need that too

      2. S13 Gaming

        So while the game may be real, saying the demo is available now on the ps store was a crappy April fool's joke. I still can't find it on the store

      3. 邓伟文Kevintww

        The demo came out in nintendo switch and its not a joke

      4. Anubra Kahn

        It was originally announced back in 2019. Very real.

      5. Lee Bonnar

        @S13 Gaming yeah man I'm tried the UK and US store!

    84. Sam Fisher


    85. j


    86. CS64

      So it's Anime Gradius. Neat.

      1. cirescythe

        @CS64 ItS LiKe AvEnGeRs MeETs AnThEm

      2. CS64

        @cirescythe iT's lIKe fOrTNiTe

      3. cirescythe

        iTs LiKe DesTinY 2



    88. XxPerfect CellxX

      Ten dollars??

    89. NerbGaming

      Can we have einhander remake?

      1. rhenoroyce

        Wow. People only cares for Squre Enix games.

      2. TheRandomname951

        We can only wish. I don't know how I would feel about it though since I'm not liking how the remaster of N sane trilogy looks. If they did hopefully they could do it the justice it deserves

    90. Jonassien Dervils

      How do I fix the 0 Kilobyte glitch on my PS5?

    91. General Gaming

      When is below zero coming?

    92. Leo Baques

      Só quem jogou sabe o quanto é maneiro

      1. Leo Baques

        @evo michel pôde cre, tinha o do PS2 também

      2. Simple Man

        Sem dúvidas irmão, joguei demais no SNES

      3. evo michel

        Aquela musica do Rtype do snes na entrada do jogo chegava a arrepiar!!!

    93. Doctor Anarchy

      ╳ △ ◯ □ is the best.

    94. General Gaming

      On ps store

    95. ربى الصاعدي

      I would like

    96. General Gaming

      Is it free??

    97. chip chip nicolas


    98. r z

      This looks more like a mobile game ... sorry but it's a no for me .

    99. Mohamed Sherif l محمد شريف

      Hi i love your ps5 thanks

    100. Josue Jeremias

      The ships look amazing

      1. TheRandomname951

        @cirescythe 😏😏😏

      2. cirescythe

        @TheRandomname951 einhander ship looks like r type. r type Was there waaaaaay before einhander

      3. TheRandomname951

        Looks like the ship from einhander bruh