Rainbow Six Siege - The Playbook Story Trailer | PS4


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    In match overtime, the word "teamwork" becomes subjective. Learn how Flores lights up the competition in the new season, Crimson Heist.
    Rated Mature

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    1. Janusz Tracz Junior

      Can someone explain how shooting to people with guns can be considered game in this universe?

    2. ZeiYyrOxX -

      Elle sort quand la nouvelle saison sur ps4?

    3. Miles Morales

      UBISOFT Making Cinematic So Cool But IN-GAME 🤮

    4. DarkNauticus

      Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell baby

    5. Angel Cardenas

      Ash got carried and she still mad

    6. Angel Cardenas

      No way defenders lost again

    7. asikq

      Oof, it's smile

    8. Rain shinobi

      Rip Grace

    9. CJ Germann

      Sorry but ash is right

    10. Jdm enthusiasts Noah

      Rainbow 6 seige civil war the movie 🎥

    11. Zephyr360

      3:11 Who is that woman at the end on Ash’s side, Caveira?

    12. Mike Dixon

      Rainbow went from the best anti terrorist operators saving the world from constant threats of apocalypse to a tournament based game show

    13. Fatics



      The homie Castle is an og and yet still doesn't have an elite skin!

    15. VersionChanger

      Rainbow Six before: Professional Global Counter Terrorist Force Rainbow Six now: Bunch of athletes which has excess energy.

    16. Deleted

      kalis coming a defender


      What how did baracade (idk) survive that kali bullet did they nerfed her??!

    18. GerforGold

      dont they have corona there ?

    19. mythorganizer

      0:30 lol

    20. Iman Lee

      that Aruni wink.....*sigh*

    21. TheBllaCk SoldJha

      bugisoft make better cut scenes than the currently game

    22. TheBllaCk SoldJha

      bugisoft should update the hitbox and all the game😂

    23. Xbulelo - Profound Punk

      There’s a PS sale on now for anyone who reads this soon - just bought Fall Out 4 & PES 2021 for £25 altogether. Bargain 😂

    24. Hr MBW

      3:02 wait why did thermite get pushed? what did he do??

    25. Mitch

      Yo why we not getting stuff for ps5. Everybody knows that when the PS5 becomes widely attainable, they gonna abandon their ps4.

    26. Wolf Gaming

      R6S Civil War

    27. Jackson Smith

      Could have done without the lame ending but ok

    28. kent rio

      "we do not use people as bait here." Laughs in Solo Q

    29. Cristina Garcia

      When are defenders gonna win

    30. Bold Erdene

      That's why you wear helmets

    31. Enis Kirazoğlunun tattığı süt

      toxic kali


      I wonder what happens if kali hit ash instead of mira

    33. Joshuwa

      I think this is the most I’ve ever seen kali 😳

    34. ori cohen

      This is sickkk thank ubi

    35. Eivyz

      am i the only one who see pulse as the most badass

    36. ABHB

      Kali toxic

    37. Erick Barrett's Gaming Channel

      Since when can someone break through the wall (1:12)? Is that a new thing or is it just for this trailer?

    38. Bicmeister.


    39. Outlaw _Saw

      I thought aruni was oryx for a sec

    40. Mateo Torres

      Man I would love to watch a rainbow six movie, imagine team ash vs team kali like civil war, it would be awesome!

    41. Plexor

      Where is mute?

    42. damian harris

      Don't care what nobody says Rainbow Six is the best game out there that's all I play and I have a PS5

    43. StarLightFire

      Wait, is the whole game presented as a weird type of sport? I have never played Siege but I always thought it was a counter-terrorism unit?

      1. StarLightFire

        @CJ Germann Huh interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

      2. CJ Germann

        The tournament has fake bullets I think, and the online matches might be a type of practice, the terro hunt is probably real

    44. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    45. Shtirlic

      Бабы по пьяни сцепились

    46. Cero

      I see Caveira lost again

    47. Tom Lambeth

      0:29 cav obviously got tk'd

    48. Papa Sou

      PLEASE PS5

    49. kreigthepsycho

      Kali looks like sam fisher in SC: blacklist

    50. Babywolf

      2:08 pls F6 it was an accident pls

    51. 4 7


    52. Kenshigo

      Rainbow Sie Siege: Waman war

    53. Zooty

      An israeli posing as an American starting an internal fight. . . color me shocked

    54. 银河小铁骑

      To be continued, Rainbow Six Siege:Age of Ultron Rainbow Six Siege: Infinity War Rainbow Six Siege:End game.

    55. Broomsticktache

      Bruh kali nearly got smacked tf out

    56. NeeroShean Beatz

      Rainbow six 🌈 lgbtq feminists

    57. uR_mOm Ur_MoM

      They should make it so that u can swing around walls like kali did here cuz I’m sick of climbing all the way up or down just to move left a little

    58. uR_mOm Ur_MoM

      Wait, why isn’t Sam playing

      1. CJ Germann

        He was teaching the operators not playing with them (you kinda have to forget about as a playable character)

    59. uR_mOm Ur_MoM

      Why did they stop making these, it’s sooo gud

    60. Geo Pena

      What’s Release date

    61. Auther Fleck

      Yeah I hate teammates bait me

    62. Benhur Emmanuel


    63. Dz Boudjsofi

      fake you kali

    64. Sean S

      Nighthaven was the worst thing to happen recently

    65. Justin Y Minecraft brother


    66. Ben Henderson

      They gotta fix that leaky sink; water bill no joke 💀

    67. _luckycharms_

      You would think some of the best counter terrorist operators in the world would be less petty

    68. Fiz P

      So, is it a death match or they actually use rubber bullet/non-lethal round?

      1. CJ Germann


    69. Christian

      Make more PS5 consoles it’s hard to get!!!!!

    70. Abdel XXL

      Are they using real guns? (I know it’s animated)

    71. Walter

      Give me my money back you guys stole it

    72. Jeremiah Miguel

      Make a movie🎥 🙌

    73. Le' Artistique

      Ash upset about a small ear cut. Girl, Mira took that round to the face and her face shield wasn’t on. Relax

    74. ThePortalMaster

      surprised they got this to run over 30 fps

    75. Альфа Призрак

      В любом случаи я остаюсь на стороне Ash, потому что Cali действует только в своих интересах, не думая об остальных из команды.

    76. AyCorbin

      Sick trailer

    77. Suspended Roasting

      Hii just want tooo say addd roblox too in ps4

    78. The Unknown

      That smile from aruni tho 😍

    79. GrimShock

      Ash: We do not use people as live bait Me: uhh **remembers downed teammates and hostage left as bait**(Especially for Cav)

    80. ricochet

      chicas matando chicas y también chicas matando hombres, y la pregunta es cuando habrá animales matando chicas y hombres. posdata ya lo se no los matan solo los dejan mimiendo

    81. Barry B. Benson

      now, do cyberpunk 2077, but in the year 2076 instead.

    82. Erron Black

      I wish pulse went on a killing spree again

    83. X-OMFG-X

      I hope they make series for this

    84. HiiqhFiive _

      Toxic ash

    85. mahan farid

      The ending is basically the community of the game

    86. Lazy khur


    87. GOW vBlackbeard

      Man kali a big scum bag she baited the other team with her team mates like a pro would do

    88. matthew hall

      i thought that was Caitlyn Jenner in the thumbnail

    89. Chris Barry

      Tom Clancy is rolling in his grave.

    90. Mr mdet

      PS4:1080p 30FPS PS5:8K 60FPS

    91. DameSmiff

      Y’all remember the terrorists that were gonna destroy the country? Pepperridge Farms does

    92. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or to keep one."-Robert E. Lee TERRANCE OUT

    93. Abdul Rafay Naeem

      The way aruni looks at thermite ❤️❤️

    94. Madama Life

      Заходите и подписывайтесь на мой канал

    95. davernrush

      Man, what a crappy time for gaming. Bethesda or perhaps Fromsoft, save us already.

    96. Глеб Васин

      That’s awesome!

    97. Grefgs

      La octava maravilla del mundo

    98. Dokkaebi Dokkaebi


    99. _winterbarnes

      that small hitbox coming in play once again

    100. Odise Grillo

      Strong independent women💪