Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Crimson Heist Reveal Trailer | PS4


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    Getting the job done often requires a creative approach. That's where he comes in.
    Tune in Sunday, February 21 for the full reveal LIVE on twitch.tv/rainbow6.

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    1. nevan fabian

      Who is defender

    2. Michal Slabý

      When this come to ps4?

    3. TheAdutu1


      1. Chicken TV

        C4 drone

    4. Urban_Flame

      RCXD inbound

    5. Sobek K

      Why do it say Full Reveal if there’s no test Server??

    6. Joshua Reeder

      Young Glaz in the house!

    7. Jo wee

      Finally we have a suicidal drone that will blow up people

    8. Michael Douglas

      Where is Matilda!

    9. Кирилл Барышников

      "Watch your back" @Flores

    10. Kangaroofie

      Hopefully with a new map instead of an incredibly bad map rework.

    11. Yeo Edwin

      Hopefully, Rainbow Six Siege should include Hong Kong SDU.

    12. That Mat

      This is gonna be so op

    13. I so Melbourne

      Why do I feel like he's gonna be the worst op in the game

    14. yeetus deletus

      Imagine holding an angle and seeing this demon of a drone peak around the corner i am OUT i don't care if i am in site GOODBYE you won't see me in site anymore i will be a light year away from any sign of life or drone.

    15. Dr Cory

      Excellent game trailer

    16. SaiyanMerc

      is that leon from the leon the professional? :p

    17. fergee01 gaming

      So it's a fancy RCXD

    18. Маrk B

      I think Ubisoft will nerf him before he comes out 😂

    19. John Morrison

      YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BOOM DRONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BANE OF PREPARATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WHEN STOLEN BY MOZZIE, THE BANE OF ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH THE MEMES!!!!!!!!!!! THE GLORIOUS MEEEEEEEEEEEEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE SUICIDER BOMBER DRONE MEMES THIS THING WILL GENERATE WILL QUICKLY GET TO DEGENERATE LEVEL!!! (sorry for the yelling but I remember the stupid plays I did with cousin in Black Ops II with an RCXD and a bunch C4)

    20. ปฏิภาณ เกตุผดุง 6103

      Inspiration from person in thailand : Gssspoted

    21. Liam S

      Bomb voyage

    22. Rambo

      Isn’t it time for a new game or is this gonna be milked for a couple more years still

    23. J M

      Kinda gave up on the whole tactical thing huh?

    24. Multiverse Sonic

      This game still exists? Lol

    25. rezadt73

      @PlayStation we want 1440p resolution support

    26. Geise Viana

      guys already imagined if the playstation created again a ps2 only that evolved to work the same old games only that the video game was new that could connect to the wireless wifi network that had many things like not working pirated games this would be very great and sensational a new ps2 this would sell a lot

    27. RaMo Don

      better than aruni at least

    28. KingAwfDallaz

      Make new operator ideas

    29. JayJaws 24

      Rc-xd ready for deployment

    30. Jordan 0901

      It’s basically a guaranteed kill if you get him

    31. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    32. gifford lee

      Why give me more to crappie sorry game. Why isn't there more content for divison 2 when that game is far more superior than this shifty game

    33. Behrang Hessamfar

      Mucho spaghetti!!!!👌

    34. Mark Phimister

      Those drones most be very slow tho or they might not one hit kill hopefully

    35. Wintertech Gaming

      This game is balanced



    37. Well-Flavored Goat

      Will the next op have a care package gadget?

    38. João Antonio

      HOLY SHIISH, is so cool! =!👌🏻

    39. Al Aok


    40. EL CHEF - DaniJuega1

      Franquicias nuevas que ya el olor a basura llega hasta la luna.

    41. Banealot

      Anyone else feel better on attack than on defense lately? Better guns, scopes and it's obvious where defenders are gonna be 80% of the time.

    42. Bendy Demon

      Give Yandex money back!

    43. Eli Hayes

      how haven't we had an explodey drone yet i feel like this already should've happened


      its gonna get hijacked 😂

    45. Vodka Slam

      Called it... I knew this was coming out a mile away. No Creativity .... Yawn

    46. Emre Aykan

      Whats this about single or multiplayer?

    47. Aman Desai

      So bomers r back

    48. Hadi Hamden

      On my birthday

    49. Crimphanto

      Ubisoft keeps ruining the game with these ridiculous new operators they keep adding in.

    50. EYE YES

      *Laughs in Australian*

    51. Mason the great founder of the sall nation

      look sick

    52. Space Goose

      Wait so this dude's ability is a boom drone I don't like where this is going

    53. Taisho Ch.[隊長]

      Mfs finna be raging like crazy. [Insert summit1g punching CPU screen]

    54. HairlessApe

      Wow must of taken them so long to come up with that concept

    55. Lelfay

      my man richard is gonna have a blast in ranked

    56. Cyber_skull_2002 -Gaming

      RC XD

    57. CodeNameLux

      So this is what the final form for the suicide bombers are from terrorist hunt. They've adapted.

    58. Keisaun Carano

      My man said my RC 🚗 go BOOM

    59. TRANQUiLiTY永

      Lovely an RC-XD just what this game needed 🤦🏽‍♂️ they better make this fair, either they can be as strong as kapkans traps but he has 2 of them. Or 1 powerful drone but it’s big, loud and easy to shoot

    60. James_

      After 5 years of siege the Roomba strikes back

    61. FunZeUs2015xl Xx

      Yayyyyy the games gonna be unplayable well doneeeeeeèeeee

    62. d muranyi

      Mute: 😎👍

    63. Karem Gaming Pro

      Finally there is a trailer of rembo six sige

    64. Wolf

      now the game is back on track of being 1:1 with the community.... toxic af

    65. Mr. Soup

      Kamikaze drones,yes, ubisoft is always looking a way to f up Rainbow Six Siege

    66. x V3N0MP00L x

      ‘Deep call of duty voice’ Rc-xd I N B O U N D

    67. Kernelsquadron

      So glad I stopped playing this

    68. Sr Hirsch

      Se parece a Mr.Jagger no jodas

    69. Dupy_ Acid

      If your in the kill range of that "RC-XD" it will send you back to fortnite

    70. TiMeg Simon

      They literally put a RC-XD...

    71. Otaku_GameFan


    72. Dupy_ Acid

      This drone is as twice as big as a twitch drone it has to be a few shots before it blows up

    73. Ayaan

      The Allah Akbar drone

    74. TheTwicksShow

      Yall remember Twitch? Yea me neither

    75. hermes salex

      My theory is that They might put the night back in r6👀

    76. ITz CHAMPz

      Twitch 2.0

    77. NormalBiscuit95

      hehe drone go boom

    78. Максим Сербин

      Mini goliath

    79. SBOO OOM

      Next operator says alah akbr and he have a RPG

    80. Ian

      Why though

    81. MAGMALORD360

      Glaz finally has a brother.

    82. Terminal Sarcasm

      Jean Reno?

    83. Ter 30

      This game needs better graphics and stuff men.And counter attack this device is easy

    84. Assassingamer143

      They finally brought the explosive roomba in the game, I can't believe it

      1. ROgueRen

        Bruhhhhh I can’t wait to do a vid on this garbage do you think all the professional players are going to rage at this?

    85. Dmitrii Batuev

      Contra Force remastering:p

    86. bimbo

      Idc who we get, I just want to get 2 NEW CHARACTERS WITH NEW GUNS

    87. Mirothehero

      Just play mute and surround yourself with signal blockers

    88. Lord Tachanka -

      no nO NO NO NOOOOOOO

    89. Kira Yoshikage

      Protect the bombs _-I few moments later-_ _-2 defenders left-_

    90. Kira Snow

      Ready to grindddd 😏

    91. HAL 9000

      Ah yes... Kamikaze drones, exactly what this game needed

    92. crator 117

      Ese es mi barbas

    93. Svasta

      Oh this is gonna be such a cancer...

    94. Jason's Collection

      What is happening to Siege 😞

    95. Kitruner

      Is OP very

    96. MecoJean

      Now everyone will be scared when the are watching the cameras

    97. ThatRagingGamer

      When are we getting nomad and the ghosts?

    98. Raditya Kuncorojati

      Op drone?

    99. FR0STS0UL

      The operator looks like jschlatt

    100. Viktor

      A french with RC-XD...