Retrace: Memories of Death - Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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    When a ghost tour goes horribly wrong, Freya and her friends find themselves in a strange and unforgiving alternate world, one that desires their death. Take the role of Freya as she seeks a way out and discovers the ability to rewind time, giving her a chance to test new paths and make different decisions in a bid for their survival.
    Explore an atmospheric realm of mystery that blends pixel art gameplay with hand-painted character portraits. Solve logic-based puzzles and overcome pulse-pounding action sequences, uncover secrets about the sinister parallel dimension and explore deep relationships with Freya’s companions. Will the terror of this experience bring the survivors closer together or tear them apart forever?
    Retrace: Memories of Death is available this week for PS4™.
    Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence

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    1. Hikari Tairitsu

      Nice BGM!

    2. Hall.p

      *couldn’t they just create an external cd drive with a built in emulator for ps1,2 & 3? Would that be so impossible?*

      1. Zephyr360

        @N1ce Dreams Okay Mr. Engineer, where’d you get your degree?

      2. N1ce Dreams


    3. Gary Steven

      Would have been nice if it was released on Vita 😭

    4. Arve Eriksson

      If this makes the PS4's fan spin up I will be much disappoint.

    5. Radioli

      Playstation forgot to put their logo in the thumbnail.

    6. Francesco Fontana

      Why this look like mad father....

    7. Tafsir Jalalain

      We are waiting for the next gen of handheld consoles from Sony

    8. robson fujii

      Retrace without ray tracing.

    9. Sir Kadabra

      Xqc in the thumbnail

    10. Mubarak Hajery

      Who draw the artwork a kindergarten toddler?

      1. N1ce Dreams

        Probably more talented that you ya wee fruit

    11. Herencian

      Sooo uhhhhh... Who gave this the green light? Stevie wonder?

    12. Stuff in the House

      When are We going to see PS4 Fatal Frame ? Or PS4 Silent Hill ? 😱😎😷

    13. Gameover CMC

      PS five controller feels like you’re holding a mini spaceship

    14. giftedBastard

      Fix your ps5 scalper issue

      1. N1ce Dreams


    15. Coco Boy

      When playstation will easily available at store 🏬 in us

    16. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

      1. N1ce Dreams

        Cry me a river

      2. giftedBastard

        Until they add something like ID verification; bots can continue to buy up all the stock online the second stock comes back on, something really

    17. Terjay

      Oh hey. It's some complete garbage again.

    18. Derek Ho 2013's

      From the team who bought you the power puff girls

    19. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

      Man, this looks terrible.

    20. حسين الدراجي


    21. Dardo Ocampo

      Y esta basura?

    22. DIMIDROL

      why did you abandon the development of PSP 2

    23. Omid Raynor

      Imagine buying PS5 for this.

      1. Anthony A

        @Omid Raynor Lol

      2. Omid Raynor

        @Anthony A so does it make it unplayable on PS5? I don't think so!

      3. Anthony A

        Title clearly says ps4 lol

    24. King Eivor

      might buy it if I'm drunk or want something to laugh at.

    25. MhZ.__.RoBl0x

      Tros nll

    26. James Fox

      Always happy to see the support for indie devs

    27. juniorgod321

      I'm glad that still even in 2021,the Master System keeps getting new games!

    28. Roy Paul

      I would rather play nothing

    29. Frank

      When PS5 comin in stores?

      1. BLMcorrectme


      2. Stack Machine

        Lol it's not that hard man if you put the effort

    30. 嘘

      *I N T E R E S T I N G!*

    31. Fox456

      Planet zoo to ps4

    32. Papa Sou

      PLEASE PS5

    33. Baka_Marimo

      Looks like someone finally ported RPG Maker 2000 to the PS4.

      1. Fattz the Panda

        They did port RPG Maker to PS4 some time back, so...

      2. fallen water • 51 years ago

        I thought it’s been ported

      3. Rory conroy

        Unkind this was clearly an MV job.😉

    34. Ammra Power


    35. SirReal Killer

      Lol. Nintendo: introducing Project Triangle Strategy! Sony: Hold my beer.

    36. Naahdude

      This is the type of games i used to make on RPG Maker back then without any assets what so ever

    37. Bossmed6556 TV

      ps5 vita

      1. Lemming 998

        Per-lease Sony Per-lease. Pretty please.

    38. TallulahSoie

      Censored for your protection. -SCEA

      1. Israel Romero


    39. ClapZ on Linear

      My parents promised me if i get 1k subs by the end of this year they will get me a new monitor and keyboard I really need that🦊💙

    40. BagnascoPhx


    41. João Antonio

      Holy Shiish

    42. Haitam Boulahia


    43. Coof

      is this hen tai?

      1. giftedBastard

        Might be

      2. Gaming Powerz


      3. ジョアンダアソン

        @ClapZ on Linear and no

      4. ジョアンダアソン


      5. ClapZ on Linear

        My parents promised me if i get 1k subs by the end of this year they will get me a new monitor and keyboard I really need that🦊💙

    44. Adriana Robledo ASMR

      I like the music lol

    45. olde mor

      Bad game. It looks like something from a nintendo ds

    46. Boss Ross

      If it has a platinum, I'm there. 👌🏻

    47. BTSGaming

      The game looks interesting although the graphic style is not my cup of tea

    48. ValeronRdr2 Morgan666

      Xbox series x 💚💚💚💚💚 PlayStation 5🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

      1. Mohamed just a guy


    49. aSHTEBALA

      The gameplay doesn’t look interesting but I love the music

      1. Droide Tormenta


    50. mo5tar Gaming

      We are 2021 or 1999 ? :/

      1. Lex لكس

        Bruh this is called pixel art

    51. Ángel games 2

      Son las 5 40 acá y youtube me recomienda esto

    52. Ryan

      This is very low quality and it is getting promoted HOW?

    53. Chid dabbasc R

      Q U A L I T Y ~~

    54. limit


    55. Crack_Jaliskillo

      Who else trying to cop a ps5


        I already got one

    56. CD Carelse

      Hard Pass

    57. BlackDragon

      Something weird is going on at Sony, they’ve let quite a few of these very low tier games onto their store and now they’re promoting them. What is this, nepotism? Someone doing someone else a personal favor? How can you ask anyone to pay money for this? There’s a million other things on Steam made by indie developers that are better than this.

      1. fallen water • 51 years ago

        Easy money.

      2. Ginsu131

        Because Sony makes money when people buy games, so why not promote them. Doesn’t cost anything to upload a video to THwikis.

    58. Fede Cañete


    59. Tanmor تانمور

      I think this game easy platinum

    60. Alperen Altıntaş

      I think bad

    61. Marcus Cheong

      Sony, produce a new PlayStation handheld without any proprietary memory cards and support and market the console better. Then, it will definitely sell well


        I don’t think marketing was at play here the vita even tho I enjoy it is fundamentally terrible it claims to play console lvl games but runs borderlands 3 even old ps2 games at disgustingly low framerates that it was unplayable if you want a powerful handheld just buy a switch if you already have it then enjoy it

    62. keys hattrick


    63. Agent Virus

      OoooooooOoOOOOo this is interesting

      1. ClapZ on Linear

        My parents promised me if i get 1k subs by the end of this year they will get me a new monitor and keyboard I really need that🦊💙

    64. ВЛАД А4 ВИДЕО


    65. Nikola Tesla

      Getting PS4 to play this is totally absurd

    66. Vocci FN

      Imagine playing on console in 2021

      1. fallen water • 51 years ago

        @Vocci FN imagine going to the playstation account just to hate

      2. Frank

        @Vocci FN an innocent puppy

      3. Laos Alterga

        @Vocci FN imagine being so salty about Console market because yours is irrelevant in comparision :v lol

      4. Vocci FN

        @Alex Mason ps5555!!!!! Imagine playing on console in 2021

      5. Alex Mason

        What? I think people try to play on a Ps5 so what are you talking about

    67. Kamikaze Ray

      What a rpg maker feel.

    68. mlp unplug

      So Sony I was wondering if you’d like to check out my newest video it’s called Will there be a kingdom hearts 4 Character creator

    69. Bobby Hill

      What is this clown fruit salad?

    70. こうさか


    71. Cobra2700

      Ps4 performance peaked reached right here

      1. Stuff in the House

        Exactly.. PS4 can not handle this game.. It will make Our PS4 Over heat İt should goes to PS5 instead 😎

      2. Sebastian C

        I don't understand how the ps4 can handle this much power

    72. كرار oky


    73. فوكسي][Foxy

      fnaf trailer❌ 2d game✅

    74. fishy ppoy

      Xbox is the best

      1. Dental Plan Lisa Needs Braces


      2. Lemming 998

        Of course it is dear. Now take your medication.

      3. Alex Mason

        Why are you here then?


      Thanks you 😊 💗

    76. Optimal Lemur07

      Yg baca komenku, semoga cepat punya playstation 5

      1. Optimal Lemur07

        Indonesia my bro

      2. Razzi Razzmi

        What your language

      3. Optimal Lemur07

        Wah salah bahasa gw tau

    77. ريان العمري


      1. giftedBastard


      2. Frank


    78. Adhithya .N

      I am not having ps4

      1. Adhithya .N

        My pc broke 😭🥺😭

      2. Just that apple you killed Yesterday

        Buy a PC. Then you won’t have to spend $80 for a game then pay for something as stupid as PS+ to actually play online

    79. ايمن سندي


    80. Seril Killers gaming

      I love playstion

      1. Lemming 998

        I prefer Playstation myself.😎

      2. AndrewVideos510

        So do i

    81. Christopher Jacob-Cade Allen

      Like if pkaystation is the best gaming console

      1. Alex Mason

        Dislike this comment above me if you hate console wars

    82. Ося

      Im 8

    83. AndrewVideos510

      Nothing interesting for me to play that one 🤔

      1. BLMcorrectme

        Its just another regular Haunted house RPG with the amount of games like that they're more interesting than this, and the characters in this look like vampires but they the one that ain't got no blood

    84. Miami Sunrise

      Thank you Sony!

    85. Gamerkurtyboy Ink


    86. Game Channel Minecraft

      I added a very cool video game please rate🎮☺️

      1. V R


    87. Davido PL06

      But BeldoC v:vvv

    88. PwincessKamuii

      Oooooo 🤩



      1. Optimal Lemur07

        Aku ramein bang hahaha

    90. Xoslumped _


    91. muhammad luthfi