Soulcalibur VI : Monthly Finals NA : PS4 Tournaments Open Series


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    Go head to head live on the Competition Center!! Challengers wanted.
    Mortal Kombat 11 :​
    Competition Center :​
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle :​
    Soulcalibur VI :​
    UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] :​

    #SCVI #PS4Tournaments #SoulCalibur

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    1. Davian Ho

      齐力克 (Kilik) & 真喜志 (Maxi) - 好兄弟

    2. 2Sik2Eazy


    3. Spartan40

      Best fighter.

    4. Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

      Great video

    5. SatorGrin

      Supporting my Boy SlyTiger 🐅

    6. TheMerlin1984

      Graphics look awful

      1. Simonsays PRODUCE

        There not even that bad do yall play games for graphics or game play because game play is way more important to me

    7. Maroon 1 ibnou ali

      Bro frame calibur is amazing!! Why i found about it only now!

    8. Yoshi Cookie

      Can someone find the time stamp for that crazy Kilik combo?

    9. Yoshi Cookie

      Amazing. Kilik still needs some buffs, believe it or not... but Maxi does as well! Go SoulCalibur!

    10. Angel Star Studios

      Niiiice, love Soul Calibur

    11. علي الأسمر

    12. الي يضربك معناها هو يحبك

      Cool game


      I have ps 5 fortnite had 29 GB update now ask someone in 8 hours

    14. No other Like my own skin

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    15. nornajmi abd ghani

      I dont have ps3 ps4 ps5

      1. الي يضربك معناها هو يحبك

        @nornajmi abd ghani You can buy the PS4 because it is cheap now

      2. nornajmi abd ghani

        I have ps2😭😭😓

    16. Jon Wagner

      The enormous ethernet considerably entertain because straw macroscopically tame outside a abiding point. lumpy, energetic dinner

      1. Tim Duffy

        I think I had a stroke reading this 😂

    17. sapta


    18. João Pedro Weinert

      Por favor e perdi a minha conta

    19. الزعيم


      1. الي يضربك معناها هو يحبك


    20. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

      1. Jesus Gonzalez

        I hope it's successful your gaming channel Happy Gaming bro 💚💚💚💚🕹🎮💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    21. Digital Elixir

      Fantastic matches. Kilik

    22. Joey Boey

      tell me when security breach is released

    23. jhonatan games4