Star Wars Republic Commando - Launch Trailer | PS4


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    STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™ is out NOW on PlayStation 4!
    Are you ready to infiltrate, dominate and annihilate?
    It is time to lead your squad to victory.

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    1. Murillo Bertonsin

      4k 60fps at least?

    2. Wilmen Antiquera

      This gives me hopes for a possible remaster of the ps2 revenge of the sith game

    3. Robert Mihai

      I hope they will fix the mouse sensitivity on the pc version

    4. Joseph Wee

      When will this be available on playstation network asia? Its only available on the us site

    5. Angel Piñero

      Se podrá comprar en físico o solo estará disponible en digital?

    6. Synisgod33

      Dark Forces II Jedi Knight next pls 👍

    7. Scott Hudson Deutsch


    8. Julian Guerrero

      having fun with the locals ey sev

    9. Erick Burgos

      Used to play this on PC and multiplayer was solid too

    10. Edward Escalante

      I hate how pressing the crouch button lasts one millisecond for crouching. I have to hold it to keep it crouched. The is bad when I'm trying to take cover and revive my downed squad or disarming a proximity mine.

    11. Noble6233

      Im still scared of the sound of those heavy battle droids walking through dark hallways.

    12. J Leonard

      "Get yourself some bacta, soldier!"

    13. Flavio Sonanini

      they should do a remake of this a new game that would be awesome

    14. Samuli Tyyskä

      Statement: Now would be a perfect time to remaster KOTOR I & KOTOR II. -HK-47, probably

    15. James Kennedy

      Wow ! Ps5 graphics ! Amazing.😂😂😂😂

    16. Lightning Jay

      I'm glad PS2 is still getting games in 2021 :')

    17. Buffsuki

      My childhood 😭 but since I still have the og plus og Xbox I’m getting it on switch so I can take it on the go

    18. legiongamerworkBRUH ben

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️my childhood

    19. Man OnEarth

      I loved this back in the day but it's way to expensive for what it has to offer in 2021. Remaster it and maybe add coop, now that is game people will buy.

    20. David Rafael Filip

      Is this actually for real

      1. David Rafael Filip

        A full remaster/ remake ?

    21. FasterSpade 434

      Please just give us battlefront 2 the real one

    22. Alex Lugo

      Cheat codes?? Lol how do you do them?

    23. you you

      Do a remake and not a simple "hd remastered"

    24. Ash C

      4k 60?

    25. rexile1986

      Still not showing in ps store asia

    26. Титаренко Илья

      no new lighting, now new textures, just lil upscale - next-gen "remasters" terrify me(

    27. Edward Escalante

      There's also a bug where fixer got stuck floating near a rock after I received the anti armor attachment at geonosis and reaching a deadend and then moving onto the demolition phase. Can this get fixed soon?

    28. Edward Escalante

      There's a bug where I keybind R1 as the use button and when I hold that button to use squad commands, the commands won't execute.

    29. david apurillo

      Why is this not available in the asian psn store?

    30. MattD

      Didn't know they used the voice actor from battlefront 2 too. MAKE A SEQUEL

    31. Chipchilinka Chip

      This took how many years to port?

    32. Kurs3

      I've always wanted to play this but has it aged well?

    33. aawwss81

      links like ps 2 game

    34. Святослав Игоревич

      "You. Bacta. Now."

    35. David Galaktionoff

      I’m so glad to hear about this, I only ever had the chance to play the demo back when it released!

    36. BxN cvsper

      The nostalgia . I had this game on my orginal Xbox, never touched it again because of the mission u have to diffuse the bomb 😂

    37. Starkiller100

      I don’t remember gore in this game? Am I forgetting something gents

      1. HitFlare

        The genosians explode in a gory manner (green blood) when you shoot them sometimes or if you do a head shot with the sniper to them, and the blood of the enemies stays in your visor briefly. The only red blood that you will see it's from the clones and the wookies but it's mild in comparison to the geonosians

    38. Edward Escalante

      The best A.I. experience as a lone wolf.

    39. Edward Escalante

      "Delta Squad! Form up!"

    40. Isaac O'Keefe

      Bought this within 5 minutes of learning it existed

    41. Deka Tron

      "Take offensive formation!" 😎

    42. The Alfinator

      This looks awesome actually

    43. Darth Krayt

      Che remaster di merda complimenti

    44. Davinci

      I'm so ready for this!!! LETS GO

    45. EvilJoe

      No way this can’t be

    46. BIGPOUu

      make remake please

    47. Hector Vega IV

      This is what ive waited for

    48. Mitchell Christensen

      Why does this look like an N64 launch trailer?

      1. ColetheKing2002

        Because this game is from 2005. They're just porting it to the PS4

    49. Croissant

      Genuinely the fastest ive ever bought a game

    50. flurr7572

      LeS GoOoOoOO

    51. Paul Van Doren

      Deserves a proper remake DICE, we need U!

    52. AlwaysAwesome353

      Scratches head WHAT YEAR IS IT?

    53. MaxiJazz

      Очередная "победа" сони

    54. Monsieur Cams

      NEED BATTLEFRONT 2 2005 NOW Please, PlayStation....

    55. Zonemd Grind

      What is this 🤣🤣🤣

    56. 1-800-LaFLARE

      Wait....I'm confused did they forget to add graphics???...or is this supposed to look like a Ps3 game intentionally


        It's a old 2005 game

    57. NYC_Goody

      I somehow missed this game growing up and I loved star wars. So it's safe to say I will be buying this tomorrow and then proceed to boof the content whenever I'm able to actually play it.

    58. Rumuel Nathanael

      All these remasters, remakes, re-releases are just plain lazy and cash grab.


        It's not a remaster it's just a original port

    59. Mr.Optimistic Gamer

      But it doesn’t look remastered lol🤣

      1. Mr.Optimistic Gamer

        I know idiot 🤣


        Because it's not idiot

    60. Noïsy Boy

      Cool un nouveau jeu ps2 ! 😂

    61. reedofwater

      "Launch"? Why are they acting like this is a new game? Dissapointing.

    62. Will Watson

      Endmark has “PS5 Logo” listed as a trademark twice

    63. Brandon

      not sure why, i played it on pc several months ago and this looks worse i thought it was just a relaunch but for consoles hope it was something done in editing

    64. Rubeen

      For the republic!!

    65. Cole Viloria

      Please buy this so they know we want a sequel.

    66. bailey behzadi

      I’m so happy and I now have it

    67. 08aoc

      Still waiting for SW Battlefront 2 to be remastered!

    68. Gabriel Chirinos

      Welcome to the earliest 2000, only kotor is missing

    69. Theo Tongson

      Nostalgia lesgo

    70. ZanFear

      Can you imagine if Aspyr brought KOTOR to PlayStation?!

      1. Edward Escalante

        Can you imagine SWTOR finally getting shutdown? No really, that game needs to go.

      2. Panda Gaming

        They did for mobile actually so fingers crossed

    71. Nick

      Get yourself some Bacta Soldja!

    72. Baruch Asael Reyes Álvarez

      For The Republic

    73. Logan S


    74. Shadow's Channel

      These graphics look horrible


        This game is older then you

    75. mario massenzio

      Should have updated the graphics more. It's pretty sad

    76. Zach Long

      Just me or does this look just like Halo?

    77. Battlefront Cinematic

      Vode An

    78. penezu

      I have been wanting to replay this for some time. Well seems now its the time!

    79. Fuzzy_sheriff 007

      Hi, please help me how to change the language in the game?

    80. J & J Twins

      I bought that game instantly

    81. Константин Ким

      Лучшие что случилось в игровой индустрии 🌠

    82. Fil's Films

      About the PS3 store......

    83. Kevin Vo

      Patch in gyro aiming as an option

    84. Meka

      I'll pay $2 for those graphics. Thanks

    85. Eddy


    86. Skrall

      shame it didnt get a graphic update, imagine this game looking like battlefront 2. would easily pay launch price. but i guess im just gonna wait for a sale. edit: saw that the launch price is just 15€, decent. but no reason to buy when i have the CD or could buy it for 3€ on PC again. would easily pay 30 if it had updated graphics.



    87. Robbie Burns

      Everything old is new again.

      1. Bruno der Kameramaa

        "Just resell old stuff and double the price"-sony

    88. Lawnyyy

      I love this, but I wish they REMASTERED it!!

    89. András Lux

      Looks like a PS2 game. Oh wait..

    90. Kim Jong Un

      Lets all buy ot so we can get imperial commando.

    91. The Shadow

      Hello there 😏

    92. That Scottish Nerd

      One of my favourite Star Wars games! Highly recommend people play this!


      Gráfico de PS2?

    94. Juan Pablo Escobar Hidalgo


    95. Γιωργος Γεωργιτσανακος

      Where can i find it in the store. Because i cant find it

    96. Jedi Master

      Love is... Republic Commando! )))

    97. Sir. Fun

      No remastered...why???

    98. BrokenWrench

      RAD!!!! I hope they make a sequel now

    99. Igor Volkov

      Imagine this with STAR WARS Battlefront II graphics

      1. gokusondbz

        But No EA!!!...

    100. Julian Shipp Jr

      I'm so excited!!!! I've never played this game before but heard great things and so far I'm enjoying it 👍🏾

      1. NYC_Goody

        @Lizbeth What's idiotic about it? I said that maybe 13 hours after he posted? Be nice!

      2. Lizbeth

        @NYC_Goody What an idiot comment.

      3. NYC_Goody

        You're probably done with it by now. I'm assuming it's a short game. How was it?

      4. Caden Ross

        Same here