Street Fighter V: Champion Edition - Dan Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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    Dan Hibiki, the Master of Saikyo style, is ready for action in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! Taunt your way to victory and make a show of it!
    Add Dan, Rose, Akira, Oro, and a 5th character to your Street Fighter V roster with the Season 5 Premium Pass and Character Pass AVAILABLE NOW! (Content will be released beginning Feb. 22, 2021. Please check official channels for content details and schedule.)

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    1. Christopher Brunetti

      I want asura

    2. Q Wallace

      Style. Damage will be, but style? Takes talent.

    3. Alberich Rogers

      Dan Dan Dan Daaannn DAAAANNNNN !!!!!

    4. A33 wendy lim

      Dan uslles coppyright ryu and ken power

    5. Louis Managa

      0:51 Witch Time reference anyone?

    6. Crimson Sigma

      So why did it take so long to bring Dan in the game

    7. Shin Hiryo Zenchikiza


    8. Ice Bear

      At least Street Fighter V brought back a legacy character unlike Tekken's S4 DLC 18 🙄

    9. AJR 9946

      People really gotta stop feeding this live service trash. I can't remember the last time I saw a complete fighting game without micro transactions and season passes.

    10. nbdante

      CAPCOM keep making fan of Art of Fighting characters!! This looks like the best version of DAN!

    11. Floriano Gontijo


    12. Ddd Bbb

      how about making new street fighter alpha game

    13. OuhPii

      his taunt links are kinda insane

    14. Fernando Santos


    15. mohd497

      street fighter 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> street fighter 5

    16. Joel Stevenson

      Our king has arrived!

    17. 케니

      That's not dan he's too powerful

    18. Venom Neff

      Capcom Spoofed Art of Fighting by creating Dan which was ironic

    19. Bhati Vijay

      Pls make some interesting action , adventure , superhero, crime city type games

      1. Marco Zepeda

        Man how old are you

    20. Bhati Vijay

      Sir pls make some interesting games

    21. gold


      1. Marco Zepeda

        ps4 games are backwards compatible

    22. OHARA


    23. Robert Chan

      Dan the man is back baby

    24. Ddarke11

      Gameplay looks fun but omgf that voice...

    25. Mars Lowell

      Never forget. Dan Hibiki 😎

    26. Dylan Dunn

      Street Fighter Rules 💎💎💎

    27. Adilson Garcia

      Before releasing something new, correct the bugs in actual version

      1. Marco Zepeda

        name me some bugs

    28. Daniel Bello Mellies


    29. HumbleRumble Savage808

      Dan's finally becoming the Man, what a Chad, proud of you dude :,)

    30. Scorpion909 2k14

      Man he went ultra instinct

    31. Michael Cintron

      When are they going to do a PS4 PRO or a PS5 update

    32. Orlando Colon

      Finally he's in the game

    33. Hector Ivan Carreón


    34. 2 Ahiru

      I can't wait for Street Fighter VI

    35. Studing Very mach

      Can someone tell me if i connect speaker on the ps5's usb will play sound? And if connecting to the monitor without audio that is connected to the ps5 will reproduce the sound of the ps5?

    36. HERO IN BED

      Let me know when Gouken is added to st5 Dan useless and boring

    37. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    38. First Hassan

      This guy...literally the worst SF character in the history of games

    39. Kyps 12


    40. Kat Miller

      Nobody gives af about Stupid Dan! Come on!

    41. Austin Kniga-Bartlett

      Who's a joke NOW?!

    42. unknown unknown

      I never knew Dan was this awesome?!

    43. Shondarian Nelson

      Yo that theme be HITTIN!!

    44. Ton y

      The Best

    45. Cortaalmas Merendaineptos

      Jodanse Capcom y sus malditos DLC

    46. Hall.p

      *couldn’t they just create an external cd drive with a built in emulator for ps1,2 & 3? Would that be so impossible?*

    47. Warboss

      Oh boy I can’t wait to rage after getting P.K.O from a high ranking Dan player

    48. Hamza Khairi

      Lol they put Yamcha in street fighter

    49. Papa Sou

      PLEASE PS5

    50. Misokisi

      Everybody gangsta until the new tekken 8 comes out

    51. Shaifulizan Nordin

      Now All We're Need Is Character DLC Adon Dudley Fei Long Dee jay And T Hawk ☺️😁

    52. Dare

      Dan the Man boutta change the game.

    53. A.D.O Vinniexx

      So boring character

    54. Prime 2.0

      It feels likes I'm watching a scene from a 70's disco movie when I see him say Saikyo.

    55. Dieg2004 Gaming

      Makoto had been better

    56. YGOrica

      Yeah like we need another 50000 versions of the game....

    57. Marcelo Vieira de Moraes

      the best character to taunt in multiplayer

    58. Dutch van der linde

      Tf is this

      1. Marco Zepeda

        Dan, a character returning Street Fighter V. Most of you kids now know of street fighter as those guys from fortnite.

    59. Yokai Hollow

      He looks way more serious than he did in SF4

    60. Washington Nunes

      Tenho até hoje no meu Sega Saturno o Street Fighter Alfa2, e eu adorava jogar com o Dan. 😁

    61. SuzanoSho

      His costume is literally his hairstyle. This man is a freaking LEGEND.

    62. Marcus Cheong

      Make a new PlayStation handheld, Sony. No more proprietary memory cards, better marketing and support and the handheld will sell well.

      1. Marcus Cheong

        @Marco Zepeda yes. Of course I don't expect them to do it during the pandemic considering how things have gone with the PS5 launch during the pandemic. The limited stocks and scalpers taking advantage of the situation and saying they are entitled to scalp because they give back to charity... I want it to launch properly, not see the same thing happen to a new PlayStation handheld if it ever happens.

      2. Marco Zepeda

        I mean...maybe post-pandemic?

    63. Christian Bauer

      Street fighter 5 just wasn’t complete without the top tier S character, Dan Hibiki!

    64. Cj Kun

      Takuma KOF :D

    65. Old Zar Kayser Cesare

      Track Suit like Terry Bogard, serious?

    66. dave wow

      Did he say ORa this is all a Jojo reference

    67. Xannstation

      don’t let ltg see this

    68. tukang blink

      mighty guy energy

    69. Jacob

      Top tier character right here. Calling it, he’s the new meta.

    70. Jeezus B

      Street Fighter V: Champions Ultimate Pro Standard Deluxe Enhanced Complete Edition

    71. Not a Couch Potato

      I can’t believe I’m saying this but Dan looks really fun to play as. Might be time for me to jump back into Street Fighter V.

    72. Steven Formeloza

      Dan's English voice actor is horrible....

      1. Sonic

        You are a terrible human being

      2. Sonic

        You are horrible. As a human

    73. PipeRhymes

      This is the worst Dan voice to date, it sounds and looks so out of place.

    74. Rodrigo Cambara

      I was expecting the trailer to be 2 minutes of Dan geting bodied

    75. Jack Knight

      ahh, my favorite training dummy is back!

    76. haiyaa fuiyoo

      I hope the next fifth hidden character that coming out will be GUY

    77. Alex Vostox

      *Real Man Wears Pink Battlesuit*

    78. Steb Gaming PH

      The Best Character of All Time... 👌🏼

    79. GentleCurry

      Dan is here to save street fighter!! While Ryu and Chun-Li ran away to fortnite

    80. HOT GIRLS TV

      Hey guys 👏😄

    81. Yassine


    82. hioxd

      That intro had me "fatherrrrrr!!!"

    83. Jon De Iconuc


    84. Luffy D Saiyan

      Finally the trinity is completed. I have my Ryu Ken and finally Dan

    85. mel b

      this was awesome

    86. Mike Bryan

      Mortal kombat 11 smashes this game!!!

    87. TheKiddGamer

      I want Fei Long back

    88. Vergil X

      So Dan father is Takuma Sakazaki !!! LoL

    89. ikki_asura

      Its great that shotos like Ken, Akuma and now Dan have greatly deviated from being clones of Ryu. Unfortunately for Ryu, he needs new moves now aside from the donkey kick.

    90. Tom Echeverria León

      Dan Ultra Instinct 😎👌


      Unironically a better addition than Pyra/Mythra

    92. TotalSmashTV


    93. Tanmay Das Adhikari

      1:46... background music.👍

    94. TrellTinsley193

      Am I the only one excited for Oro and Akira?

      1. Nico Cabeza

        Nop i love third strike and rival school

    95. RobyAlejandro

      Are you telling me dan has ultra instinct? Sooooooooooold


      어디에 있어도 어색하지가 않은 단...

    97. Steven G

      Okay Dan I see you !!!!

    98. tohtoriTurvotus

      Great, now I can lose with style in online.

    99. Madsperfection

      The literal best ultimate I’ve ever seen in this game ngl

    100. OxiTape

      Only real gamers main Dan