Swordsman VR - Armor Physics (Free Update) | PS VR


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    To learn more, join us on Discord: discord.com/invite/sinnstudio​
    The armor physics update (1.18) turns all enemy armor into realistic physics colliders that will block your weapon for an even more immersive combat experience. You can disable this feature at any time, forcing enemy armor to be cosmetic-only again. Good luck!
    Swordsman is a story-driven, physics-based medieval combat game designed for virtual reality.
    Developer: Sinn Studio Inc.
    Publisher: Sinn Studio Inc.
    Music / OST by Bedrija (Bedzo) Sinanoski
    Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation®VR. PlayStation®VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation®4 system, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are required to experience VR functionality.
    © 2017 - 2021 Sinn Studio Inc.
    Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence

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    1. Crispy

      this map straight up looks like they just imported the blade and sorcery map

    2. Manu Saiz

      Dismemberment please!!!

    3. ZuZingo

      PS version of Blade and Sorcery

    4. Tim Geuijen


    5. Lovan Media

      Blade and Sorcery wants to know your location

    6. AntiClockWise Pineapple


    7. Tommy BRO

      This is probably the closest to a real life sword art online.

      1. Tommy BRO

        @dannyboy1487 looks decent

      2. dannyboy1487

        The closest to a real life sword art online is Swords of Gargantua, you should check it out, it's so similar I actually think the developers were inspired by Sword Art Online to make it

    8. Señor_LoCo0o

      Every time I try to equip any armor or different swords the game crashes

    9. Faltaron cebollas _22


    10. NICKY NOXE

      Bro but the maps are from blade and sorcery

    11. yusufthegreat 123

      Bruh, here I was, waiting for Blades and sorcery to come out on PsVr, and this game just comes out of nowhere, telling me it has armor physics and everything! Ffs

    12. KyeGKY

      Armor that actually works? Thats insane!

    13. Garry Superales

      Mom: Ok kids have fun Me and my little brother:

    14. Hossein TM

      About to buy PSVR...

    15. mrhightech1117

      Are we completely sure this isn't just Blade & Sorcery?

    16. Jon Calleri

      Looks fun!

    17. Dirty

      Concussion update

    18. Chris Oli

      Realistic armor , sword passes right through skull and helmet

      1. Chris Oli

        @Daniel Antony Ok expert

      2. Daniel Antony

        No, it doesn't pass through any armor. Also. Skulls are not as strong as you think.

    19. Cheese Boi

      Can someone help explain something to me? Are you actually able to hit someone in the legs or torso, because in every single trailer/gameplay I’ve seen, everyone goes for head attacks. Are you unable to attack any other place?

    20. halosas 9


    21. Mr. Random videos

      I want a hammer

    22. Keoshi ™

      Imagine SKYRIM 6 with this system and VR.

    23. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle ebay? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    24. João Antonio


    25. Otavio

      a sword probably shouldnt have pierced that face plate at 0:42, but perhaps they are just using the same physics of the helmet without the face plate

      1. dannyboy1487

        That's not a face plate, it's chain maile. It's possible to Pierce through chain maile

    26. Серж Беларуский

      Вот он некстген. Физически коректный геймплеейй

      1. Daniel Antony

        Не то, чтобы брать и одеваться в конченную коженную броню.

    27. Mr Wholegrain

      The "bonk" update.

    28. Lordi

      Bring spears

    29. Zax The Hedgehog

      Oh man, lol. 0:24 This is too funny! 🤣 It's like you and your younger cousins are battling, and he uses the same move over and over again to stun you.

    30. Apex_gamer 543

      Jötunn will be such a pain with that on!

    31. the underground empire

      Then there's us on pc playing blade and sorcery 🤷‍♂️

    32. Tylr

      "can we have Gorn?" "we have Gorn at home" Gorn at home:

    33. SinnStudio


    34. Chocobo Koay

      Knight. 骑士。🇲🇾🏆🇲🇾🇬🇧

    35. Chur chiken Maniger

      Unban my account Cmontalvo69

    36. Theclaw Yaww

      Let these guy work with Bethesda on Elder Scrolls combat

    37. Stewieternity Gaming

      So basically blades and sorcery with no sorcery? Jk. Game looks solid

    38. E. Tim

      Great game,that's just getting better. Next update limb dismemberment 👍

    39. hgfgh gfhfffh


    40. WOLFIE

      its blade and sorcery bro -_-

    41. Fidel Chesa


    42. sir funky

      Feel bad for ya who don't have blades and sorcery

    43. Faris Salim

      Ain't this blade and sorcery vr?

    44. Wafi Ku

      Give me your leg

    45. SW

      This is great to see updates like this to a VR game. Many are released lacking content and polish and some updates could make some average games into great ones.

      1. Jonathan

        @chillwithSha Surprise! They just revealed a PSVR 2 is in the works, coming to PS5 sometime after 2021

      2. Superdupersaltyman Guy

        Also very low in price at the moment

      3. chillwithSha

        Right I'm kinda surprised but VR is old tech we need an updated headset Sony

    46. Louis Bloom

      0:15 I’m so glad we live in a world where people can use computer simulations to get a realistic feeling of stabbing knives into brains and bashing skulls into pieces without anyone batting any eye or calling us psychopaths

      1. Dante Sparda


    47. Alan Studniak

      Now... this will be a new way of sword fighting in VR that everyone needed!

    48. Structive INK

      Legit a Blade & Sorcery Clone. Down to the last detail.

    49. Unit 2

      I just need one long sword and 5 enemy to have hours of fun

    50. JustPhoPhun

      Gimme kratos lion fists

    51. Joshua O.

      oh yeah PlayStation V.R and PlayStation 5 here I come

    52. David Espinosa

      does the sword and shield come with the game?

    53. hunter affleck

      Hang on a freaking second was there a blade and Sorcery type of game on PSVR this entire time ! ? Of course without the sorcery lol but still this looks sick . Could probably get exercise from this lol

    54. JakeOff


    55. Steven Young

      Is this game online multiplayer?

    56. Evan Smith

      This really makes you feel like a sword fighter

    57. fross sid

      I want it too, return ps vr on sale

    58. Roald


    59. Will Rose

      no Sony

    60. Killershootin 69

      Is slow motion a skill? Cause that would make it too easy

      1. Jovannicon

        It's a perk you can upgrade. Whatever you parry you have a chance of activating it

    61. Killershootin 69

      I'd like a game like this but with much better graphics.

    62. JFKTV

      This is unintentionally funny, and I appreciate it. Mans just used the shield to obliterate the human race.

      1. chillwithSha

        Honestly, a headtap from a woman would have done more damage

    63. JohnnyXP Gaming

      Looks no different

    64. The Commmentor

      More like Shieldman VR shield bash physics


      The Power of VR

    66. The Protagonist

      A tradition like games that you can be whatever you want Me: well i want to be a blacksmith but if is legal Also me: by the way *nice*

    67. Thomas McCormack

      I can't see a difference

    68. maroonroon

      The dev is already cheese the game with that shield bash 😂

    69. Al Roslee


    70. Martin Sanchez

      I'd want to go full-on Captain America on them

    71. Merle Hagarty

      Feature Beta Tester does NOT get enough credit, you can't change my mind! For real thought, ballsy opening review, I dig it.

    72. kuribo1

      Makes me want to get back into the SCA, but you know with out the three feet of steel injected into the face.....

    73. Ben Henderson

      🔫 Parry this you casual

    74. Anarky Knight

      Just hurry up and restock PlayStation 5 so i can buy it

    75. Roy Hoy!

      PSVR 2 please!!

      1. Roy Hoy!

        @Jonathan I know! I'm very hype for 2022! I'm going to try to buy a PS5 this year & buy the PSVR 2 next year!

      2. Jonathan

        It’s coming, they just revealed it!!

    76. shadowmgod 1

      I beat the game today🙂

    77. GF88

      If your kids come to ask for snacks during VR...

    78. Un Masked

      *bonk bonk bonk*

    79. Austin Frayer

      0:45 how my mom would wake me up for school

      1. Giant Albino Eel

        Brain damage over 9000

      2. Boston Corbett

        0:28 how my mom would put me to sleep

    80. AnalogManeuver

      0:45 this guy now has head trauma

    81. Matthew B.

      Blade and poverty

    82. Z

      All I want is a game to have analog movement and the right analog to adjust what direction your character faces while your head is still in control of camera so that you can have benefits of VR for a game on a couch. An Oblivion type game in VR with this level of depth would be amazing

    83. Miner 5000

      Looks like realistic gorn

    84. SIWEL 437

      Great game.

    85. ParanoiaGentlman

      Blades and sorcery>

    86. Asad

      Once step closer to putting me inside dark souls

      1. Dante Sparda

        @fatboy yeet Yhorm the Giant will have me running in pure terror. ☠

      2. Garrett Ferrell

        fatboy yeet Resident Evil 7 is intense in VR but Demon Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodborne would be the stuff of nightmares..lol

      3. Asad

        @fatboy yeet Lol imagine Bloodborne VR

      4. fatboy yeet

        I would be scared shitless going against bosses if dark souls had vr

    87. Omegasparta1997

      LINK START!!!!

    88. AfroSamurai215


    89. JORG KING


    90. JORG KING


    91. The Last Saint

      Cling clink

    92. Mr_Bear_4873

      essentially blade and sorcery for psvr! that's sick!

    93. Giga Force

      I wish FromSoftware would make a new King’s Field or Shadow Tower for PSVR!

    94. KIDD mix

      If there was a mod to make them look like goblin. I would 100% feel like goblin slayer.

    95. Totally anonymous

      Are you saying that a game is finally having realistic armor physics instead of swigging a sword on a full armored man and passing through the armor !!!

    96. Alan Uchiha

      blade and sorcery on psvr 🥲

      1. Physics Simulator

        It’ll come some day

    97. gabriel avila

      Tis but a flesh wound

    98. Viable Rob

      Are you not entertained?!

    99. Peacot JR

      Looks like blade and sorcery

      1. Daniel Antony

        Except low-level armor works here.

    100. Vigi1antVort3x

      "With it enabled it's a whole different game." Me: What?

      1. FIJI GANG

        blades ig dont just go right through ppl