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    In the land of Gaarth there are five families of sorcerers, each with their characteristic abilities. Our character is a young witch belonging to the family that dominates levitation.
    The villain seeks to control the other powers to establish himself as absolute ruler. To this end, he invites Brenda to his castle with the premise of a meeting as a trick. At the entrance she is caught. Shortly after she wakes up in a dungeon and she must find a way to run away using her skills. At all times we will be supported by our inseparable companion, the crow.
    To face the difficulties of dungeons, including enemies and puzzles of all kind, Brenda will strengthen herself before her final battle against the evil leader Kenot.

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    1. josh spears

      It needs a little bit work on the main charater model it looked so bad no way I'm going to buy it I am interested on 3d platformer but I can't look at that weird face all the time and I'm hearing the game is bad

    2. HipnikDragomir

      They really skimped on the budget of the MAIN CHARACTER

    3. Eugene Baziak

      The ЯВ stands for "Baba Yaga" I suppose...

    4. No other Like my own skin

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    5. Salem Alajeely


    6. ZanFear

      This game seems like it's from a forgotten era in-between the PS1 and PS2.

    7. Jettergames!

      JTM Coming soon

    8. Yuzu-kun

      sony hates his legacy

    9. VR Sofa

      slow walking assets the game

    10. crossxfuse

      made in Dreams.

    11. MagnoliaFox67

      Almost reminds me of that game Rascal on the PSX days. Man that game was hard cuz of the controls. Lol

    12. Lenny The Hopeless

      Why do we have a serious lack of witch themed games...?! Like imagine them making a game themed back during the salem witch trials, but you're _actually_ a witch.

    13. Taylor

      If the animations didn't look stiff and lifeless it would look much nicer.

    14. Donuts

      Be cool like Eda, be covenless

    15. Cloud Air

      coming soon to N64

    16. beaglebru

      У меня ps5 у друга взорволась🗿 Да хотели за паучка поиграть получили Brawl stars в ультра HD👍

    17. Lucas Simões

      This is the game for people who love playing skyrim just for picking stuff up and putting buckets on npc's heads.

    18. murphyebass

      Has to be an April fools joke

    19. ProTeach

      Pushing the ps4 to its absolute limits people!

    20. bettergetdave

      It looks and feels like pumpkin jack

    21. Sanaa Bouargane

      It looks cool,may need some improvement but with some great variety of spells or puzzle or maybe platform it could hit home

    22. DanCryer

      X16 times the detail 👍

    23. IH8YH

      brought to you my Potatoe Games

    24. Noxmoony

      It's a student game it seems from their official Twitter account. The colours and lighting is actually really nice.

      1. Ultrajet

        @Noxmoony no worries I'm just making a dumb joke. It's probably a cool trailer for the art inclined. It's got charm.

      2. David Stange

        @Ultrajet I mean until you make something yourself you actually have no right to criticize just saying.

      3. Noxmoony

        @Ultrajet while it's true it isn't the most exciting game on planet earth I recognise it for what it is: a student project. And I genuinely do love the usage of colours here.

      4. Ultrajet

        tfw the game has nothing going for it but you're feeling generous. "Well the colors are great!"

    25. SpookyLobby

      Playstation how do I sign up for the tournaments I wanna try it 🤔

    26. Frank Castle

      Doesn’t exist but still better than cyberpunk

    27. criminal rushi

      Plzz support me

    28. Matt ST2

      Wait..... Is this made by the 15 year old as well? In which case.... Nice one little fella.

    29. HOVA Cloudpunk

      DON'T BOTHER. This game is a joke. It's been on the ps store for a month now

    30. HunterMZx23

      Graphics has left da chat

    31. Matt ST2

      For a second I thought this was a real game haha.

      1. JFKTV

        @CoderTube - Today is April Fools. I do think it’s a real game tho haha

      2. CoderTube

        Why wouldn't it be?

    32. Ginger Tank

      Mom I want Hogwarts Legacy! We have Hogwarts Legacy at home. The Hogwarts Legacy at home:

      1. Metanoide

        Digo... limão

      2. Metanoide


    33. SimpForBraden


    34. Max Castle

      Judging from the trailer it's 40% box-moving, 5% box-throwing-combat and 50% walking (probably to boxes) with 5% brewing or something (probably with stuff gotten from doing box related tasks)

      1. clumsy banana

        I do like boxes

    35. Taito

      That gamę Looks rly bad

      1. acb acb

        because it's April fools and they fooled you

    36. darklordcid

      How is this an April Fool's joke?

    37. RageElixir 2.0

      Did playstation just hit 13 million subs

    38. Gaming With Cov

      You’ve really inspired me to start my own gaming channel.,!

    39. Mario Di Domenico

      videogame 2000 ps1

      1. ᳒

        Bunta is that you…

    40. Kaloderma

      Another game for smartphones ...

    41. Acid

      april fools!

    42. Dave Be Bear

      Great April Fools joke, almost got me

    43. LasLantic Gaming

      Got 'em!

    44. imike


    45. no commentary

      april what?

    46. Thomas palagi

      Who tought about the owl house at the word "coven"?

      1. Unlimitedpensel Ch.

        Hahah I was expecting the same thing

    47. dani 1008


    48. dave derosier

      Dont know what this game is but april fools Why are there only 5 comments this is playstations whole channel

    49. Super Straight Vince

      Almost had me

      1. Mário Lopes

        But then it didn't.

    50. mueez

      best game, cant wait

      1. Abstractiox

        I think it’s an April fools prank or something

    51. Alfonso Perez

      Haha April Fools

    52. FANGED YT


      1. dani 1008


      2. masterwordless

        Hi 👋