Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Storm Ground - Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4


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    Warhammer - Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground releases May 27 on PlayStation 4. Pre-order the game now to get 10% off and receive the Spoils of War Weapon Pack.
    The strategy adaptation of Games Workshop’s iconic fantasy IP, developed by Gasket Games and published by Focus Home Interactive even offers the first glimpses of its fast-paced tactical gameplay and third faction - the Maggotkin of Nurgle.
    Check out today’s Release Date Reveal trailer and prepare to conquer the Mortal Realms!
    May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.

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    1. Æther Adept


    2. DasKraftKorn

      If it only was based in the old world, than I would have considered jumping in. But AoS, naah.

    3. Eric F

      Looks like a mobile game. One with loot boxes and in-game shop. If this were Diablo, someone would ask if it was an April Fool's joke.

    4. Vaisendise

      Warhammer: Shadow Legends

    5. TyphoonHD

      Honestly if i wanted a game like this i would have just downloaded it for my cell phone :/

      1. SmokinBandit28

        You can, it’s called Silver Tower

    6. Imabubble yay

      Is that age of sigmar RTS still coming or did I miss hear that and or did it devolve into this?

      1. craneum123

        A couple of years out yet, that ones being made by the folks who make elite dangerous, frontier.

      2. funz

        i think that was the total war releases

    7. Kartoffelpuffer

      Wow, I am impressed how cheap and bad this looks.

    8. agwtaw2

      Looks like a waste of the license.

    9. SmokinBandit28

      Oh cool look, it’s Raid: Shadow Legends, except warhammer....sweet?

      1. SmokinBandit28

        @funz what interview, I can’t find anything saying that. Do you have a link?

      2. funz

        ​@SmokinBandit28 no, they literally said in an interview with pcgaming that this game is nothing like a card game and is going for x-com, they even realized by saying "collect heros" it led people on to the wrong impression. it reality they're going for a mechanicus copy and paste, but in warhammer fantasy

      3. SmokinBandit28

        @funz not so sure on that, look at the battleground environments, they’re tiny with not much room for movement, cover, flanking positions. Fights look like they are just one and dones, so no loading into a big open map and moving units around strategically. Then you’ve got the whole “collect heroes/cards” gacha system. It looks so much like Raid but just with warhammer, if you want something that’s a bit more like X-Com but warhammer look at the F2P Silver Tower on mobile.

      4. funz

        no X-com game

    10. The Dreamer

      Sony is knowingly charging PS+ members for Days Gone even though its supposed to be free.

    11. Eldritch Being

      Warhammer is such a cool universe man. Why can't it be another spacemarine or death wing

    12. Gabor Komor

      Mobile game on console... why?

      1. funz

        because the pc game it's based on has done beyond expectations

    13. Nba Topics

      2021 Year of ancient Games 2022 Year of Battle royales 2023 Year of fun

    14. Mta Trifko

      Gw to game developers: you get a license, you get a license and you get a license!

    15. Chas O.T.E

      As someone who isn't caught up with AoS, seeing it animated makes me miss the designs of Fantasy. AoS, at least on the human side, looks too much like fantasy 40k. I miss the more realistic armors and heraldry of the old days. PS: I guess I should try and catch up with AoS.

      1. A P

        At least the humans of Cities of Sigmar looks like the Empire also, the Flesheaters are Bretonnians

    16. Sterling Archer

      Why won’t they give this franchise to a real developer?

    17. true lies

      Ninja theory is cool

    18. Pál Balázs

      Mobile game?

    19. Carl Mathes


    20. Renan

      Ai sim, muito dahora, jogo de carta com estratégia isso estava faltando nos consoles, sentindo falta de jogos assim, bom demais!!

    21. Adrian Niks

      Looks EA'y

    22. Games Reporter

      lets go

    23. Waffle King

      I wish warhammer would get high quality games. Warhammer has so much potential. Make Spacemarine 2.

      1. funz

        warhammer is both age of sigmar and 40k, so you mean 40k. we're getting dark tide which is vermintide, but 40k which I'm unbelievably excited for and this style of game already exists, storm ground is just a copy of 40k mechanicus

      2. okhtnb

        thats sega not focus home interactive

      3. Killershootin 69

        Exactly what I was thinking. Get these card games tf outta here


        Get hype for necromunda man it’s gonna be great

    24. Philip Jonas

      So a card game, so it will have purchasable packs... OK cool, nope not for me

      1. funz

        not a card game, the cards only represent what enemies will be on the mission, no microtransactions (purchasable packs) and it will be an X-com style of game

      2. A P

        It won't have microtransactions

    25. Vegito1087

      Please add dlc to fallout new vegas and fallout 3!!!

      1. Vegito1087

        @Commander Costas saying towards playstation (Ps now)

      2. Commander Costas

        Also this company doesn't make those games

      3. Brian Pott

        . Those games are over 10 years old

    26. xabi dronmagik

      vaya juegos basura un widlands de ese estilo , esto es puro indie aburrido de frikis

      1. A P

        pues como tú xabi, como tú

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    29. V.

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      2. Keith Cousins

        @Rino Mavrovic My new video is up

      3. Rino Mavrovic

        Focus is not the publisher of Tempestfall