Windbound - Dev Diary: The Environment | PS4


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    Brent Waller has championed this truly special way of designing Windbound’s environment, and gives us his inside scoop as to how it all came about in our latest dev diary. It’s time to #BraveTheStorm
    We’ve introduced several major new features with this update:
    - The Loathing.
    - Forsaken Enemies.
    - New Melee Combat moves.
    - New Items.
    - New Challenge Towers.
    Plus, several tweaks and fixes to Photo Mode, Crafting and Sailing!

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    1. Xenopeltis

      Loving it! wonder if they have any plan for improve the lightning in this game?

    2. Paiwand Bahaden

      wwe 2k21🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    3. Martin Macias

      I hope they continue working on the game for a while because there is so much potential and room for creativity here.

    4. SW

      The game has been out for a long time now for people thinking this is an upcoming game. It's £24.99 in the UK on PS Store and I'm estimating that it is $34.99 in the US.

    5. Lemming 998


    6. R Smith

      Unfortunately the gameplay in this is so bad it undermines the pleasant vibe they have designed. The controls are so bad, it makes combat just terrible.

    7. Saad Nabil

      Looks fresh!

    8. Scooby Douche

      Can you please restock the PS5 IN stores and tackle eBay along with StockX? Scalping is illegal and you'd be morally right in doing so!

    9. TheOmegaChibiCloud

      Kinda wish it was you could choose your gender. I feel like a lot of games lately have been girl main protagonists...not that I don’t love girls but this girl looks really similar to Kena :/ just kinda wanna see something new

    10. Random Wavelength

      What’s with all the tynamites?

    11. Perplexing Perceptions 333

      I like the vibrant colors.

    12. مصطفى محمد

      تعليق عربي لايك 🙃👻

    13. Swoosh Kid

      Would like to buy but Sony wont restock! Stupid Fu?ks!!!

      1. smaller cathedrals

        You have no clue what you're talking about. Guess your username checks out. Do you really think Sony is happy with the current situation? They want to sell consoles, and if you had any basic understanding what is happening in the world right now, you'd understand. I swear, gamers and their sense of entitlement.

    14. Glitched Gamer

      How about making the game better cause honestly this game is very boring once you've done everything that's it I don't really have an urge to play this game anymore I was hoping to find more unique islands but there all just meh

      1. Ettel

        They just gave out a free update yesterday with new content

    15. Swiftix

      Please make this coop please?

    16. Xxenox

      game looks pretty chill ngl

    17. Paiwand Bahaden

      dreamworks battle royal😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    18. BlackArro Cartoons

      This looks promising. Hoping the procedural landscapes have a lot more variety than the one theme planets of No Man's Sky.

      1. mel b

        @SmashingSnow kind of feels budget most of the time

      2. mel b

        @SmashingSnow usually environments and such arent as detailed when it's procedural as when it is meticulously handcrafted ya know

      3. SmashingSnow

        @mel b why do you hate procedural generation?

      4. mel b

        pretty sure this has been out and had already been reviewed dude... it's average and personally i hate procedural generation

    19. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์

      Hope no Crazy guy Gonna Destroy his PS4 like since when Genshin Impact was Born "It like BOTW! How Dare You!!!" Later that day and in the Future Genshin Impact became world wide success and not copy BOTW at all as BOTW player confirm it

      1. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์

        @mastazenkei yeah there a crazy guy who destroy his PS4 for Stupid Nonsense

      2. mastazenkei

        it's not like botw , do NOT expect that from this game ,it's a small game both in scope and possibilities



    21. Raul Rojas

      How about Patching the game?

    22. Guenques

      dreams game?

    23. David Artrip

      Me: Can we have Neil Druckman? Mom: We have Neil Druckman at home. Neil Druckman at home: 00:23

    24. naipigidi

      Why theres no roblox on PlayStation please i just want roblox trailer :(

    25. aywan Tlbes

      Neil Druckmann Australian version

      1. acwbit

        but better

    26. Arthurian64

      Okay cool.... now fix your game.

    27. Rosa Payhuanca

      What happened with Only on Playstation?

      1. mel b

        huh what about it?

    28. Mickice

      Unlike that weird Rare game Everwild with zero focus this game looks aces.

      1. Mickice

        @Alex Dekeyser Everwild like most Xbox games is just a fever dream.

      2. Raul Rojas

        @Alex Dekeyser Yes this game is super Yanki and Unpolished, I know because I got day one and wanted to go for the platinum but some of the trophies are difficult to get because the yankiness of the game.

      3. Alex Dekeyser

        wasn't this game poorly recieved? and did Everwild even have a gameplay showcase?

    29. Русский РОК


      1. фантайм glitch:3

        Го дружить

    30. Marcus Cheong

      Give us a new PlayStation Handheld, Sony! One without any pricy proprietary memory cards and support the handheld with great exclusive games as well as market it better. It will sell well if all these conditions are met.

      1. OMEGALUL 123

        @Lemming 998 Sony doesn't really care much about handhelds.

      2. Lemming 998

        Yeah. I have four Vitas and use them regularly, but would love a new quality handheld from Sony.

    31. GodMasterPro1


    32. OverReaper1609


    33. appid 9056

      i hope i play and Enjoy😉

    34. santhosh sridhar

      Liking these dev diaries a lot. Keep them coming!

    35. GIO̸


      1. Door Kun